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The Seo Clusterfuck Method

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This is my method for SEO and I call it the Clusterfuck method. Using this method I now have a single site making more than $2,500 in ads with over 10,000 Unique Visitors a day. This is around 20-30,000 impressions per day as well. This method is very slow but you end up with an authority site that you can keep earning from and promoting. You can even branch off and build micro-niche type sites from within your authority site. It is great!

I call it the Clusterfuck method because you just pile as many types of links as you can over a period of time. You are more concerned with variety and quantity of links than quality. For Example, you'll take a niche link or a non-niche link - either way it doesn't matter. If you collect some niche specific links back to your site, that is great. If not, you still have a backlink. This is why I call it a Clusterfuck.

Why? Well, if you look at huge sites that pull a lot of traffic from SERPs like ehow, Ezine Articles, about, AOL's content area, etc. you'll see that they have links from anywhere and everywhere. This is because the links are organically built (mostly) by people and they are posted within niches and without. They are dofollow and nofollow. They are high PR and they are low PR. But the main thing is, there are TONS OF THEM. They have so many links it is frickin crazy and with this many links, they have an authority site and their content is ranked high in SERPs automatically.

How to Start


  • Obviously you'll need a site here. The clusterfuck method is really about content and ranking in SERPs so a content site is best (forum, blog, etc).
  • You'll need real content - no spun or copied or translated 10,000 times back to English. REAL CONTENT.
  • A site with age is best but if it is a new site start out slow. Do not blast it! After about 6 months, you should be able to blast it directly but if it is new, try to build higher quality links (stay away from forum profiles, for example) and then follow the backlinking your backlinks step below.
  • Another point on sites with age. Just because a domain is old doesn't make it have google trust. I've seen 5 year old domains have no trust. I prefer to create my own domain and site from scratch because then I control what happens to it, unlike old used domains.
  • You'll need to add content often. Google loves new content and this is key to this method working.
  • Build ALL types of backlinks! This is the core of the clustfuck method. You want to build mostly deeplinks to inner pages but also some to the homepage. Use every method available.


Social Bookmarking

Blog Comments

Forum Profiles

Forum Signatures

Article submission

Web 2.0

Link Wheel

Paid Links

Paid Blog Posts

Link Exchange


No link type should be excused or unused. Hire someone to do it if you don't know how or are to fcking lazy to do it yourself. Make sure you promote deeplinks as this is key to the clusterfuck method. You want to appear just like a huge organic site that gets tons of links.


  • It is critical that you don't get linked from bad neighborhoods or build links to fast. While this method is dependent only quantity instead of quality, don't be a fool and get links from sites google hates (stay away from warez, adult, gambling, etc unless you are in that business). I've had 3 sites banned because of this, wasting a lot of money.
  • Keep building links. This is where most people fail. They start out strong and then dwindle down to nothing. You want to be doing this every day until you stop running websites. Don't be a lazy bastard. Build the links steadily and you'll see new pages appear in the top 10 results automatically before long.
  • Build backlinks to your backlinks. Do EVERY kind of backlink to your backlink just like you did in the previous steps for your deeplinks. I only recommend doing these for your higher PR links though, otherwise you are just wasting time/money. By high end I mean those sites that you paid for link (blog articles perhaps) or perhaps a forum sales thread you made. If you can picture each backlink as a line (sort of like a mind-map), you'll see that thousands of backlinks to a forum thread that is one out of thousands of backlinks to deeplink page you'll have all kinds of link juice.


This is also critical. Don't think of it as wasting time or money on another person sites. You are amping up the links you built for your own site (you cheap bastard).

This works for me and I've used it time and time again.



  • Spammers aren't so bad. Especially if you are running a forum. Let a couple through, let those through that are using this clusterfuck method (you can spot the manual spammers vs. the xrummer spammers easy enough). Why? Because they will build backlinks to your site for their site! LOL
  • Spend some money. It really does help.
  • Buy the tools or outsource to someone with them. You'll definitely want Bookmarking Demon or a social network script. Other things like Scrapebox and Xrummer are nice although these two tools will get new sites banned in hours if abused.
  • Buy other sites and 301 redirect them into a deeplink section of your site. This works GREAT! Google loves it. You can find cheap sites on webmaster forums for sale that have age, authority and decent backlinks.
  • It is like buying free SEO work. If you would pay for that same SEO you could pay $500+ but instead, you'll buying some poor sods website for $70 because after a year, they didn't turn a profit. I've bought so many sites like this.
  • Be creative. Every method available to build links is not on the web. Invent your own, be creative. Google loves this.


That's all I got.

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