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Egg breaker

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Egg Breaking Machine Introduction

Egg breaking machine is used for breaking and separating eggs. The egg breaking machine produced by our company uses the principles of physics to knock eggs, which can meet the needs of white and brown eggs.
We mainly have five capacities of egg breaking machine for choose: 4000eggs/h,8000eggs/h,10000eggs/h,24000eggs/h,40000eggs/h. We also offer a professional eggshell and liquid separating machine for you.

Egg Breaking Machine Features

1. The equipment is made of SUS304 food-grade stainless steel, stable in quality. Easy maintenance, improve the work efficiency, low the labor cost-effectively.
2. The liquid egg processing line includes the egg feeding machine, egg candling machine, egg washing and drying machine, egg breaking & separating machine.
3. The machine has the function of separating egg yolk and egg white, and a filter device is installed before entering the egg liquid collection bucket to ensure that there is no eggshell debris in the egg liquid.
4. The transmission device is equipped with an overload clutch, the equipment will stop working under the operator's misoperation or external force, and the equipment will work automatically after the correct operation and the elimination of external force.

Components of the Egg Breaking Machine

1. Water tank egg loading
2.Cleaning /drying (Optional)
3.Egg breaking machine

How Does Egg Breaking Machine Break Eggs?

* After the eggs in the egg clip are knocked by metal, the lower part of the egg opens, and the egg liquid falls into the egg tray. The automatic knocker can satisfy the requirements of knocking white and red eggs. The egg juice yield is not less than 85%. The success rate of catching eggs with claws is not less than 99%.
* After knocking eggs, the eggshell stays at least 5 seconds above the eggshell collection tray to ensure that the liquid enters the collection tray to the maximum extent. Egg breaker and egg liquid collecting device are exposed in space for easy cleaning.

Egg Breaking Machine Application

This Eggs Breaking and Separating Machine is widely used in bakery, eggs powder factory, liquid egg processing factories, food-related with egg liquid factory, etc.


Fully Automatic Egg Breaking Machine

Dinneregg is a worldwide top egg breaking machine maker. Eggs are delicate and needs to be broken with caution. Afterwards, the yolk has to be split for some industries and most importantly, no eggshells may end up in the finished product. By obtaining your company the egg breaking machine it lacks right now.
If you acquire a system on which you're dependent, it's crucial that repairs and maintenance are performed with speed and precision. Dinneregg is not just a producer of egg breaking machines, but also provides outstanding service. By doing our routine checks and maintenance, we guarantee that your high-end machine keeps delivering high end outcomes.
Any firm that works with eggs, whether it concerns a restaurant or egg processing plant, understands how important it is that there are no eggshells within the finished product. This is realised by obtaining an egg breaking machine to your organization. The machine sorts egg of the exact same dimensions and then closely brakes them. If necessary, you can put the machine to save the egg or the egg yolk. Check our product range to navigate the machines we have available.

Fully Automatic Egg Breaker Machine




Egg breaking machine.jpg

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