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Friends, we have great news! There is a decent offer for a promising GEO - Brazil!


Brazino777 - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1489

can disperse any frosts with his HOT conditions:

Bet and paid goal: 55$ per minimum deposit

Geo: Brazil

Minimum deposit: 10 BRL / 5USD / 5EUR

Test limit: 20 fd


Features: quick registration, full localization and availability of local payment systems, pleasant design.


We recommend you to generate traffic using mobile apps. Free Android/iOS apps are available, you can get the app and share your accounts via the @GamblingProTGB_bot.


If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


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A guide to the world of Apps

Hi there! In our cases and manuals, we have already repeatedly talked about applications, and today Maxim Gambling.pro (@GamblingProMax) has prepared for you an exhaustive guide to apps, in which he collected all the information about what apps are, how to work with them and why...


Let's start with what should always be with you:


1. https://gambling.pro/case - all cases and manuals of our team ?


2. @Gemblingpro is a Telegram channel that publishes only the most useful news, cases, manuals, videos and all the most useful info without spam; subscribe to miss not anything ?


We try to respond with content to the questions that we are asked, and therefore we have both thematic and related articles. You can find everything you want, not just articles about gambling ?


The preface is behind, let's talk about what an app is.


The app is a substance uploaded to Google Play or iTunes ?


Here is an example of a gambling app in the store:


There are 2 types of app (mainly):


1) Webview — is an application that is essentially a browser and opens any link, in our case, a stream (product / offer) link.

In other words, the user downloads the application, a browser opens inside it with a link (for example, a stream link), and the user just uses the mobile version of the casino through our application. (The browser is not in the usual sense, the url is not visible, you cannot go anywhere). The user downloads the app, clicks start and sees this:




Vulkan opened because I put the Vulkan link in the app ?


Webviews live on average 14 days. ps In 99% of cases, they use webview ?


2) Native (native) — is an app that is a product in itself; the product in it cannot be changed, the product often doesn’t exist out of the application.


One of the advantages is that, since the product is already implemented in the app, there is no need to register, the user is simply assigned via the device ID. That gives us a big conversion, there is no click2reg, there is only click2dep: minus step = more profit


It looks like this:






+ such apps live very long, about a year. But such apps are sooo rare.


How do you get started with the application? Applications can only lead traffic from FB, due to technical limitations, but why? What will happen if we take an app and try to generate traffic from push notifications, clickunder, and other sources?


You can direct to a link from anywhere, but we cloak through a deeplink and through it we understand from which of the weber the traffic is coming, and if you lead to a link, then you will fill the “common pot”.


*There are options for sending traffic to a link, but they are not suitable for everyone; if you have experience and volume, then this is quite practicable ?


So, to start leading to the application, it must appear on your FB, and for this you need to share the application to your FB advertising account. How to do it?


  1. First of all, you must send a stream link, which we must put in the app; this link will be triggered every time the user launches the application.


  1. You need to inform the ID of the ad account




FB will open a link to the application; after that it will appear here:




In the dropdown menu, just click on the field and select the app.


That's it, just 2 points and the application is ready to generate traffic. Important! After the add appears in the FB account, you need to make sure that the traffic is coming from you:


How do we understand that conversions are coming from you? There are 2 main options to track the source of conversion: deeplinks or a specific campaign name.


In the first case, you will receive a deeplink, by which we can understand that the traffic is coming from you. Statistics will go to the affiliate program ?


In the second case, you name the advertising campaign in a certain way. In this case, statistics will not get into the affiliate program, this is impossible, but you can always request this statistics from your personal manager. This method is used for native applications, here it is rather just for deepening knowledge ?


You get both the deeplink and the title after the app is shared with you.


Frequently asked Questions:


  1. Do I need to cloak apps? — No, FB does not care what the application looks like, the application is moderated by Google Play. We cloak under Google Play ourselves.


  1. Can I share multiple accounts? — Yes, you can link exactly as many accounts to the same application as you need.


  1. Does the deeplink or ad campaign name change depending on the account? — No, the deeplink / name is assigned to you as to the web, it is yours.


  1. Can you lead to a link? (In case you plan to use a pre-land) — No, applications on FB are always uploaded, there are other options, but the meaning of activity disappears ?


