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Hello! We're looking for affiliates to collaborate with!

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BlufVPN is excited to have you as an affiliate!

About BlufVPN

Just FYI - BLUF stands for “bottom line up front”— The basic idea is simple: put the most important details first. 

So without further ado, here's the information you came for:


1month - new signup 100% / renewal 40%.

6month - New signup 40% / renewal 30 %

1year - New signup 40% / renewal 30 %

2year - New signup 40% / renewal 30 %

3year - New signup 40% / renewal 30%

Did somebody say lifetime revenue share? Yes, we did. Join us and get your share.  

You won’t just win once if customers you sent us to renew - you’ll make money every single time they stay with us. 

Why BlufVPN? 

We’re taking a fresh approach to the world of Virtual Private Networks by focussing on younger, more casual customers. We offer them the chance to experience the internet as it was meant to be, without borders, or limitations. 

Our customers enjoy the digital world without borders, while we do the hard work of keeping their data private and their devices secure. 

It doesn’t matter what device they use, where they are, or who they are, they can have their content, their way, with BlufVPN. And you can help them. 

The Money 

We offer commission rates that few others match - 100% of a new 1-month sign-up goes to you if you send a customer our way, and you get 30% of their renewal.  

That’s right - you send a customer to us from your platform and you can get paid not once, not twice, but every time they choose to stay with us. 

Where do I sign up? 

If you want to join us, it’s as easy as signing up to the BlufVPN affiliate program on CJ, getting our promotional materials, and starting to get our name out there to whatever following you have.

You can sign up via this link: https://signup.cj.com/member/signup/publisher/?cid=5777947 

We have a range of artwork to help you promote us including four unique characters with their own specialisms, characteristics, and personalities. Not many VPN providers can say that. 

When the customers start coming to us from you, you get paid. Easy.


For further information please contact affiliates@blufvpn.com 

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