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Halloween is traditionally celebrated in the last week of October but this doesn't mean at all that nutra's seasonal too 😏 These products are in demand all year round!
So, the leader of the week was Cardiobalance in Chile with a 41% approval rate.
The second place was taken by Cystinorm — 38% in Italy, and the promotional payout rate starts at €40 per lead! Good luck!
The third place today belongs to the Idealis offer in Switzerland. Its average approval rate was 36%. Payouts start from €42.

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!😉

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You have been driving traffic to Webvork offers all week and so we have the records of the best results that you've got.

The first place has Cardiobalance in Switzerland. Its approval was 49% with a €40 payout rate. Artrolux + Cream returned to the rating together with the fall's cold. In Switzerland, the offer earned a 44% approval rate.
The third spot has Latham. Cardiobalance in Chile has been on the top for a week already, demonstrating an excellent approval rate of 44%.

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!

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You can talk for hours about the importance of landing pages in advertising funnels but the fact remains that the quality of the landing page is greatly important because this is where the lead decides to leave their money in favor of that affiliate marketer.

There are a lot of services that affiliates use to download their favorite landing pages and we could list them all here but… you don't need them anymore!
🔥 All landing and pre-landing pages can be downloaded directly from your Webvork account and added to your hosting without using third-party services!

The downloading of landing pages is carried out via creating flows.

Download landing pages, finish them off for your needs, and drive traffic with Webvork! 😉

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Tradition has it that during Christmas and New Year time, everyone puts their life in order, which includes wanting to pay more attention to health. Therefore, we shouldn’t hesitate but help Europeans become more slender, active, and healthy! And our weekly list, as always, is on guard for the most profitable offers of the week🔥

Today, the first place in the list is occupied by Prostatricum Plus. In Italy, the offer earned 52% of approval.
The second spot was taken by Insulinorm. Its approval rate in Italy was 43%.
The third leader was Artrolux +. The joint remedy received 42% of approval rate in Switzerland.

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin! 😉

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🤔 What do we know about Portugal?

At least the fact that ordinary people live there and they aren’t alien to health problems which means that nutra products will always find consumers in Portugal!

This GEO occupies not one of honorable spots in the Webvork affiliate program, often getting into approval top lists, so do pay attention to sunny Portugal 😉

And we will give some tips on how best to drive traffic from this country:

1. Choose Portuguese language for creatives, and no other. Whether it's the text on your creative, ad copy, your video voiceover.
2. Make your promos mobile-friendly. Most people go online using smartphones.
3. The largest platforms there are Facebook and YouTube. Facebook’s target and YouTube’s context ads, as well as embedded advertising in messengers, perform very well.
4. Follow the events in the country on local platforms such as Sapo.pt.

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Guys, let's sum up the results of the past week with this list of top offers for approval rates.
The first place today has Slim4Vit, a weight loss offer. For several years, the offer has been selling well in Europe, practically without losing in approval. This time in Austria, this figure was 42%.
Artrolux + Cream returned to the top together with cold weather. It's got a 39% approval rate in Switzerland.
The third place belongs to the Prostatricum offer in Portugal, 39%.

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin! 😉

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🎁 FlexCard is giving 2 free bank cards to Webvork subscribers!

Finding cards that can be actually attached to advertising accounts to run your payments isn’t an easy task. However, we now have the FlexCard service!

Here’s what FlexCard provides:

• trustworthy payments that work perfectly on Facebook, Tik Tok, Google, and Twitter advertising accounts (and others upon prior request);
• two BINs (of different banks);
• issue cards starting from €2;
• replenish your account balance starting from €50
• 3DS verification;
• quick support.

👉 Contact their Telegram support @flexcard_support, mention the WEBVORK discount code, and get your free cards!

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Let’s finish the last Monday of this November with the top nutra offers for European geos.

The first place has a 40% approval rate, it’s Slim4Vit. This time, the offer did well in Austria.
The second spot in the list was taken by Insulinorm in Italy with an approval rate of 38%.
The third place’s got Cardiobalance. Its approval rate in Italy was 37%.

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!😉

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We're gradually approaching Christmas and the New Year but there is still time to collect profit before the holidays.
Our TOP offers will help you make the right choice.

The first place was won over by Prostatricum to Italy. The offer earned a 39% approval rate.
Artrolux + Cream ranks second in Switzerland.
The third place went to Insulinorm. The approval for the offer was 37%.

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!😉

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