  1. Will the video pass? — Almost all videos go through; if they are banned, then for the description. (do not use nudity, money and foul language)


Good luck and profitable advertising campaigns in FB!

If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755

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Manual: How to make a profit for an install. Part 2


Before the changes in FB, we wrote the first part of the manual on how to generate income from traffic generation for installing applications. Now the price of the installation has changed, therefore, the approach of work needs to be changed. This will be the second part of the manual.


To get the most out of your reading, you need to read and understand the first part of the manual.


Payback of traffic. Traffic generation strategy.


The first paragraph is devoted to the ROI of the advertiser's traffic. If the advertiser is good, then we will be good.


We generate traffic with pay per install, but the installs do not bring the advertiser, he is more interested in how much money was brought to the casino. This is the Revenue parameter — one of the main indicators that we focus on. When we generate traffic to an install, we do our best to increase Revenue — the higher the value, the greater the chance that we’ll be paid for the install. Our payout (KPI) is based on Retention Rate (RR), why are we thinking more about Revenue? Here's an example:


There are guys that generate for installs and RR they have 10%. By all logic, they should have received half of the payment, but they receive it in full (not cut off), why? Because they have good Revenue, and the advertiser kind of turns a blind eye to RR. In fact, the advertiser is less interested in how many people logged in on the second day (RRday2) if the users fund their accounts well on the first day.


How to understand that an advertiser will not pay attention to RR when paying? There is an ARPU indicator, which is a derivative of the Revenue indicator. ARPU is income per install (Revenue / amount of installs) — it's easy to see and accurately reflects the quality of work. If ARPU is $3+ at the time of verification, then with a probability of 99% your RR willn’t be watched, and the rate willn’t suffer. At the time of reconciliation — this is Monday, they compare the week before last, it is she who should have ARPU $3+ by the time of reconciliation. This is more than achievable:




The main thing is to generate high-quality traffic, albeit at the start your pays be zero, but if you keep the quality level, then in a couple of days your rate will be raised. (There are guys whose rate are $6).




You need to optimize and duplicate adsets. Do not confuse an expensive and high-quality installation. Launching 1 adset with an installation price of $10 does not guarantee high quality ? Generating traffic in FB is always a struggle for the price of an install / click. An example of optimization is in the first part of the manual.


Targeting tips


Select a solvent audience, men 24+ without specifying interests (in fact, you can specify interests, but this can have an unpleasant effect on the price). It is highly desirable to create creatives without motive and emphasis on earning money; you can request examples of creatives from your personal manager.




We have described one of the ways to generate traffic for a high-quality install with a price of $2.5-3.5 and get $4. Only $1 profit from 1k installs per day sounds very nice ? And your KPI, if the quality is maintained, will remain constant.


If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755


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We would like to present you a new offer on Gambling.pro - Luckydays. While Russia has problems with payment systems, we offer you to test Europe with excellent payment for mindep.


Luckydays- https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1493

Bid and paid goal: 150$ per mindep

Geo: Germany Netherlands Austria Ireland 

Minimum Deposit: 20 euros

Test limit: 20 fd


Features: full localization and payment systems, nice welcome bonuses for players, rate increase after successful traffic generation


We recommend you to generate traffic using mobile apps. Free Android/iOS apps are available, you can get the app and share your accounts via the @GamblingProTGB_bot.


If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755

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Good afternoon

We want to share with you an offer for a new and very promising GEO - Wildtornado Slovenia!


Wildtornado - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1566

Bid and paid goal: 75$ per mindep

Geo: Slovenia

Minimum Deposit: 10 euros

Test limit: 20 fd



Quick registration form!

Support different currencies and payment systems!

Numerous bonuses!

Huge selection of games of all popular genres!


We recommend you to generate traffic using mobile apps. Free Android/iOS apps are available, you can get the app and share your accounts via the @GamblingProTGB_bot.


If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755


Wish you high ROI!

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Arbitrage Team: Together We Are Power!


It's no secret that our CPA network Gambling.pro has its own team. These are professional affiliate marketers who, like you, work with offers, test different approaches and geo, farm accounts and upload apps to the store.


Our team has existed for several years and its work is maximally coordinated. If we imagine for a second that there is no team, and each of us works alone, could we achieve the result that we have now?


