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Happy workweek everyone! Here’s something to spike your interest in getting that success — our new list of top approved offers!
Varilux Premium is, again, the leader. The offer came in the first one in Italy with a 47% approval rate. 
The second spot went to Idealis, a weight loss offer. Its approval rate was 46% in Switzerland. 
The third place has the ultimate healing oil — Cannabisvital Oil with a 45% approval rate in Italy. 

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!


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Every normal affiliate has tons of problems to solve daily. Besides the need to constantly look for new campaign approaches and make creatives for higher conversion rates, there are also difficulties brought by traffic sources themselves. Payment problems is one of these. 

But Webvork always has a good solution for its affiliates! From now on, we're giving virtual cards to our steady publishers so that this causes you less trouble!

Contact your personal manager to find out more abou this program.

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Affiliate marketing in on fire, despite the summer season. After all, nutra is an all-season niche, and you should always sell it while it works! Our offers in Europe are performing very well, too.
Last week, Cardiobalance became the undisputed leader.
This offer is the top one for two GEOs at once: Switzerland with a 43% approval rate and Italy with 42%.
Cannabisvital Oil took the third place in the ranking. Its approval rate in Italy was 40%.

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!

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Our affiliate network also provides private offers, which means that you can drive traffic to them almost without competition!
And today we’re happy to open a new GEO for one of such offers – our virility supplement Urogun is now available in Portugal. 

💰 Payout rates start at €32 per lead!

The Urogun offer is capsules for men that help them feel strong, happy, desired, successful, and, of course, confident.
The global statistics state that every third man of 30 years or older and every second man of 40 has virility problems.
The target audience is rich, and the problem is very serious. 

Contact your personal manager to get access to the new offer 🔥

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This rating is based on our offers’ approval rates, which means that you can’t be left unsatisfied if you drive traffic to these three!
So, Cardiobalance was the absolute leader of the last week. In Switzerland, its average approval rate was 49%. The second spot has Prostatricum with 47% of approval in Austria. 
The last of the three leaders is Varilux Premium. Its average approval rate in Italy was 42%. 

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!

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