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What are the first steps you should take if your ads get disapproved for any reason?


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if your ad gets disapproved, Google will send you a notification mail mentioning that your ad has been disapproved. Then, based on the input Google AdWords gave, you can find out the reason for the disapproval. Then, based on your finding, you can work on fixing the issue. At the time, you may need to make the changes in your text copy and other times, you may need to make changes in both ad copy as well as the website.

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If your ad is disapproved below are steps to fix the ad: 
1. Find the ad or extension you want to fix on the "Ads and extensions" page.
2. In the status column you’ll see “Disapproved” or “Eligible (limited).”
3. Hover over the status to see the policy violation.
4. Click Read the policy under the disapproval reason to learn how to fix your ad.
5. Click the pencil icon Edit setting, pencil icon to edit your ad.
6. Edit the ad or extension so that it complies with the policy.
7. Click Save. Your ad will be automatically reviewed again. Check the ad’s status in the “Ads and extensions” page for updates.

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