Definitely not. That is why we decided to devote this article to the advantages of teamwork and talk about them in detail. Perhaps this article will change your attitude to work, and possibly improve your life))




To begin with, we all understand that any arbitrage is not a story about easy money in 5 minutes. We always say this to everyone who wants to start. “Explain to me in 30 minutes what to do here” — this isn’t about traffic arbitrage. That's for sure! If you have just started, or have been working for a long time, or if you are a real TOP, then you perfectly understand that arbitrage is sleepless nights, in the literal sense of the word. Here you and smm, and content creation, and the basics of programming, and the ability to use different services, functions and applications that we use every day. Creatives are a separate segment of work.


Of course, it's very cool if you can do everything without delegating your work to anyone. But now imagine the situation that you are the best at setting up Advertising Campaigns, farming accounts, anything else, but with creatives you are not very good. The first plus of teamwork becomes clear.


  1. Teamwork — is a great opportunity to distribute your strength. If you are in the company of people, each of whom is a professional in their field, or you have assembled such a team, this is the height of luck! Someone will quickly create advertising offices, someone will maintain pages on Insta, negotiate advertising, deal with everything related to social networks, someone else will edit videos, edit photos and make the best visual content.


  1. So we got to the second point. Sharing forces — is the best way to save time. Working together with several professionals, you don't waste time switching between tasks. In fact, you put some task that you are doing on the stream. Thus, your speed increases, and therefore you can swing the volume of your work exponentially.


  1. The quality of the tasks is improved. Think about it: everyone does what they do best. No explanation is required here.


  1. Ability to discuss and share thoughts. When working with someone, there is always an opportunity to generate fresh ideas. Today you come up with something new, tomorrow your inspiration has fallen asleep, but the work will not rise, because there are several like-minded people next to you, who will also come up with cool ideas. It's also great to have brainstorming sessions — it's an opportunity not just to come up with an approach, but to make it the best.


  1. Shared goals and desires. Of course, we are talking about examples of successful teams. Nothing motivates you to work more than a clearly set goal that you need to go to no matter what. If you have the same motivated people next to you, then you will definitely achieve your goal and faster than working alone.




Of course, there are disadvantages to teamwork. The main one — it’s difficult to assemble the perfect team. The people with whom you will work should have common ambitions, goals, desires and performance. You have to work hard to find the right people.


Trust is a very important aspect of working together. Trust is not just the assurance that your coworker will not steal your work, but trust in life. If you doubt the adequacy of your coworker, then nothing good will come of it. Over time, suspicions will turn into reproaches, which will affect the quality of work, etc.


At the head of the team there should always be a leader, a person who will be the “neck for the head”, who will turn everyone else in the right direction. It cannot be otherwise. If there is no leader, and the participants decide to be on an equal footing, then at some point one will decide to rest and the rest will follow him. A leader is not someone who goes over their heads and yells at colleagues. First of all, a leader can find the right words to motivate and inspire the team, as well as customize work processes, making productivity a key parameter. At some point, when it becomes very clear that like-minded people are working shoulder to shoulder, control over each of them will weaken, and the atmosphere in the team will become pleasant.


Teamwork must be strictly standardized. The fact that you don't have a boss, and the fact that you've come together on a volunteer basis does not absolve the team from the fact that your work day should begin and end at a specific agreed time. Otherwise, the team will not earn anything and the participants will simply let each other down.


Well, one more question worth mentioning is financial risks. You yourself stipulate who and how much invests in the project, but in advance you need to stipulate a possible negative outcome of events.


If you take all possible problems and correctly bypass them, then the result will not be long in coming. You can't be afraid to work together, you have to try. Don't be afraid to leave the team if you understand that this is not yours. Know that the team is a second family, with their joys and sorrows, jokes and problems. A team is people who willn’t leave you to fend for themselves if you have problems with your advertising office; you’ll be supported and helped. In general, the team is your friends, with whom you look in the same direction and go towards a common goal.


If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-10024146510375



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Should I go or not? Why conferences are useful and why do we attend them


Every September, the season for the autumn conferences begins. Someone is waiting for them, and someone avoids, some love, and others - not very much. And we want to tell you why we go to conferences.



We will consider several options for participation in the conference — there is a definite difference in what capacity you participate — as a participant or as a speaker.

