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Right Way Of Selecting The Keywords


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Selection of right keyword is first step in On page optimization, there are many tools which helps in getting right keywords like Google adword tool, Google keyword suggestion tool, select right keyword that is relevant to content and use it in content.

Important thing

• Research: Do a proper research before you decide on your keywords.

• Keyword Density: Try to have a moderate keyword density so that it can help the search engine to determine that your page is indeed related & relevant to the keyword that you are targeting.

• Long Tail Keywords: It’s often good to target some long tail keywords as they are comparatively easier to rank for.

• But you can also come up with your own long tail keywords; for example try adding some common words like ‘best’, ‘free’, ‘cheap’, ‘top’ etc. along with your actual keyword and you might eventually get some good long tail keywords.

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Guest JohnChapman

Keyword research is much important in SEO, It heps our site to promote in the search engines with the good keywprd and pharse.. Do selectig keywords match with your site and eleborate your site in the right way..

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Guest jimmy1

Keyword research is not always true. I mean after using Google keyword tool i targeted one fantastic keyword that had (according to google) 19000 hits per month. I have positioned my site in the top 3 places in the search results and i get 12 hits per month for that keyword. Thats quite terrible. So I would say optimize for all sorts of keywords. Chek your analytics account always and see how people are finding your site and use those keywords to then better your search results.

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