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Steps to Boost Your Organic CTR in Google

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Steps to Boost Your Organic CTR in Google
1. Identify Your Lowest Organic CTR Content So You Know Where to Start
2. Fix Any Keyword Cannibalization
3. Get Creative with Your Titles
4. Use Descriptive URLs
5. Optimize Your Description
6. Utilize Structured Markup
7. Leverage PPC Ads for Organic CTR
8. Get Emotional
9. Use Positive or Negative Sentiment
10. Apply Title Case
11. Structure Content for Featured Snippets
12. Improve Page Load Time

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Great suggestions, thanks for sharing them. I totally agree with you on this, and I would especially highlight parts about identifying our lowest CTRs and start working on enhancing their performances and the one that says that we need to optimize titles and descriptions on the site, as these are really one of the most essential factor for good organic ranking, and as sooner as we begin working on these activities, we will have better chance for achieving great results

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