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Seo Mistakes

Guest web08

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There are some important SEO mistakes

1. Unethical SEO Consultants :

Nowadays, u can see many Companies providing SEO services. Some SEO guys use purely ethical SEO techniques, while others use unethical SEO. Even the person who hired the SEO guy do not know about this. When his site get punished that time he came to know.

So the conclusion is, if you want to hire SEO, choose a reputable SEO consultant, one who will keep in regular contact with progess reports and updates.

2.Use of black-hat techniques :

Same as i mentions above, techniques such as doorway pages, stuffing keywords, hidden text etc are the examples of black-hat tech. So if you want long term success, avoid such techniques.

3.Expecting Immediate Results :

you wil never get immediate results in SEO. You must have patience in you. Succesful SEO requires good link building which takes time. SO you must agree to spend lots of time with good patience.

4.In-house optimization :

In past even now also many people think, they can do SEo their own. They feel SEO is an easy task to do.

But SEO is not that much easy. It involves undrstanding google's complicated algo. and according to that they have to optimize the site to rank well in SEs.

5.Untargeted keywords :

Many times some SEO ignore main keywords and only work for untargeted keywords. After getting good rankings, if they dont get enough traffic, they complain about that.

So they have to choose right keywords for optimization which give them good traffic.

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I think the biggest mistake while doing SEO is using black hat or creating to much backlinks in quick time. Which result in sandbox or permanently penalize the website. Similarly copy contents and low quality un related contents which result in not getting ranking on search engine.

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Guest Aileenchella

Here are some of the commonly made mistakes when it comes to search engine optimization.

1. Little or no keyword research

The first step in search engine marketing or optimization is choosing a keyword. The reason why you should choose a good keyword is simply because you can't achieve much with a vague keyword. Some niches are quite competitive among search engines, and so, you don't want to go for that highly unachievable keyword. Choose a keyword that you know you can have your grip on. Work on it until you achieve satisfied results before jumping on a different one.

2. Fluffy content

When the famous saying "content is the king" became a content marketing buzz, the significance of content was not as half important as it is now. Content is what will carry your keywords, your links in link-building campaigns as well as act as your sales copy. Content carries it all. However, this does not give you a green light to develop sub-standard content. Duplicate or unreadable content is much worse than not having it at all. So, as you work towards creating content, make sure it is of high quality.Reputation Management

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