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Define Session, Users And Pageviews.?


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Session:– In Google Analytics, a session is a gathering of connections that happen on your site inside a given date range. For instance a solitary session can contain site visits, social associations, occasions, and ecommerce exchanges.

Users:- In Google Analytics the clients are, that have had no less than one session inside chose date.

Page views:- In Google Analytics the site hits is the aggregate number of pages saw. Counting the rehashed perspectives of a solitary page.


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Hi Friends,

A user - is a person, user can have multiple sessions on your website during a long period of time.
Session - A session is a group of user interactions with your website that take place within a given time frame. For example a single session can contain multiple page views, events, social interactions, and ecommerce transactions. Learn more about the different request types in Analytics.
pageview - A pageview (or pageview hit, page tracking hit) is an instance of a page being loaded (or reloaded) in a browser. Pageviews is a metric defined as the total number of pages viewed.

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