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Amr Best Practices


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In this post Id like to tell you the settings I use on Article Marketing Robot ( AMR ) to get great signup and submit rates. While some are common sense others are the results of numerous tests.

Profile used at Signup


  1. Use weird names like krabby patties. Go to www.fakenamegenerator.com and use the info there to fill in every box in the profile's infos. Recently Article Marketing Robot have an option to prefill username and first and last name with spinned names (check them at the end of this post). Some article directories are using combination of first name + last name to create the pen name and this have to be unique. I suggest you to add one letter spin at the end of first name and last name so you will get unique names. Otherise if someone already registerd with that pen name you will get SIGNUP FAILED.
  2. 8 letters password: 4 characters 4 numbers something like ILove699, Money1231,i1Robo2t
  3. Keep our author profile simple don't leave backlinks there
  4. Use Captcha Solver sites. AMR Supports DeathByCaptcha and DeathCaptcha. I recommend you DeathByCaptcha as seems to give less errors but Decaptcher is significant cheaper.Anyway just make sure you make your life easier and use one of the service instead of staying half of the day in front of the computer filling numbers and letters.
  5. Use hosted emails like kevin@yoursite.com Gmail accounts, Yahoo and other free ones are sometimes rejected by article directories
  6. Register in batches of 300 ... once you're done with 300 move on to confirm them first .. then move on to the next 100. Once you have registered the batches, confirm it and if you get signups that don't confirm, go to your author account and clear the emails and try confirming again
  7. For the next 5 days after your signups, reconfirm everything again everyday as some confirmation emails might come late.Go back and try to register failed sites again everyday for the next 5 days. After the 5 days, try the failed sites again and repeat this step
  8. When you are done you will see there are sites in Email status. This means the signup was successful but the email account was not confirmed. Select all sites in Email status and right click Login Details \ Forgot Password. After all passwords are sent wait for a few minutes and click Confirm button. When is done refresh the list and you will see most of the sites are now in OK status

Article Writing Tips

1) Many article directories require an article that is 500 words or more, although in my experience, most are happy with anything > 400

2) Don't put HTML in your body. That includes UL, EM, B, STRONG, A, and the rest. NO HTML. That is - unless you want more failed submissions

3) Limit your resource links to a max of 2.

4) spin your content using an intelligent spinning solution - most likely your BRAIN - or else expect never to get published.

5) Avoid the following words in any portion of your article, or naturally, any spammy type words: porn, viagra, penis, gamble, roulette, blackjack, swears


For spinning, I use The Best Spinner ... i spend the most time spinning my titles.. i'm talking about 40-50 lines of text as variations for a 5 word title

2. do the same for your summary, and the first 2 paragraphs of your articles.

3. Spin 1 word for every 4 words for the rest of the article

4. spin your keywwords in your resource box.

Article Resource Box

Many times people ask me what is the best way to do a resource box, so I'll start with just the HTML required to make a link:


<a href="http://www.site.com">anchor text</a>

Now, if you want to create some text around that, simply do so, like this:


When looking for <a href="http://www.site.com">blue widgets</a>, ensure they are blue.

If you want to get really fancy, you can add spin syntax:


When {searching|browsing|looking} for <a href="http://{www.site.com|www.site2.com|www.site3.com}">blue {widgets|gidgets|fidgets|smidgets}</a>, ensure they are blue.

Article Submission

1. Fill in as much as you can in your categories to avoid mis matches ... for everyone of my niches i have at least 30 different words for categories.


After you type categories related to your article make sure you add this categories as well

general, uncatagorized, miscellaneous
. This way you make sure that on article directories that do not have the categories you listed will post your article in this general categories. This also apply to directories that do not have categories in english.

