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How To Use Freebies To Build Seo Links

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Web marketers try to promote their products through SEO marketing in various ways, allowing their businesses to grab a share in the online business market. However, some web marketers fail to achieve any business success, despite of trying out different tactics and well-planned strategies.

A possible way as to why this happens is the freebie savvy consumer of today, who will purchase what you sell, after getting something free first. People are keenly interested in free stuff and those who are not interested, will perhaps, go through your product offerings. There are various methods you can work with to give away stuff for free, which, in return, will bring you your desired SEO links.


  • A good way to start off is by searching for successful bloggers who relate to your industry, giving them something for free. Later, you can ask them to review your sent items.
  • Post files on your website that people can download for free, or if you give these free files to websites, they may bring you relevant SEO links.
  • Make sure you include a link to your website with the freebies, you’re giving away. If the recipients find something that interests them, they might give a link back to your website.
  • There are a lot of SEO experts and webmasters out there, who develop website plug-ins and give them away as freebies. This is a good strategy for you to try out as well as the success ratio, for this tactic is pretty high. It works for countless people and may work for you.
  • Have a special application developed that represents your business, as it may help you with your SEO link plans. If your free application can help others with their marketing strategies, it will bring success to your business, especially if there are applications similar to yours, present out there, but with a price tag.
  • Another great idea is to create a separate page, having many freebies available for download. Make sure what you offer is of use to people, helping them in one way or the other. This is a great way to attract visitors, as it will create an impression of you giving away free stuff, otherwise, tagged with a price.
  • Give away goodies such as pens, calendars etc. that help spread the word about your business. When you include your site link with a free giveaway, it will be beneficial for link building.


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