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What’s the most important factor in an SEO campaign?


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Below is the list of important factors in SEO campaign:

1. Backlinks

2. Content quality

3. Content length

4. Backlinks relevancy and authority

5. Backlinks Variety

6. Anchor Text Distribution

7. Content Updates

8. Ads above the folds

9. Sponsored Links

10. Outbound links to low quality or penalized websites

11. Auto-generated content

12. Duplicate content

13. Website loading speed

14. Number of comments per post

15. Backlinks loss

16. Backlinks IP location & TLD

17. Most linked pages

18. Title Tag

19. Meta Description

20. Number of total pages on your website

21. SSL Certificate

22. Unnatural backlinks built

23. Sitemap

24. Internal Linking

25. Bounce rate and average time per visit

26. Affiliate links

27. Site uptime

28. HTML errors and coding problems

29. Use H1, H2, and H3 tags

30. Over-optimizing anything

31. Image Optimization

32. Broken links

33. Bullets and numbered lists

34. Breadcrumb and categories

35. Domain History

36. Each match domains

37. Grammar and spelling

38. "Contact us" and "About us" pages

39. URL's Length

40. Terms of services and privacy pages

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the most important factor in an SEO campaign

Duplicate content.

Website loading speed.

Number of comments per post.

Backlinks loss.

Backlinks IP location & TLD.

Most linked pages.

Title Tag.

Meta Description


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