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The Role Of Competitor Analysis In Traffic Generation

Guest tope odu

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Guest tope odu


In any Business, Competitor Analysis would play a major role in improving the Business Returns. Reason, it would allow us to track the competitor marketed areas to generate leads. To generate good amount of Traffic and Leads to your website, we’ve to analyze all our competitor websites to track their Marketing Areas, Active Networks and Traffic Sources.

One way of preparing a competitor analysis is by utilizing Search Engines. Type the link: www.competitordomain.comes in your targeted Search Engine to view the back links for your competitor website which would be of help in analyzing the Marketed Areas of your competitor. Like wise, we’ve many techniques to analyze the competitor marketed areas.

Analyzing the Competitor Marketed Areas would not fetch you everything. You have to build a good website to market your product or a service. I've tried to outline certain parameters need to be considered.

1. Home page. How informative is the home page? Does it set the proper context or visitors? Is it just an annoying splash page with multimedia? How fast does it load?

2. Navigation. Is the global navigation consistent from page to page? Do major sections have local navigation? Is it consistent?

3. Site organization. Is the site organization intuitive and easy to understand?

4. Links and labels. Are labels on section headers and content groupings easy to understand? Are links easy to distinguish from each other? Or are they ambiguous and uninformative ("click here" or "white paper")? Are links spread out in documents, or gathered conveniently in sidebars or other groupings?

5. Search and search results. Is the search engine easy to use? Are there basic and advanced search functions? What about search results? Are they organized and easy to understand? Do they give relevance weightings or provide context? Do the search results remind you what you searched for?

6. Readability. Is the font easy to read? Are line lengths acceptable? Is the site easy to scan, with chunked information, or is it just solid blocks of text?

7. Performance. Overall, do pages load slowly or quickly? Are graphics and applications like search and multimedia presentations optimized for easy Web viewing?

8. Content. Is their sufficient depth and breadth of content offerings? Does the content seem to match the mission of the organization and the needs of the audience? Is the site developing its own content or syndicating other sources? Is there a good mix of in-depth material (detailed case studies, articles, and white papers) versus superficial content (press releases, marketing copy)?

Once we've prepared an analysis report of all our competitors for all their competitive targeted keywords, we would know how to beat a competitor and rank top in search engines to generate good amount of Traffic and Leads. Therefore, competitor analysis would help to Improve the Business Returns.

This whole complete competitor analysis is a part of the SEO procedure performed by an expert to optimize a website and generate targeted Traffic and Leads to Improve the Business Returns.

Odulate Temitope.

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You have share a good info about Competitor Analysis and explain the majority points very well. With these eight point we can easily audit our site as well as competitor website. Surly it will give us quite a bit idea how to improve our website.

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