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Egg Breaker: the Best Way to Crack An Egg

Egg breaker

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Egg breaker the best way to crack an egg. There is a great demand for eggs in the market. The egg breaker can quickly and easily complete all the early needs for eggs. The egg breaker machine is used for breaking and separating eggs. The egg breaker machine produced by our company uses the principles of physics to knock eggs, which can meet the needs of white and brown eggs.

Introduction of Egg Breaker Machine

This egg breaker machine is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is designed for breaking the eggs. This egg breaker machine not only can break but also separate the yolk from egg-white automatically.

Egg Breaker Machine Working Principles

1. It has a rotating round disc-type, and the processing speed is different according to the diameters of the disc.
2. Eggs are sent to the disk one by one by the conveyor chains by manual or semi-automatic chuck type, then eggs will be broken or the yolk and protein will be separated automatically.

Egg Breaker Machine Features

1. The equipment is made of SUS304 food-grade stainless steel, stable in quality. Easy maintenance, improve work efficiency, low labor cost-effectively.
2. The liquid egg processing line includes the egg feeding machine, egg candling machine, egg washing and drying machine, egg breaking &separating machine.
3. The machine has the function of separating egg yolk and egg white, and a filter device is installed before entering the egg liquid collection bucket to ensure that there is no eggshell debris in the egg liquid.
4. The transmission device is equipped with an overload clutch, the equipment will stop working under the operator’s misoperation or external force, and the equipment will work automatically after the correct operation and the elimination of external force.

Technical Parameters of Egg Breaker Machine

We mainly have five capacities of egg breaker machine for choose: 4000eggs/h,8000eggs/h,10000eggs/h,24000eggs/h,40000eggs/h. We also offer a professional eggshell and liquid separating machine for you.

Egg Breaker Machine Applications
Egg Breaker Machine is widely used in egg powder processing factory, egg processing factory, cake factory, bakery, western-style food restaurant, ice cream producing factory, and other egg processing factories related to egg liquid separation.

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