Option one - you are just a visitor


1. A thematic conference is a concentration of people who are doing the same thing as you. Some are already successful, some are not yet, but one way or another, your path in arbitration is similar. You will definitely have something to share with each other. Of course, no one is going to share with you lucrative work ideas (while you are not drunk :)), but you can discuss trends and possible direction of development - this is already a lot.


2. You’ll see all the major market players. Within the framework of the conference, on one large platform, you will see all those CPA networks that you hear a lot about, but may not have seen them yet. You can come up, get to know the representatives, find out in what area and under what conditions they work. Of course, you can do all this remotely. For example, our affiliates respond daily to at least 40-50 welcome messages from those webmasters who have not worked with us before, and may not work, but they want to know about us. And that's why Maxim and Stas talk about: affiliate program, offers, how to register and so on. Just think about how long it takes you to decide who to work with. And at a conference in 1 day you collect as much information as in another case you would have collected in a week, and maybe more. Well, then, you must admit, if you are already working, then it is always nice to meet personally the one with whom you communicate so much time in Telegram))


3. If suddenly we are read by representatives of other CPA networks, then this point is for you) Give your employees the opportunity to go to the conference, even if they will not work at the stand. What for? You will meet all the major market players. Someone will call them competitors, we call them colleagues. So, you need to know your colleagues personally. Come and meet. You will be able to assess the potential of other market participants, think about what they are capable of. By assessing the strengths and weaknesses of other companies, you can better navigate your own strengths and weaknesses, you can find your way faster and be more productive.


4. The next item is again for everyone. Use conferences as an entry point into a professional environment. Have you just started working in an affiliate program, or are you a beginner? It doesn't matter, just come to the conference and you will immediately understand the trends in the market and how best to get started. Of course, you should already have theoretical knowledge. Just so that you understand who is talking about what. You can get all the useful information when communicating with different participants in the event. Of course, reports are a useful and integral part of the event. But it is important to understand that a case is not an instruction manual, it is just the practice of a specific person. At the conference, as a rule, they talk about something fresh, but before starting work, anyway - analyze the speaker's approach and adjust the proposed practice to your own realities.


5. All the main party-goers of "our world" gather at conferences. It is difficult to fit into your circle and certainly not the first time. They do not arrive at 10 am and do not queue at the entrance. They come in imposingly, slowly, maybe even after dinner, closer to the after party. But you can still get to know them. Understand who is who and why this person is popular. It is even possible to get hold of his contact if you understand why you need it and how you can use it.


6. Afterparty and preparty are also important components of conferences. What is the advantage of this format? This is not a format))). That is, everyone hangs out together, socializes, drinks, discusses work and more. If you are faced with a question — go to a party or not — definitely go. Sometimes you can learn even more at it than at the conference itself.


7. And one more important point. Most likely, after the conference you will be tired, you will sleep off, digest all the information received. But keep in mind, events of this format are an incredible charge of emotions, inspiration, this is a huge amount of memories until the next conference season.


If you want but are afraid to become a speaker. Who can be a speaker at all? any person who has something to tell about their work. If you have a story to tell but are shy, afraid, unsure of yourself, or have some other reason to avoid speaking at a conference, then here are some reasons why you shouldn't.




1. Being a speaker is a great opportunity to advertise your brand. If you lead a team, some useful service for work, or a cpa network, your presentation can attract a large audience.


2. You build trust in the market. They start to treat you more loyal. Everything that is unknown is scary. And now you have become famous. You are now taken into account both by fellow competitors and potential partners-clients.


3. There are several iconic conferences at which it is important and necessary to be a speaker. This will indicate that you have reached a certain level of trust, most likely, it is not you who volunteers to give a report, but you are invited. So if you are invited - do not refuse.


4. Keep in mind that any preparation for a performance is, first of all, a systematization of your own experience. You prepare, you remember all your achievements, approaches, successful and not so successful. You make a presentation and outline what you will say. It is very important. Most likely, you do not conduct such analysis on a regular basis, but in preparation for the report, you will be able to analyze the results of your work and understand how best to present them.


5. Both for speakers and for ordinary participants, conference — this is an opportunity to always be aware of the latest information at a professional level. You listen, you speak. You can share your opinion on the development of the industry. You can share ideas and test hypotheses for strength. In some situations, the report can become a bomb that will simply blow the minds of the audience, turning the market upside down.


