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Egg Processing Machine: Egg Grading Machine

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One of the egg processing machines is the egg grading machine, which can meet various needs for egg production.

The domestic egg quality and size grading packaging production line adopt single-row weighing quality, which can only improve the quality and grading efficiency from increasing the conveying speed, but the quality accuracy of the high-speed weighing is poor, and the damage rate is also greatly increased; using multi-row weighing and multi-row grading Packaging, due to the high level of egg packaging, it is difficult to achieve space interference. The technology of multi-row weighing to single-row grading has obvious advantages over general classifiers.

Egg Grading Machine is an important part of the egg processing machinery, it can not only meet the production needs but also meet the various needs of egg production.


Egg grading machine: weighing and grading equipment-the conveyor system sends the eggs into the weighing system. According to the weight of the eggs and the pre-set egg weight level, the robot will sort the eggs into different areas. Equipment of various specifications can be adapted to the needs of chicken farms/hatchers of various sizes.

Equipment function

The egg grading machine can automatically distribute the eggs to different collection baskets according to the weight of the eggs. It has the characteristics of reliable performance, convenient operation, high efficiency, and the eggs are not easily broken during the grading process.

Eggshell quality index

Eggshell quality indicators can be divided into three categories: quality indicators, external quality indicators, and internal quality indicators.

Quality Index

Weight is the most intuitive and commonly used eggshell grading index. Most of the graded eggs sold in the market are graded by weight. The weight of ordinary eggs is generally between 45 and 65 g.

External quality index of eggshell

The external quality index of the eggshell is a quality index formulated for the definition and description of the apparent external characteristics of the eggshell, mainly including egg shape, cleanliness, and eggshell damage. External quality indicators can directly reflect the quality of eggshells and are the main basis for purchasing fresh eggs.

Egg shape

The egg shape is used to reflect the degree of regularity of the eggshell shape, and a regular ellipse is generally the standard. The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires that edible eggs of grade A and above have regular shapes, and grade B eggs are allowed to be slightly deformed.


Cleanliness is judged by the presence or absence of stains on the eggshell and the size of the stained area. The stains on the eggshell will not only affect the quality of the shell egg but also greatly reduce consumers’ desire to buy. The United States Department of Agriculture requires that all eggs entering the market must be cleaned and sterilized, and the shells are clean and free of stains.


The size of the cracks on the eggshell and the presence or absence of liquid leakage reflect the degree of damage to the egg. The damage of the eggshell will cause bacteria to enter, which directly affects the shelf life and edibility of the egg. Both the United States and my country require that the packaged eggs on the market are not damaged.

The above is the introduction of the egg grading machine, one of the egg processing machines. Friends who want to know about the egg grading machine can read it carefully!

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