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What is affiliate SEO?


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On 12/20/2021 at 12:43 PM, nihitthakkar said:

What is affiliate SEO?

Well, this question has two possible answers. 


One solution could be the answer of "What is SEO affiliate marketing" or, more specifically, "How to do affiliate marketing with SEO?"


The second solution could be "How to do affiliate marketing with SEO affiliate programs?"


1. "Affiliate marketing with SEO" is simply promoting affiliate products on a website and getting organic traffic from the search engine. 

You can improvise your SEO strategies by posting quality content and focusing more on your backlink profile. 


2. While in the second situation, you are promoting SEO-related products on your website, youtube channel, social media, etc., platforms.

There are many popular SEO brands that offer their affiliate programs; you can join them and earn some goof commission from it.


You can read this article by authorityhacker.com to find such affiliate programs.

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To say it simply and briefly as can, it's a marketing process where affiliates can earn comissions if someone clicks on affiliate links based on their marketing and SEO efforts, meaning that organic traffic that lead to clicks on links is crucial for earning the profit in this case.

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