6. And of course, the practice of public speaking is something that many are very afraid of and at the same time expect. If you work in our industry, you already understand how important it is to be able to use your speech. Speaking in front of a large audience provides an opportunity to develop negotiation skills. And this has a positive effect on the successful construction of your own business.


Today, almost every professional field has its own thematic conferences, and ours is no exception. It is these events that very cool and quickly push us and all our work forward, develop the market in which we all work. There are a lot of advantages of participation in any format, you just need to concentrate and know why you are going.

If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-10024146510375

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Facebook Chatbot: Cheap Tool to Increase Conversions


Facebook Chatbot is the new super strategy for driving quality leads.


This tutorial will show you how to take advantage of your existing mailing list using a messenger bot.


step 1


First of all, think about what can bring you leads. For example, you could give some bonus / discount to all Facebook users who comment on your giveaway post, or give them access to sites or pages.


step 2



Register here https://chatfuel.com/ with your Facebook account. Create a new bot, go to the CONFIGURE tab. Here you can connect the bot to the Facebook group page you need.


(you must have admin rights for this group)


Step 3




Once you connect the chatbot to your page, go to the GROW tab. Click ADD RULE in the “Acquire users from comments” module. Leave all the options at the default for now, because you will need to get the url of your specific post after it is posted on your page.


(Important: you can select “Comments matching a rule” so that the bot will only respond if the user leaves a comment with specific keywords.


However, we recommend that you select “All comments” in order not to lose a single lead if the person wrote a comment with grammatical errors.)


In the “REPLY WITH” box, enter the first message to which the bot replies to the user's comment.


Step 4


It is very important to ask users to re-type the keyword in the REPLY WITH window (a new one, or the same), because Facebook asks to confirm their request.


We have to tell our bot how to respond to users who entered a keyword.




Go to the SET UP tab, click on ADD AI RULE. In the left field, enter your keyword again, and in the right field, change the tab from TEXT to BLOCK and create a new block.


Now you've created a conversion funnel for your users.


Step 5



Go back to the AUTOMATE tab, find the new block you just created. In this case, you've created a rudimentary conversion funnel. We ask the user for his e-mail address, as soon as the user confirms it, we send him a promotional code for a bonus / discount, in our case, to access a page.


Step 6 (Optional)




Set up recurring trigger messages for users. For example, if a user did not go through the funnel to the end and did not receive his coupon, which means he did not confirm his mail, then after a while he will receive a reminder message.


Step 7


Testing! Go to Facebook and go through all the steps that your user should do from start to finish.




(Important! Make sure you are logged in from your personal page, not from the group page)




That's all it takes for a chatbot to generate leads for you. Using Facebook bots is a fairly new and ingenious approach that will help you stay on top of Facebook's aggressive and hyper-competitive marketing environment.


If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755

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Mini-manual: How to use spyservices correctly




We have previously described “How to download a creative directly from Instagram”. The manual works if an interesting creative has been targeted for you, or you just search for them this way.


Today we are going to tell you about the second way to find creatives - using spy services! There are many different options, they differ mainly in geo, sites and placements.


But they are all almost identical ? If you have mastered one, then you have mastered everything ? The main thing is to understand the principle of work) In this article we will focus your attention on one of the most popular spy services - Publer.pro for searching for ideas in the Russian Federation and CIS...


Now let's imagine a situation: I want to launch an app, but I'm lazy, and I don't want to make my own creative ?


What to do? Borrow someone else's idea? - Borrow :))


1) We go to publer.pro because 90% of advertising is spinning in the feed.


2) Choose "Target Instagram"




That is, we will look for ads in the Instagram feed.


And we see the interface that we will observe most of the time ?


Basically, all creative search work is built around these three fields and different combinations of their use depending on the circumstances.




What are these fields?


This is what a typical Instagram feed post looks like.






1. Profile name.

2. Link.

3. Ad text.




1. "By profile name:" is a search by name or part of the profile name.


2. "In a link:" is a search by a link where an advertisement is leading or a link fragment.


3. "In text:" is a search in the text of an advertisement or a fragment of text.


It's always easier for me to understand with an example. Suppose you say:


I took an application from Gambling.pro, they suggested to me with an offer and a geo, and even showed me an example of a creative that really converts ? By the way, I heard that they are still distributing applications, offer, geo and creative example. In fact, I have everything ready to start, it remains to get creative and go.


I am opening publer.pro. I need to find a creative, how to do it?