As categories you may also add:

health, wellness, life, misc, sales, money, ebay, home business, business,misc, gen, uncat, electrical,Home Improvement,Electrical,electronics,Shopping and Product Reviews,Electronics,email-marketing,Internet and Businesses Online,Email Marketing,emotional-freedom-technique,Health and Fitness,Emotional Freedom Technique,employment-law,Legal,Employment Law,empowerment,Self Improvement,Empowerment,energy,News and Society,Energy,energy-efficiency,Home Improvement,Energy Efficiency,engagements,Relationships,Engagements,enhancement,Relationships,Enhancement,entertaining,Home and Family,Entertaining,environmental,News and Society,Environmental,environmental-issues,Health and Fitness,Environmental Issues,equestrian,Recreation and Sports,Equestrian,ergonomics,Health and Fitness,Ergonomics,estate-plan-trusts,Finance,Estate Plan Trusts,exercise,Health and Fitness,Exercise,exotic,Pets,Exotic,extreme,Recreation and Sports,Extreme,eyes-vision,Health and Fitness,Eyes Vision,ezine-publishing,Internet and Businesses Online,Ezine Publishing,family-law-and-divorce,Legal,Family Law and Divorce,fantasy-sports,Recreation and Sports,Fantasy Sports,farm-ranch,Pets,Farm Ranch,fashion-style,Shopping and Product Reviews,Fashion Style,fatherhood,Home and Family,Fatherhood,fencing,Recreation and Sports,Fencing,feng-shui,Home Improvement,Feng Shui,figure-skating,Recreation and Sports,Figure Skating,financial-aid,Reference and Education,Financial Aid,first-time-cruising,Travel and Leisure,First Time Cruising,fish,Pets,Fish,fish-ponds,Recreation and Sports,Fish Ponds,fishing,Recreation and Sports,Fishing,fitness-equipment,Health and Fitness,Fitness Equipment,flood,Insurance,Flood,flooring,Home Improvement,Flooring,foot-health,Health and Fitness,Foot Health,football,Recreation and Sports,Football,foreclosures,Real Estate,Foreclosures,forums,Internet and Businesses Online,Forums,foundation,Home Improvement,Foundation,friendship,Relationships,Friendship,fsbo,Real Estate,FSBO,furniture,Home Improvement,Furniture,future-concepts,Reference and Education,Future Concepts,futures-and-commodities,Investing,Futures and Commodities,gardening,Home and Family,Gardening,gay-lesbian,Relationships,Gay Lesbian,genealogy-family-trees,Home and Family,Genealogy Family Trees,gifts,Shopping and Product Reviews,Gifts,goal-setting,Self Improvement,Goal Setting,golf,Recreation and Sports,Golf,golf-travel-and-resorts,Travel and Leisure,Golf Travel and Resorts,grandparenting,Home and Family,Grandparenting,green-living,Home Improvement,Green Living,green-real-estate,Real Estate,Green Real Estate,greyhound-racing,Recreation and Sports,Greyhound Racing,grief-loss,Self Improvement,Grief Loss,gymnastics,Recreation and Sports,Gymnastics,hair-loss,Health and Fitness,Hair Loss,hand-wrist-pain,Health and Fitness,Hand Wrist Pain,happiness,Self Improvement,Happiness,headaches-migraines,Health and Fitness,Headaches Migraines,healing-arts,Health and Fitness,Healing Arts,health,Insurance,Health,heating-and-air-conditioning,Home Improvement,Heating and Air Conditioning,hockey,Recreation and Sports,Hockey,holidays,Home and Family,Holidays,home-owners-renters,Insurance,Home Owners Renters,home-schooling,Reference and Education,Home Schooling,home-staging,Real Estate,Home Staging,homes,Real Estate,Homes,horse-racing,Recreation and Sports,Horse Racing,horses,Pets,Horses,hotels-accommodations,Travel and Leisure,Hotels Accommodations,hunting,Recreation and Sports,Hunting,identity-theft,Legal,Identity Theft,immigration,Legal,Immigration,innovation-self-improvement,Self Improvement,Innovation,inspirational,Self Improvement,Inspirational,intellectual-property,Legal,Intellectual Property,international,News and Society,International,internet-marketing-shopping-and-product-reviews,Shopping and Product Reviews,Internet Marketing,investing-real-estate,Real Estate,Investing,jewelry-diamonds,Shopping and Product Reviews,Jewelry Diamonds,k-12,Reference and 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