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What is a Disavow Link? How to Disavow a link from your website?


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Go to “Configure my site” and then select “Disavow Links.” Within the Disavow Links tool, use the drop-down menu to indicate that you are disavowing a page, directory, or domain URL. Enter the URL you want to disavow and click “Disavow.”


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In this globalized and intricate generation of internet, there are many harmful or irrelevant sites that could have a negative impact on your site's SEO if it had a backlink from them. To restrict this, these links are Disavowed, i.e. remove as your site backlink.

To Disavow a link from your website:
Go to Google Search Console and log in
Under the dropdown menu, select the Domain for which you have to disavow links
Click on “Disavow Links”
Click “Choose File”
Upload the list of URLs or domains you need to disavow in a .txt format

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