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[Senuke] Linking Blueprint Strategy


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Using this Senuke strategy you may get number 1 ranking for several competitive terms in any niche. Cannot reveal the niche for obvious reasons. I know a lot of you use Senuke and I thought you could use my strategy and I want to tell you that its easy to get great results with Senuke.

Day 1

First you need to do some keyword research and pick a few keywords. Pick one word at a time. I usually get a top 3 ranking for my keywords within the first 1-3 senuke runs. Before you can use senuke you need to create all the accounts.

Create all Social Network, Article Directory Nuke, Video Nuke, RSS Nuke and Profile Nuke accounts. After that verify the emails making sure all the accounts are verified and ready to be used.

Write one 1000 words article around your keyword. Keep keyword density below 10%! Make sure to have your keyword at the start of your title, description and in each paragraph of the article. Then paste the article into senuke. Create 4 variations per sentence, make sure it makes sense and create variations of every word where possible. The most important thing is to make sure a human can read the article. Once the article has been spun, post it to EVERY site.

Day 2

Bookmark every site. Then take the bookmark rss feeds and run them through the rss nuke. Then take all your bookmark urls and head over to links2rss.com Paste the urls in and create an rss feed for all your bookmarks. Run that rss feed through the rss nuke and also. Create an account at identi.ca and join several high pr groups. Then paste your link in the box at the top and press post. This will put your rss feed on the identica home page. Google crawls identica a lot, they will pickup your rss link and index all your pages! When in doubt, post to identica. After bookmarking all the sites and rss nuking all the rss feeds you created from all the bookmarks. Your content will start to get indexed a lot.

Day 3

Take all the rss feeds from all your social network/article nuke and run them through rss nuke. Also, create feeds for them all using feeds2rss and post the feeds to identica aswell as running them through the rss nuke. Creating and nuking rss feeds can get your sites indexed like crazy.

Day 4

Focus more on your money site (money site is the original site you want to get ranked well, the website that is acutally making money for you). Bookmark it, rss nuke it and do some forum profile backlinks. I dont do more than 20 a day for a new site and gradually do more. So bookmark and rss your money site, then create about 25 profile links. Create rss feeds for them, post them to identi.ca and run them through rss nuke. You can also post them to autoblogs and twitter, anything that gets crawled a lot.

I also use the video nuke. Backlinks from video sites and your video sites profiles are valuable. On day 5, create a video about your money site and nuke it. You want to create rss feeds, ping them, nuke them and post them on identica for everything you do. This gives them a much higher chance of getting indexed. Now, I only ever make videos when im feeling creative. You can make a quick video with powerpoint and windows move maker. Very simple, look it up. Pinging, you should ping url you create through the pinger, rss and all.

Once you have all that done you will have hundreds of backlinks all pointing to your website. I know its a lot of work but, its worth it.

After all this, you should bookmark your money page 3 times a week and rss nuke it twice to 3 times a week. You also should build 20-50 backlinks a day with the profile nuke. Just don't go too crazy of google will notice. Create the odd video once a month and nuke it. This is just the start of getting your site ranked. Doing this can get you a first page ranking in a week! Doing just that got me a first page ranking in 2 weeks for 3 highly competitive keywords. The next step is creating link wheels and pyramids.

Link Pyramids are better when you have a new site. Its a way of getting a ton of link juice without being penalised by google. Creating a pyramid is easy. You just use the social network nuke to start. You create a couple of tiers of sites. 2 or max 3 tiers of sites using the social network nuke. I like to use 10 sites for tier 1, these sites should be professional sites, not spammy. These sites will bring you in sales and rank high on Google. These sites should only link to your money site. Create a load of first tier sites. Then use all the other web2.0 sites as tier 2, link these ones to your tier 1 sites. Then, use all the article sites to link randomly between tier 1 and 2. Its very effective. I like to have my tier 1 sites as professional blogs that I do manually and bring in sales. Wordpress blogs, hubs and squidoo pages etc.

You also should bookmark your tier 1 sites, bookmark your tier 2 sites and randomly bookmark your tier 3 articles. Be random, it helps a lot. Use the randurl feature in senuke to randomly link to other properties you created. Rss nuke everything randomly, use different accounts and proxies if your not lazy.

You can also create link wheels which link to eachother. Not going to talk about that as you can figure it out. Just be random and use this strategy to create your own. After this, you can randomly create link wheels or pyramids whenever you like. Write articles ona regular basis to blast out to the article directories. And when you do a full senuke submission follow the top of this strategy.

You should also do some other seo besides using senuke. Post to five or ten forums a day, ten posts in each. Post on classified ad sites, directory submissions. All these things you can outsource for pennies on the dollar. Hope this helps, it has helped me make thousands of dollars.

With senuke its easier than ever to make tons of money in affiliate marketing, cpa, mlm. Promoting anything online, senuke can do it. Make your own strategy, be consistent and don't worry if you don't show up on the first pages of Google on your first run.

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Guest Titito


Men, i know it should not take old topics to live again, but this is great stuf!!! Besides, senuke it is working with the new google changes (2012), or at least it is what they sey at site.

Thank you for sharing this info.

I just would like to ask you one thing:

Do you know where can we get that software for free? They have a 14 days free trial period, but i think it is not much time for a person that is newbie to that kind of things, so if you/anyone know where to dowload it (cracked or with pass), it would be better.

Regarding the version, it is not important (for me) if it is senuke or senukex, because i am shure i will not take the full use of any version due to my inexperience in these matters.

Nevertheless, i would like to thank you again for sharing this info and this great tutorial!!!

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