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Affiliate program: ePN (ecommerce partners network) 


1. one of the first CPA networks in the affiliate marketing market since 2013 

2. cooperation with international advertisers from all over the world

3. more than 700 000 webmasters are joined and their number is constantly increasing


Nowadays affiliate programs are one of the most profitable ways of making money on the Internet for the traffic owners. This is explained by the fact that the CPA-model (Cost per action) used in affiliate programs is the most gainful advertising channel for both advertisers (online stores) and webmasters.


1. Unlike ordinary targeted or contextual advertising, the CPA model only pays for a specific human action - the purchase of a product or registration. So, companies save the advertising budget for promoting their goods and services and due to savings they can spend more money to pay for webmaster's traffic.


In ePN you’ll get fixed payment for each purchase: as a percentage of the order amount (up to 70%) or in cash (for example, $ 0.75 for a referral program).


2. One of the valuable advantages of affiliate programs in online stores is greater customer loyalty to well-known brands. It is possible to direct traffic to the sites of popular stores.

ePN offers well-known brands such as AliExpress, iHerb, eBay, Banggood and others.


3. The CPA method has another significant plus. If you created an affiliate link, for example, to a smartphone, but the buyer chose another product after clicking on your link, then you would still receive your reward.


Direct your traffic to ePN CPA offers and get a stable profit from every purchase made by your audience!

You'll find useful information about earnings via the CPA and Revenue Share models on the ePN affiliate program blog.


ePN opportunities


1. The best store and marketplace affiliate programs;

2. Ability to work with several programs within one account;

3. Easy-to-use statistics displaying all clicks, hosts, orders and commission rates in real time;

4. Responsive 24/7 technical support;

5. Funds withdrawal with low commissions to bank cards, e-wallet Webmoney, Toncoin within 30 minutes or in exceptional cases: up to 7 business days. Moreover, WireTransfer withdrawal (to the bank account) 2 times during the month;

6. Notifications about promotions, sales and discounts in partner stores;

7. Permanent updating of marketplaces working in the affiliate program;

8. Modern tools that make your job easier:  


Deeplink lets you manually create many affiliate links without signing in to your ePN account. You can make your own Deeplink for each traffic source

Link generator is helpful in getting a whole list of links automatically via the created deeplink, it will also give you the opportunity to make links with a shorter domain name through the internal shortener

Subid is parameter that can be added to an affiliate link in order to track conversions and increase your work efficiency (you can enter up to 5 SUB-tags)

Telegram bot is needed for quick and easy operation with affiliate links without visiting your personal account, and if you have  assistants in the team, the bot gives the opportunity to create links without having access to personal data, income, etc.

Link checker tool allows you to determine, if an AliExpress item is affiliate, as well as indicates the approximate commission percentage for a particular product

Browser extensions  are necessary for checking  the affiliation of an item and to turn any public product, for example, on AliExpress into an affiliate link

Error link-checking tool and check for broken links

Ready-made banners for your traffic sources for different offers

Relevant promo codes section for sharing with your audience

Product feeds (top-items, Hotsale goods) is a collection of AliExpress, Banggood profitable offers

API tools, Postback and own domain parking


AliExpress is one of the most profitable and reliable ePN affiliate network offers.


General conditions:

  • Cookie lifetime: from 3 to 15 days depending on the ordering country, which means you will receive the commission for the buyer's order, even if buyer makes the purchase a few days after he clicks on your link

  • Stable commission: up to 70%

  • Time of order confirmation: 30 days after AliExpress order confirmation 

  • Geotargeting: the whole world
    A full description of AliExpress terms and conditions is here.


Personal conditions:

  • Personal managers who can help you pumping traffic, advise you on how to work with the AliExpress offer, as well as inform you about current sales

  • Bonus campaigns 

  • Personal promo codes

  • joinus2022 - your personal increased promo code for your first registration in ePN.   Register at epn.bz !

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