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G'day From This Little Aussie Battler

Guest mike632

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Guest mike632

That's a question I often ask myself of late. I love the Internet but it won't reciprocate. At 63 my skills grow and my sites spread but are they going to those in need?

>1000 subscribers and all that respond is 3 to 5% open rate. Everytime I broadcast using Aweber I always have unsubscribes from 2 to as many as 10 within 24 hours. My sales probably rate 1 per 10000 hits. The internet reciprocates slower than the speed of a glacier. But I will win someday. My goal - financial independence for the first time in my 63 years and a self esteem that boggles the mind. It's a matter of "being different and doing things differently". :cool:

After 4 years I finally produced my first Wordpress blog - a little raw just now untill I figure out what makes Wordpress tick.

I own 30 domain names and dozens of websites with extensions. Viva 2011! :wink:

I stumbled upon Top Gold Forum purely by accident to check out a site I left eons ago called Telfund.com - another dead venture.

I've had a few demises in my short travel on the word wide web - My Power Mall, UVME (although the games seem to have returned) and left a few as

the results were negative for me- World Plus, Healthy,Wealthy& Wise,Revup31 (expensive and not my cuppa'tea).

Too many fingers in the pie and no meat. :mad:

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