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What is keyword effectiveness index?


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Hi friends,

Keyword Effectiveness:

1.keyword Effectiveness is a mathematical calculation of the "effectiveness" of any "keyword" .

2. KEI is a ratio between Number of Results(pages) & Number of Searchers.

3.KEI is a measure which dictates ,how effective a keyword is for any website.

4.you can use several Tools for KEI.Normaly you can calculate also by search result & number of search results.

5.Its range is 0-100.The higher the KEI , the better chance you have of getting to the top of a search result.

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KEI is a frequently used term by Search Engine Optimization companies and stands for “keyword effectiveness index” or “keyword efficiency index”. If you are doing SEO for yourself or you are outsourcing your SEO you probably have heard of this term or saw it in one of the SEO keyword research or keyword ranking reports your company has send you. We will explain here what KEI means and hor you can use it to find keywords with low competition which will enable you to rank more easily in the search engines and also to find keyword niches for which you can build profitable affiliate web sites.

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