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Guidelines For Successful Seo Article Marketing

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Article marketing can prove to be the most effective step in search engine optimization, since it can help you drive traffic. The readers can get to the author’s original website by just clicking on the link, given at the end of these articles. However, this can only be possible, if your articles are interesting enough to hold the attention of the readers, otherwise your efforts can go down the drain.

Following are some of the simple tips to make your articles attention-grabbing, to keep your readers glued to them.


  1. Get yourself clear about the requirements of your readers. Once you know, what your readers would like to read, you can insert keywords in your article accordingly, making the article a success.
  2. Make sure the content, you are providing in your articles, is informative. You can give them useful tips and tricks regarding a particular niche. The articles should never be plagiarized. Give subheadings in your articles and try to make the keywords bold, as that can further arouse the curiosity of the readers.
  3. Try to keep your writing style a little informal. You can make a bond with your readers through articles that are conversational in tone; and hence, can increase your readership. Articles that are dull and drab hardly attract a good number of readers.
  4. Try to keep your articles brief and fascinating if you want to lure readers. Being in a fast-paced world, we hardly find time to spare for the long and boring online articles.
  5. Give a unique piece of info, something that instantly holds the attention of the readers. This can make them read your entire article.


A well-written article can certainly drive traffic to your website. Once you are sure the article is out of the ordinary, you can then just provide your website link in the resource box and start expecting the influx of potential customers, visiting your website.

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