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Jonas Checking In

Guest Jonas Grondahl

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Guest Jonas Grondahl

Hi everybody,

So my name is obvious Jonas. I simply did a check on all the different network marketing forums and yours came high all the time, so I thought that I might as well become a member.

I am from Denmark, so if you find any big grammar mistakes that might be the reason (or so I try to use as an excuse :)). No actually I study American Studies so my skills should be OK, at least understandable. I have always been fascinated by american culture. The country where everything is possible, if only you believe in it.

The same can be said about network marketing, which is the I am here (well I guess it is the reason why we are all here). My adventure into this world of money making online, began back when autosurfs were the next big thing. Being a part of 12DailyPro gave me some lessons about this world, something I use to my benefits. Luckily I did not lose any money in that program.

So now I have realized that it takes solid and hard work to make it in this business. I am now focusing on GDI a solid company and I help and support my team so that we both gain success. I have found it fulfilling to help others with their business. I used to be only focused on making money, but to be able to support and just as much see how they appreciate your help, that is just great. So my big goal is to be a top leader in the industry. Some of you might know Frank Kern and in this industry, he is someone I look up to, I just like the way he approach things.

As you might have notice I can just write and write, but I think this must be enough for now. Looking forward to be having some great conversations with all of you.

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