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How do you get more retweets?


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On 2/13/2020 at 12:04 PM, ritesh3592 said:

Here are my top tips in getting more retweets on Twitter

-Share original content
-Be unique
-Engage with people
-React immediately
-Give the people what they want
-Retweet others
-Use hashtags
-Tweet a lot

If @OP will keep these tips in mind, he will really get help in increasing retweets

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Here are the 5 most useful ways you can get more retweets o twitter:

  • Tweet at the right time. Casting your tweets at the right time is perhaps the most important factor of all. ...
  • Ask for it. ...
  • Tweet links. ...
  • Send out retweets more often than you promote your own tweets. ...
  • Avoid idle chit-chat or tweets about daily activities. ...
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