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Hi Everyone From Tadas, I Love Internet

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My name is Tadas Luksys, I am 25 years old from Lithuania. It is small country near Russia.

I like to meet new peoples in forums. I am looking friends and partners for Network Marketing business. I started Online business 2 years ago and already earning money in some companies. I am here to learn from others and give some advices from my experienced, that I learned much from TOP succesfull peoples on the internet.

I feel I can succeed there, because today's IT and internet possibilities and my greed to learn and work to meet new people being friendly and helpful for my downlines

Usually I am spending 8 - 10 a day 6 days a week. Sunday is for my family and my hobbies like Chess, Soccer and IT.

So God Bless you all,

Tadas Luksys :)


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Hello Tadas

I want to welcome you on TopGold Forum. Nice to see such a compresive introductions. How's in Lithuania ? I dont know much about this country other than the main city is Vilnius. Around 4 years ago I worked with a guy from Vilnius and he was verry friendly and hard working person. Was a pleasure to work with him.

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