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✅Dolphin {anti} - now an antidetect browser! Modern browser management.

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You said - we did it! 😉

Dolphin Anty - is an antidetect browser from the creators of Dolphin Tool

A Powerful tool tor Solving traffic arbitrage tasks | Facebook | Google | Tik-Tok



Dolphin {anty} benefits:


Manage of browser profiles.

Work with hundreds of unique profiles from one device.

Each profile is a unique browser fingerprint with a separated web environment.

Cache, cookies and other parameters are completely separated from each other.


Real fingerprints of Chrome-based browser profiles

Using a browser, you will be as similar as possible to an ordinary Internet user,

our anti-detect browser is based on Chrome, and we do not need to patch Chromium substitutions.



A modern antidetect browser requires not only high-quality substitution,

but also convenient team interaction, tracking the statuses of accounts, notes and proxies.

We've worked hard on this features!


Anti-detecet browser appearance:






We tried very hard to make this product as useful as possible and implemented the ability to integrate with Dolphin automation products.


In the modern world, anti-detecet browsers should be a tool from the category of "available to everyone"

and therefore we tried to make the prices as reasonable as possible for every common users!





Dear friends, in a recent update we added the type of profiles CRYPTO  - for those who work in antiquity with cryptocurrency projects, as well as activated a promotional code for a discount with the same tag;)


Official site: anty.dolphin.ru.com

Support: t.me/dolphin_support_bot

Telegram chat: t.me/dolphin_anty_chat

News channel: t.me/dolphin_anty_news


Best regards, Dolphin team!

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UPDATE 2021.316.43149

What's the news:


Improved cookie import feature - some cookies were loaded without authorization.

Cookie export feature improved

Fixed problem with authorization in web extensions. Authorization on metamask and other extensions is stable now .

Fixed a bug with the request to update when importing accounts in bulk.

Proxy stability improved

Improved permissions process on devices where device pixel ratio is bigger than  1.

Fixed problem with large screen resolutions on Linux.


Support: t.me/dolphin_support_bot


Love, Dolphin team!

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 Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Is this a 30% discount on Dolphin{anty}

 It is she, friends

In honor of Black Friday, we are giving you the promotional code DOLPHIN_BF,

which gives you a 30% discount on the first purchase of any tariff at Dolphin{anty}

The promo code is valid for only four days - from November 26 to November 29, don't yawn

Good luck everyone 😉


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🔥UPDATE 2021.337.40739

Hello friends ! 🙂

We have completed an update in which have added and improved a lot.
And so what has changed:

New functionality:

Browser core is updated up to Chrome v96
We made synchronization of authorization of extensions when opening the browser on different devices.
Now extensions metamask, etc. will save authorization.
(Important! It works only for new profiles, the solution for older profiles will be added in the next update)
ColorDepth / pixelDepth substitution added
Improved cookies synchronization, exactly session cookies being saved -
sites that will be logged out on browser restart will stay logged in. (Paypal, outlook, crypto exchanges)
Added battery information spoofing.


- Improved import of some cookies from file for which there was a problem with authorization
- Improved cookies export functionality
- Fixed an issue with opening browsers in high resolution on Linux
- Fixed an issue with being asked to refresh when importing accounts in bulk
- Work of some proxies stabilized
- Fixed an issue with not working webcam on Mac OS
- Fixed a layout issue with line break on long profile names
- Improved Canvas noise
- Improved WebGL noise
- Fixed an issue with enabled scaling the screen on Windows devices.
Now when transferring browser from one device to another, the screen resolution will remain unchanged.
- Improved languages spoofing
- Improved Client-Hints spoofing

Support: t.me/dolphin_support_bot

Love, Dolphin team!


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There was a global connection error with the domain zones ru.com.

Our sites are registered just in this domain zone, so they are not available now.

We are currently unable to connect to the dolphin.ru.com and anty.dolphin.ru.com domains.
The problem is not on our side, so we cannot say for sure how long it will take to fix it.

We have created mirrors of our sites at the following links:

Dolphin{anty} anti-detect browser: anty-site.anty-api.com
Personal office of automation Dolphin FB: dolphin-panel.anty-api.com

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Hi Hi!    
We have good news - we made a big update and added a lot of useful functionality.



🔥 UPDATE 2021.350.1

Transfering profiles to another user.
Previously, we had the functionality of providing access to profiles to other team members. Now you can completely transfer the profile to another user. Thus the creator of the profile will lose access to it. You can transfer profiles both within one team and to the user from another team by mail. This function is available only for users on a paid plan and not available on a trial version and a Free tariff.

Adding browser extensions through the archive.
Now you can add extensions via links from the Chrome store and by downloading your extension directly. All users of the Scenum service requested this feature, and we did it!

Adding quick custom statuses directly from the list of browser profiles.
Sometimes you need to add some unique status to the browser profile, which does not fit the typical situations and previously saved statuses on the settings. Now you can add any status to a profile in one click, and this status will remain only on this profile; it will not apply to other profiles.

Paste as human \ Smart Paste functionality. 
Many users asked to make the copy-paste process similar to data entering from the keyboard since some websites highly dislike copy-pasting actions. So we made this functionality in an incredibly innovative way. Of course, we will not tell you the secret, but we can assure you that this option is implemented better than competitors did. 

The functionality works through the hotkeys cmd+shift +b on macOS and ctrl+ shift+b on Windows or through the context menu.

Substitutions of WebGL Info Vender & Render can now be selected independently from the drop-down list.

Pin to top - Pinning profiles.
Many people use the function of pinning chats on Telegram. By doing so, important contacts and chats are always shown at the top of the list. We have applied similar logic to browser profiles. Pin up important accounts and they will always be available in one click. You can pin up to 10 profiles.

Recycle Bin of deleted profiles.
Oh, how often we receive messages like: “I lost my profiles, I didn’t delete them, help me.”
This happens when a user deletes many profiles and accidentally deletes the necessary ones. Or when your teammate accidentally deleted not his profiles and didn't admit it.
And it also happens that an offended farmer cleans all his profiles before leaving🙈.

To eliminate this problem, we have added the Basket of deleted profiles.

There is a small  “Recycle Bin” button at the lower right corner  - all deleted profiles will fall into this Bin and will be stored for 48 hours. This time is just enough to find out that the necessary profiles are gone and get them out of there. After 48 hours, the profiles will be permanently deleted. You cannot forcibly delete profiles from there, so an offended Farmer will not be able to offend you in return.

Scroll by quick tags
If you have a large number of tags, then they no longer fit in line with the tags at the top. Now you can hover the cursor over this line and scroll the mouse wheel; the tags will be scrolled left and right.


Completely new extension for transferring accounts to Dolphin Facebook automation tool.
There are a lot of innovations here; perhaps we'd publish a separate news release for this. But, for now, just try it and have fun😘

CRYPTO profiles type - For those who work with cryptocurrency projects we added a new CRYPTO profile type

Bug fixes

Fixed search by bookmarks
Fixed a problem with not launching profiles for some users
Optimized the speed of launching profiles.


Support: t.me/dolphin_support_bot


Love, Dolphin team!

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Dear friends!
Happy New Year to you!

May a miracle happen in 2022 and there will be fewer bans, advertising campaigns will bring more revenue, 
and bad comments under your ads will appear less often. Let the profit from your sales flow to you like a river, 
and the cryptocurrency on your wallets grows.

We wish you patience and peace of mind, professional growth and good luck!

We hope that in 2022 your work will bring you more pleasure and your profit will be higher.
Well, Dolphin services will help you with this 😉


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