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STEP 1 -go to: www.mirrorcreator.com/files/SCDKP8CC/ABS.rar_links ... and download the package, extract the package and you should have all you need (including the crack for autoblog samurai)

we are most concern about the "cracked file" cos i believe we've all installed autoblog samurai...Extract the Autoblog samurai cracked file and save it somewhere (preferably your desktop).

(the autoblog samurai crack file is called "auto bloging.exe) and its in the folder named: ABS CRACK.

If you've already installed Autoblog samurai, Skip to step 3.


STEP 2 - install ABSamurai.msi

STEP 3 -go to the folder where you installed (Autoblog Samurai) ABS

(for the Novice:go to start menu, then click on "computer", inside the computer click on " C: " (your C drive), inside your C drive - click on the folder named "program files" inside program files, double click on the folder named "ABS" (ABS means Auto Blog Samurai ).... leave the folder open for now.

Now go back to your desktop and copy the crack file (dont copy the folder named ABS crack, copy only its content which is a single file named: Auto blogging.exe)

STEP 4 -remember the folder you left open in step 3, go back to the folder and paste the file (Auto blogging.exe) you just copied there...when you click to paste the file, now windows will say something like "theres already a file with the same name in this location ==> choose the very first option that says " ==> copy and replace " . what ever option windows give you, make sure you overwrite or replace the " Auto Blogging.exe that was there with the one you copied.

STEP 5 -Now run run autoblogging.exe and enter any email when it asks for it.

Enjoy !!!!!

Please all credit should go to the person who cracked the "Autoblog samurai" .... Many thanks to you.

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