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Amr Scheduler - How Many Submissions Per Day


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Thats an interesting topic and we have to cover it speaking about few factors that matters

1) Domain Age - If your site is well and established you may get a lot of backlinks faster without the fear of getting penalized by google. what can happen is to experience the google dance effect.. dropping few positions or going up then down and so on till google establish a proper position for your site.

2) Link Velocity - That's the speed of building backlinks. Not many seo persons talk about this but trust me it is important. If you build like 200 backlinks weekly google will think your site is appreciated by users and will rank high in SE for chosen keywords. but later if you stop building backlinks and drop to like 20 backlinks google will think your content is old or not actualised so your site will drop in search engine.. Think for example on sites made for specific events like world football championship or winter Olympiad. So get backlinks regularly for best results

3) Link indexing - If you build comment links or profile links usually is better to ping links in order to get indexed by google. On WordPress that not needed anymore as Wordpress have a ping module for every post and will look suspicious for google if same spun-ed article is pinged in a day for 30,50 times etc

4) Article List - Some of the Article submissions will not be never published because article directories will not accept new submissions, admin will delete it or the website is simply not administrated anymore. So if you schedule 50 submissions daily you may end up with like 25 successful submissions and like 8 live links daily. You think you blasted 50 links when in fact you blasted only 8.

Now that we have this information you can answer your question. basically is a trial and error. Personally I schedule 100-150 articles per day

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Guest WhatToDo

I just passed this web site over to a friend who is really into this. Well created and interesting, keep up the good work. More pictures are always nice! The content is great, thank you. Time to head back to this amazing beach!

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