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How do you think our competitors are doing and how can we face them?


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Hello Friends,

10 tips for an effective competitor 
1. Attend professional conferences
2. Analyze industry reports
3. Analyze your competitor’s website and SEO strategy
4. Define competitor’s social media marketing strengths and weaknesses
5. Analyze competitor’s content marketing strategy
6. Analyze competitor’s email marketing strategy
7. Conduct a survey among your competitor’s customers, suppliers, and employees
8. Hire your competitor
9. Analyze who your competitors hire and what they want from candidates
10. Ask your competitor whatever you want to know, directly

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Find out the list of their competitors, their marketing strategy and the overall market status.Find about the competitors’ ad strategies, their content gap, how you can fill the gap, etc. Figure out the strategies you can implement which help the business to face and outrank their competitors.

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