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The 3 Things It Takes To Be A Webmaster

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There are only 3 things it takes to be a webmaster, or to succeed at any business for that matter. And they are very simple.

The 3 Things




Now, you don't always need the third one, money, but if you don't have money then you need Time and Dedication. If you don't have Time, you need Money to hire someone else's time. That is how #1 and #3 are interchangeable. What you need in ANY case is dedication.

Why most Webmasters Fail

Most Webmasters I find start off with a lot of dedication/motivation but then fail once they do not see results immediately. It takes a lot of time in order to see results from SEO work. Some follow the three week rule but I like to cast my net way out there, 6 months. This is the minimum before I expect to see results.

It takes money to make money - FALSE

This is simply not true. It takes either Time OR Money (or both). You can swap Money with your own Time.

However, if you are doing everything yourself, your time will be cut short and you will not be able to focus/excel on one thing. This is where money comes in to outsource and section off certain parts of being a webmaster to professionals/experts.


Can also be called "motiviation". Most Nubs are highly motivated for a new website/idea but then quickly lose motivation and dedication once they see all the work involved. It is critical to stick with it. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google, etc didn't get large over night. They took years! Follow through.

That is all I have ATM. Feel free to add your thoughts.

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