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Liquid Egg Processing Plants: Improve Egg Hygiene and Safety

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Liquid egg processing plants use very frequently, and attention to the hygiene and safety of Liquid egg processing plants is becoming more and more important. This article introduces how to improve egg hygiene and the safety of Liquid egg processing plants.

Liquid egg processing plants can perfectly separate Liquid eggs. Liquid eggs generally use eggs as raw materials and are an important type of product in egg products. “Liquid eggs” are usually taken from shell eggs that have been disinfected and kept fresh, and they must be pasteurized when taken out. In the food industry, the liquid egg is processed egg liquid is mostly used.

Liquid egg processing plants: Improve egg hygiene and safety

Liquid eggs are rich in protein with high nutritional value. The protein content is 11-13%, and the digestibility of liquid eggs is as high as 99.6%. The amino acid content is also relatively balanced, which is suitable for human needs and is the most ideal high-quality protein in natural foods. It can also extract lysozyme from the protein solution, separate avidin, and extract active peptides.

Liquid egg processing plants can be roughly divided into two categories: one is the cooperation between the liquid egg processing factory and the farmers, and the egg source is provided by the cooperative farmers; the other is the liquid egg processing factory and the breeding farm in the same area. The raw eggs used for processing are mainly derived from the self-sufficiency of the site. This type of processing plant makes full use of the secondary products whose appearance does not meet the “shell egg” standard after shell egg grading and screening.

One of the key technologies for liquid egg production is the sterilization technology of egg liquid. Because the thermal coagulation temperature of the protein in poultry eggs is relatively low, as long as a little heating or heat treatment, the protein in the protein will be denatured and the properties of the protein will be changed. Therefore, the ovalbumin adaptive sterilization technology is particularly important. Only after sterilization, the egg liquid can still maintain the quality of fresh eggs and become a real liquid egg.

Liquid eggs can effectively solve the problems of fragile, difficult to transport, and difficult to store fresh eggs; it can effectively avoid the pollution of eggshells, and is conducive to centralized processing and utilization of eggshells and egg residual liquid; it meets food safety requirements and can effectively solve the problem of fresh eggs. The hidden dangers of egg salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria; it is a new type of liquid egg food popular in many foreign markets.

At present, in addition to manual egg beating in several small factories, most of the liquid egg processing plants use mechanical egg beating, which saves labor costs and enables egg products to have safer and sanitary conditions.

In addition to liquid fresh eggs, there are already liquid egg products prepared with different ingredients, which are specially used for cooking dishes and baking. As an important ingredient of food, liquid eggs have formed a special industry.|


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