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How to get automatic Instagram likes?

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Automatic Instagram likes are likes from software or Instagram tools that will add likes to your posts as soon as you publish the post. However, there are some challenges to automatic Instagram likes that I would mention here: 

Problems to get automatic Instagram likes 

You can use any tools to get Instagram likes, but it better you grow your account instead of getting that likes. 

I believe if you get thousands of likes, with no comments, or followers, it could be a waste of time and money. So better to get more real and engaged followers, first. Then, they would engage in your posts naturally, and your likes, comments, followers would grow by each other. 

  • Likes should be by the number of followers 
  • Likes and comments could be related 
  • Likes and views are related 
  • Story views and followers are related 

So, even if you get thousands of likes, users can get that is fake or not natural if they look at the number of followers, comments, video views, or previous posts. 

Using Instagram bot tools would help you to grow the account and get more engagement. The environment of dashboard looks like the picture below:

Automatic Instagram likes, comments, followers

To get more likes on Instagram: 

You can use Instazood tools to grow the Instagram account. 

  1. Go to Instazood main page 
  2. Sign up to the Instazood dashboard 
  3. Add your Instagram account 
  4. Once you complete the adding report, get a barcode beside the account you added 
  5. Download social bridge app for Android (you can download the proxy too)
  6. Add the barcode into the social bridge 
  7. Determine the speed 
  8. Keep the screen on and let the tools operate Instagram actions 
Automatic Instagram likes app

As soon as you lock the screen, the bot would stop Instagram actions. The instazood Instagram bot is smart and mimics human behaviors. You cannot do Instagram activities with the locked screen. Therefore, the screen should be on while the bot is working. 

To make it easy, you can run the Instagram bot while you are sleeping, and when you do not need the phone. 

While the app is working and following others on Instagram, naturally, the number of profile visits and likes, comments on your posts will be increased. 


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