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My Wife And My Daughter Is Dying!

Guest spirit

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MODs and ADMINs, please if this tread is in wrong section, just remove it to right one, but not delete! PLEASE!!!

Dear forum members, I need your HELP, AS I never asked before and maybe I never ask again!!!

I know that is my first post, but it is not SPAM, I am real person! I am just need YOU help, as I get it on another money makers forums, I make decision to post my message to as many forums as I can.


Sorry guys, that I asked, that but I am really in despair.

You can ignore my message but if you can understand me I will be most happy man in the world.

I'm respectful to the forum community as to qualified professionals. I know that forum members is not just biggest IM’ers in the world but also good people. I am in trouble now. I am 24 years, I have a wife that 16/10/11 gave birth to my daughter, but unfortunately childbirth were very hard and complex and therefore my daughter and my wife is dying. I sold my car and borrowed money from my chief where I worked. Doctors made first operation for my wife and my daughter, but results is not positive, both need secondary operation. I live in Ukraine, a country where the medicine is worst in the all Europe, but the mortality rate due to this very high. My wife and my child needs immediate medical operations in private clinic, which are very expensive for me. I am empty, I sold what I can, I borrow money when I can, and if I don’t find to end of the month enough amount of money clinic will not start operation, it so sad. Doctors will save my girls life’s only if I pay to them, no humanity but it is truth.

I haven’t parents; nobody wants to borrow me another amount of money. My wife only 21 and she can die already! Excuse me for such a large text, perhaps a bit dramatic, but I tried to transfer the essence, what would you understand me, I am sad a lot and feel very bad. I ask You to help me! I created Paypal donations button (My link), please help me to collect some money to save my family.

Guys, excuse me please, if I disturb you, I am just in despair.

I will be appreciated to everybody who help me!

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Please send me a PM with your phone number and bank account number may be we can start a funds raising. There are a lot of nice people here on TGF that will donate money for people in need.

Excellent Dennis, I'm sure many of us will help this young man and his family in Ukraine

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