Let's describe one of the possible algorithms for searching for creatives:


Step 1. Let's say I have an android app, so to make the search a little easier I will immediately expose filters that are intuitive.




Important: I am looking for creatives in Russian, but I do not leave only it, since part of a word can be written in Russian, and another part of it in another language.


And, in order not to accidentally find creatives that my grandfather used, I will set a period, let's say the last 2 weeks.




Step 2. You can write any phrase that could potentially be in the text of the application promotion, I will write "earn"


We see only 3 creos, but nothing - it's important for us to get the link.



Here it!


All creatives have approximately the same links, only the last values differ, these are different applications ?

Step 3. In the "In link:" field, insert "market: //"




We see that the ad worked from August 22 to September 4 — 6357 results, all these are Google play applications ?


Then I look at a certain number of pages, out of 20 creatives 2-4 for gambling ? You can spend a certain amount of time and understand almost all the approaches that are used in gambling ? Our main goal is to see which creatives (with which text and what links).


Knowledge of the texts will not only show you how to properly format the converting text, but also give more scope for searching in the "In text" field, if you have imagination, like mine, and it is only enough to "earn" then knowledge of the texts will be useful))


Why do we need links? Another example: I saw this creative.


I liked this creative. I already said that the last values are different attachments) We take the name of the application and insert it into the "In link" field




We receive 44 advertisements for this application, which have been used recently ? In addition to the fact that I can steal 44 thematic advertisements, I can immediately understand which creatives come in: no one will launch the same creative 18 times if it doesn't work ? If I see that the creative was launched once, then it doesn't work ?


So, using various combinations of a combination of only 3 fields, Publer will open the way for you to the world of creatives ? Depending on what we are looking for, we can change the sequence and search algorithm.


Good luck with your work and finding the perfect creative)))

If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755

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Frightening foreign countries. Fears that prevent starting work with other GEOs


Hi, Tanechka is online!)) I finally found time for new good content)) I think that we all look at foreign offers.


Everyone does this for their own reasons:


  • Are you tired of working with old brands and want new offers;

  • You feel how the conversion of deposits replenishment has decreased, and the price of the install in the Russian Federation and the CIS has increased;

  • You are attracted by high payouts for conversions on foreign offers ($ 150-200 per deposit);

  • You are attracted by the opportunity to work with sources that are prohibited on the usual offers (for example, brand context);

  • You are attracted by the opportunity to buy traffic from cheap GEOs;


You are attracted by these ideas, but it makes you think ... But do not rush to start working with foreign offers. We will talk about this in this article.


I hope you are comfortable and ready to absorb important information, because in this article I want to deal with your fears about buying traffic from other countries once and for all.


So, now let's discuss the main fears that arise at the start of working with foreign offers and immediately analyze several ways to deal with them.



1. Ignorance of the sources for the purchase of foreign traffic — almost nothing changes here, Facebook and Instagram, as well as Google, remain in the top in terms of volumes. You can also turn your attention to Telegram, which is full of specialized channels, in some cases you can use push networks, Adsterra and a few more came to my mind, but I do not recommend them, YouTube, mobile applications stores (AppStore, GooglePlay). These are not all the sources where you can buy high-quality foreign traffic, but I mentioned them, because they are all familiar and familiar to you. The only thing that will change for you in one or another source, when you start working with foreign offers, is the targeting settings in the Advertising Cabinet for GEO, which is different from the countries of the Russian Federation and the CIS...


P.S. The rules of work and the policy of sources will not change from the change of GEO, it will be necessary, just like in Russia, to undergo moderation, to hide the sources somewhere (except for those countries in which the promoted products are licensed).


P.P.S. You don't have to grab all of these sources at once. I recommend starting working with Facebook in conjunction with mobile applications, since it is as easy as possible to start even on an unknown GEO. In fact, you won't need to go through FB moderation, and you won't have to bother too much with the uniqueness of creatives. If you use applications from Gambling.pro, then we will also solve issues for you with hiding the source of distribution of the application, adding an application to the store, setting up push notifications and auto login for traffic.


2. Not knowing the language of the country is not the reason at all. As I wrote above, at the start of work, you shouldn't bother too much and test complex hypotheses and traffic sources that require a lot of preparatory work. For example, translations of voluminous, filled with deep "meaning", selling texts for native pre-landing pages, which we use in teaser networks.


