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Demographics: one amongst the most effective ways in which to focus on your customers, the demographic audience targeting permits you to serve ads supported a user’s location, cation, and even the sort of device they use to look. 

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In-market: In-market targeting is one amongst the foremost effective ways in which to focus on your audience. That’s as a result of it permits you to succeed in customers that are sorting out merchandise and services that your store offers. this permits you to own a leg au courant your competition since your ads show up — virtually intuitively — to customers World Health Organization square measure the foremost inquisitive about your merchandise. Your ads may be served to users that have antecedently purchased one thing from your web site, or users that have an interest in what you sell.


Custom intent: after you set a custom intent audience inside Google Ads, you’re able to select words, phrases, and keywords that relate powerfully to people who square measure presumably to form an acquisition on your web site. to not mention, you'll conjointly add web site URLs, YouTube content URLs, and a lot of to fine-tune your targeting even a lot of.

Remarketing: one amongst the foremost useful PPC methods out there, remarketing permits you to primarily re-serve your ads to users World Health Organization have clicked on your ads before. Remarketing ads square measure very useful as a result of they keep your business and merchandise at the highest of customers’ minds — particularly people who were on the brink of creating an acquisition before.

Similar audiences: to require your PPC campaign a step any, you'll conjointly target similar audiences to those that you just target along with your remarketing campaign. for instance, if the general demographic of your remarketing list is 30-year-old girls, and also the intent is to buy skin-softening lotion, you may conjointly serve this ad to alternative 30-something girls — despite whether or not they’ve explore for your product. Their similar interests and demographic triggers the ad after you target during this approach.


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