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A Pro Punter

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About Harry Okoyibo :

Harry Okoyibo is a professional player on Bet365 & 5Dimes and he has taught many friends and peers to make money on betting.

I should introduce myself in case you've never heard about me. My name is Harry O. Okoyibo. The owner of over a dozen profitable online ventures with vast knowledge of Football Trading business.

We are the first in this Big Industry to use many new investment strategies to invest in soccer. We are not gamblers, we are investors. We use sports as investment just like people use the stock market. We spent thousands of hours testing this strategy and we started to use it since August 2009 and the results are always the same. We win! And NOW it's YOUR turn!


Harry Okoyibo

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Glad to have you with us Harry O. Okoyibo cool.gif

WELCOME to our Forum !!!


Thanks for your understanding!

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