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Hello All,

I am a little uncomfortable introducing myself, so please allow me grace. I am a 66 year old gentleman taking care of my lovely ailing wife, - full time. It is important to know that I get to take care of her, not just have to take care of her. She is a delight. It is my privilege and pleasure.

My goal is to be able to make a little money in HYIP programs. I have downloaded, and read Dennis' DD book, and I'm trying to make some more informed decisions. My past is littered with scam programs.

Currently I am in Merchandies Group. I would like to know of other members successful recommendations.

I'll write again if y'all will permit me.

Mr. Edd

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No need to be uncomfortable, Mr. Edd, as we are a very Friendly Forum, yup we are !!!

...and we'd like to WELCOME you to our Forum !!!

Go ahead and put your 'Merchandies Group' in your Signature and you can do a Search for the program to see if it's listed here, if not, you can post a Topic...

{explanations in: Help & Tutorials or you can PM me and I'll explain how to do whatever you need done...k ?}

Glad you can be with us and hope to see more posts from you :thumbsup:

skylady ;)

You & your wife will be in our prayers...

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