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Guys, our evergreen offers continue making our days with their payout rates, as well as approval rates, and that’s the case for every week.
This time, the rate’s leader was an offer for beautiful legs that can heal people from varicose symptoms – Varilux Premium. In Italy, its approval rate was 47%.
The second place went to Prostatricum in Portugal with a 41% approval rate.
The third spot was taken over by Cardiobalance. A 39% approval rate in Italy. 

Please be reminded that we have increased payout rates for a range of offers for GEO ITALY through May 15th, now for every lead you drive, you can get up to €43!

Follow our list of top approved offers and earn that coin!

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Guys, we’re ready to meet everyone today in Moscow at an international forum about affiliate marketing and online income, KINZA 2022!

We’re happy to meet all of you, talk to all of you in person today! We can discuss our CPA and CPL payout rates, some new promotions, and bonuses!

If you have questions, ideas, or just want to become our partner, then chat with our account manager that’s going to be at the conference for the entire day – Julia Fedyuchek
Julias Telegram contact: @juliawebvork

Text Julia, arrange a meeting, and feel the profit from the first lead together with WEBVORK! 

📍Location: Music Media Dome, shosse Entuziastov, 5, str. 2

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Are your leads being carefully processed?

This is always better to check by yourself. Webvork is happy to provide you with all the calls’ transcriptions from our call center and for each of your leads. All you need to do is ask your personal manager.

And today, we have a transcription of one of the leads from Switzerland, a weight loss offer.

Find it on our blog right here👉🏻 https://bit.ly/3LkPezO

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The first Monday of this May has got Italy as its leader. All the three offers that won over the top positions are from this GEO.

The first place was taken by Varilux Premium with a 48% approval rate. That’s right, anti-varicose offers are taking the highest positions during spring due to people’s desire to wear shirt skirts and heels.
The second place went to Artrolux + Cream. This offer’s approval rate was 47%.
The third position went to Cystinorm with a 44% approval rate.

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!

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It’s not that easy to drive nutra traffic. We’ve got endless problems with advertising accounts, trackers, proxies, content cloaking systems, and creatives – and all of these are an integral (and exhausting) part of our work. However, the profit makes up for the time-consuming labor. Nutra has a lot of niches to offer and every one of them works with different approaches.

We at Webvork decided to puzzle this issue out and see the creatives that affiliates tend to use the most. To analyze this, we’re going to use spying services and ask some experts for their opinions — Daniil Alexeev, the owner of The Creativy creatives studio and Ivan Merkulov, the owner of the Carbon affiliate marketing studio: https://bit.ly/3OWhniM

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Antidetect browsers help affiliates drive traffic without getting banned, so this is why no affiliate can do without a high-quality anti-browser in 2022. And Webvork always has a discount to offer for such a tool!

👉🏻 Sign up for AdsPower: https://www.adspower.ru/?source=webvork and
• Create account packages
• Add profiles one by one or in bunches
• Set up browser prints
• Launch multiple AdsPower sessions at the same time
• Work together with your team

🎁 Use the WEBVORK promo code and get a 10% discount for the first deposit and payment.

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This week has been very generous for Italy. Two offers of this GEO became leaders. The first place’s got Artrolux + Cream with a 45% approval rate.
The second spot went to Varilux Premium with a 44% approval rate.
The third place was taken by the heart and blood vessels health offer — Cardiobalance. This offer concluded the week with a 38% approval rate in Spain.

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!

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Creative Room — your source of inspiration! 

Today we decided to tell your more about an offer with an interesting name called Urogun. 

As we always do, in this article, we reviewed some of our creatives regarding this offer and a couple of recommendations about how to drive offers from this niche. 

Enjoy the article: https://bit.ly/3w5qAhD

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Guys, many affiliates do not make their creatives on their own, preferring to use ready-made ones from spy services. However, speaking from the experience of large teams, as well as our own, we believe that a unique creative is an iron-clad way to stand out from the feed, and, as a result, increase CTR and get conversions.

We at Webvork thought in advance that it would be convenient for you to make your own creatives and collected a bank full of promotional materials for all our offers, where you can find high-quality live photos of our products and certificates.

👉🏻 Link to the promos: https://bit.ly/3NLfBAC

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Today, we have a whole European diversity – the range of the leaders of the top approved offers has three different GEOs. All of them require different approaches and present different offers, though their approval rates are equally high!

In the first place, we have Cardiobalance in Switzerland with a 47% approval rate. The second place went to Italian Varilux Premium, 46%. The third spot was taken by our bestseller Prostatricum. In Italy, this offer’s earned 42% of approval. 

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!

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Sometimes approval rate may mean nothing, especially when you drive traffic with payouts per lead. And Webvork does provide this opportunity!

Our system includes offers that you can work with under a CPL model. This means that you have even more opportunities to monetize your traffic.

This model pays you after a user fills out a registration form (meaning collecting of the potential clients’ personal information for future reference).

Payout rates for this model start from €8 at Webvork. And they can go up to €20 per lead!

Contact your personal manager to get a full list of offers that can work under CPL and find out all the upsides to this payout model.

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