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What will you do, for the company website you are working for, decides to move all the contents to a new domain?


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Hi Friends,

-Create a sitemap for your old domain.
-Create content (contact information, description of your company, indication of future plans) and something link worthy for the new domain.
-Set up the new domain and make it live.
-Register and verify your old domain and new domain with Google Webmaster Tools
-Create a custom 404 page for old domain which suggests visiting new domain.
-In a development environment, test the redirects from the old domain to the new domain. Ideally, this will be a 1:1 redirect. (http://www.example-old-site.com/cate...mustaches.html to http://www.example-new-site.com/cate...mustaches.html)
-301 redirect your old domain to your new domain.
-Submit your old sitemap to Google and Bing. The submission pages are within Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Center (This step will make the engines crawl your old URLs, see that they are 301 redirects and change their index accordingly.)
-Fill out the Change of Address form in Google Webmaster Tools.
-Create a new sitemap and submit it to the engines. (This will tell them about any new URLs that were not present on the old domain)
-Wait until Google Webmaster Tools updates and fix any errors it indicates in the Diagnostics section.
-Monitor search engine results to make sure new domain is being properly indexed.

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