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What are the main things to consider in an SEO Audit?


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Hello Friends,

Based on the webmaster’s requirements, each website could have different SEO tactics that would cover multiple aspects. As a thumb rule, SEO Experts should cover all these things in a basic SEO Audit to cover a wide range of webmasters such as:

Tech Stack Analysis with Compatibility
Accessibility and Indexability to Search Engines
On-Page SEO analysis
Content structure and analysis
Metadata inspection
Page / site structuring keeping UI/UX in mind
Off-Page analysis including link building techniques
Anchor text diversity in different Silo structures
Referring domains
Competitive analysis and keyword research
SERP Rankings


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  • Title Tags. Your title tags tell Google what your pages are about, and they are one of the most important SEO factors. ...
  • Meta Descriptions. ...
  • Header Tags (h1, h2, h3) ...
  • Website Copy. ...
  • Website Structure. ...
  • Canonicalization. ...
  • URL Structure. ...
  • Image Optimization.
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