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Are there any SEO tools that can automate back-links?


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You need tools to research sites backlink profiles. These tools crawl the web and build a database of raw data about backlinks.


Each tool provides, at minimum, the ability to lookup a list of all the pages linking to a URL or domain, and some include detailed information about each link’s anchor text, type (text or image), follow status, authority for the linking page, and in some cases the ability to group, sort, search, and filter the results.


Majestic SEO: A well-regarded index of link data with information about anchor text, authority, Class C IPs, and relevance, not to mention good sorting and filtering. My only complaint is that their pricing and user-interface is a bit confusing.

Open Site Explorer: A very user-friendly tool with anchor text data, follow status, and authority. The only downside is the index may miss some links in the “deep web.”

Yahoo Site Explorer: Known for being relative fast to find new links (other indexes are updated monthly), but very limited because it can only return 1,000 links per page or domain and offers no “extra” data such as follow status or filtering capabilities. But it’s free! Yahoo also offers an API (Yahoo BOSS), which according to many, is more current than the Site Explorer website.

Google: Yes, their “link:” operator leaves much to be desired, but just because it’s incomplete doesn’t mean it’s useless.

Blekko: This new search engine offers tons of free backlink data available from a very deep index.

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Dont use Automate backlinks because its come under Black hat SEO. Automate backlinks is easily detected by google Panda and Penguin's search algorithms. So make your content pure and informative for your visitors and increase the trust level of your site means you are giving them a good quality content. If your content is helpful then you get backlinks automatically from other webistes. Be patient and update the content full of information daily for the users…

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You need to follow Google Guidelines and improve your website exposure by following natural ways rather than software backlinks.

Just imagine how many similar links created with any crappy automated backlinks software or private network. At some point they all will collapse as we have seen with the Google's updates.

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