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How to Track WordPress Website User Activities?

Mary Martin

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For a website, user activities are needed to track and monitor. In WordPress site, there are plenty of WordPress plugins to enhance the online website. For tracking the user activities - I would like to suggest User Activity Log Pro WordPress plugin.

User Activity Log Pro adds loads and loads of security to your WordPress website. It is like footprints of all the users activity. This plugin track almost everything like when user logged in and logged out, what they changed with the settings panel, what pages and posts are updated, added or removed any plugins with the site and everything! 


You can generate any type of reports from User activity Log plugin. You can generate the report in html, csv, pdf and json format. It will display the username, email, role, IP address, country, user agent and the time when the user has done a particular activity.

Highlighted Features:

  • Custom Event Log
  • Display Activity
  • Multisite Networks Support
  • Search & Filters Option
  • Sorting Options
  • Email Notification
  • Password Security
  • Favorite / Unfavorite Log
  • Database Integration And Migration
  • User And Role Selection

You can view the backend demo here: https://bit.ly/3tbU0a9

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