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What are the new "Black Hat SEO" trends that Google has trouble detecting and penalizing?


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I still think they are very bad in recognising PBN links and so called crowd marketing links for many many matters out there, and if you want to make it clear - you really should do that. I do not see how it will be done with them.... people artificate it really.

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Hi Friends,

  • Negative SEO – Falsely Reporting Your Competitors to Get Them Penalized
  • TrackBack Spam – Improperly Use the TrackBack Feature to Get Visitors on Your Site
  • Referrer Spam – Polluting a Site with Fake Statistical Data as a Result of Referral Spam Technique
  • Social Network Spam – Sending an Enormous List of Irrelevant Links in the Social Network
  • Mirror Sites – Designing Mirror Sites to Increase Your Rankings
  • Private Blog Networks – Creating Blogs to Generate Link Juice
  • Typosquatting or URL Hijacking – Putting Your Reputation and Brand at Risk of Facing Cybercrime by Using Typosquatting or URL Hijacking
  • Toxic Sites – Having Links on Toxic Sites Hurts Your Link Profile
  • Parasite Hosting – Setting up a Parasite Hosting to Take Advantage of the Authoritative Domains from Google
  • Google Bombing – Influencing the Rank of a Page by Artificially Increasing the Number of Pages That Link to It and the Anchor Texts Used
  • Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages – Using Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages to Rank Higher in SERP
  • Rich Snippet Markup Spam – Creating Irrelevant Rich Snippets Markup
  • Automated Google Queries – Sending Automated Google Queries
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