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Hey Newbie Here...

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Hiya TGF Members...

I have been in IM for a while and just want to learn and try out new things...

Thanks and Regards


Welcome on TopGoldForum bizguy. You have been in IM ?! Why quit ?! I quite like Internet Marketing as you can make nice money and is always a challenge to get higher in search engines etc..

What was your IM experiences so far?

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Hey Dennis and skylady,

Thanks to begin with.


I had this erratic offline job as a shopfloor engineer.This gave me little time to explore IM.

But I must admit I had not given my 100% in IM.

I have been in some low cost MLM cyclers,made some money.

Been in couple of HYIPs too...lost money in one...

I think the way of approach towards IM determines one' success.

Looking for more effort at IM

Thanking you again.


I will explore the programs as suggested by you.

Thanking you again


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Guest binary options trading


I just thought I would take a second to reply and introduce myself.

I am big on options trading as a legit / risk controlled way to make money in finance/investing. It does require some risk though.

Anyway, this is my first post, so hello everyone and I hope everyone makes a killing in 2011.

Steve / Binary Options guy.

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