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Smith Jasson from Chicago, Illinois

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Hello Folks, I am Smith Jasson from Chicago, Illinois; while browsing through different forums, I landed on "TopGoldForum." After looking at the buzzing community, I quickly sign up. I am writing my 1st post to introduce myself and wanted to catch with a few like-minded people to discuss marketing and tech vulnerability stuff.

I have been in the tech market for ten years. During that period, I learned a lot, not just about how marketing functions for b2b & b2c business, but also how mobile, web, and software applications designing and development works, and while working for one of the leading mobile solutions company I got a little interest in the mobile app development sector and tried a little to get my hand dirty, and I was good at it.

I don't have much experience in creating a mobile app from scratch. Still, if any of you is interested in learning this skill, I highly recommended our recently published article on "how to build mobile app in 2021 = https://bit.ly/3qKIOzD ," where we have covered everything from Ideation to mobile applications' coding structure.

Apart from being a tech enthusiast, I love to share my experience through contributing to various publications.

If you have any questions on B2B or B2C marketing & mobile, web, or software application design and development, feel free to ask here; I would love to help out and become a go-to place for many of you.

I am waiting for your questions to comment.

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