Above, I have already recommended that you start working with mobile applications and a traffic source from Facebook. My recommendation is justified not only by the fact that it is technically quite simple to set up this technology, but also by the fact that creatives need to be as simple as possible in order to work this way.


More often than not, when we drive traffic from FB to gambling, we use video posts with short calls to action. The most common and effective ones:


  • Installed, entered, won!

  • Hurry up to hit the jackpot!

  • Come in and win!

  • The very application that gives!

  • Real winnings here

  • Big wins one after another!

  • I have already won 350 000 rub using this method

  • Average winnings per evening: 15000 rub?


Look carefully: there is no call to action longer than 7 words. The volume of a person's attention is 5 +- 2 units, in the case of more complex and long formulations, remember that the beginning of the sentence and the end are best remembered, the middle always falls out of attention.


All calls are as simple as possible and consist of simple words. Even a child can handle the translation of such phrases with a dictionary. I'm already silent about the omnipotent Google translator.


Here are some great examples of Instagram creatives:



GEO: Poland




P.S. A small life hack from Tanya. Even if you do not know the language at all and translate, for example, into French, formulate phrases in your native language as short as possible and use simple words. When I translate using a google translator, I first write the phrase in Russian, then copy the translation, and translate it in the opposite direction (from foreign to Russian). If there are critical errors in the text, in most cases, with the help of such a simple manipulation, you will quickly find them. It will also be easy to spot the wrong word. We take this word in Russian, translate it separately into a foreign language, insert it in place of the error, translate it once more from foreign into Russian, so that we are sure and ready. Most likely everything will be fine. Almost the top translation is ready!)


P.P.S. After translating a couple of dozen simple tests with repeating words, you can combine them without a translator and use Google only when you need new words. At the same time, learn some languages, isn't that great?)))


3. Uncertainty that your ideas will work — this fear grows on stereotypes (there everything is different), prejudices (people in Europe treat everything differently) and ignorance of the country's mentality. Basically, you are simply afraid of a lack of understanding of the approach to the target audience.


You can easily find out more about the life and people of a particular country on the Internet using travel blogs and our articles from the series “Around the World with Gambling.pro”, in which we talk about the life of people from different countries and their attitude to gambling.


All these articles (and other useful materials) you can find in our blog — gambling.pro/case


But I can assure you that representatives of the target audience of gambling and betting offers in other countries are the same everywhere, they are impulsive, gambling and greedy for emotions. All the same triggers work for them as for other players:


  • win, win here

  • victory

  • hit the jackpot

  • jackpot

  • new games with real money

  • big money, real money

  • reliable club, trusted club, proven club

  • giving machine

  • generous club, generous rendition, generous vending machines

  • make dreams come true

  • emotions from victory, adrenaline in the blood

  • friends will envy

  • luck, try your luck, catch your luck by the tail

  • bonuses, free spins, free spins, prizes

  • I won, so you can too (if the creative is in the first person)


These are just a few of those words and phrases that attract the right target audience for gambling and push those people to convert.


By the way, there is one more fundamental difference between the foreign target audience of gambling from the Russian Federation and the CIS. If our most active audience is men from 21 to 25 years old, then in Europe this age level of activity is shifted and starts from 30+ years. Women in the West respond to creatives as well as men.


By the way, this also includes the fear of affiliates about the minimum deposits of 10-30 euros / dollars, which are so common for foreign offers. This fear, again, is caused by a simple misunderstanding that the standard of living in many countries is much higher than in Russia, and for those people spending 20 euros on a minimum deposit is like going to a cafe and drinking coffee and a donut there.


4. Ignorance of the market of foreign offers and no understanding in which countries which offers are work good — here you need tests (quite expensive) or advice from experienced friends, such as the Gambling.pro team ? We have already tested several dozen foreign offers and found profitable ideas, which we are ready to share with our partners!


P.S. There is another effective method by which you can determine whether traffic to a specific brand in a specific country will convert well. It should be remembered that different brands are popular in different countries, and the conversion is better where the brand awareness is higher. To determine the popularity of a brand, you can search local casino ratings and look for searches that brand at Google Trends.


P.P.S. Countries in which almost any gambling and betting converts well (in descending):


  1. Austria

  2. Australia

  3. Switzerland

  4. Poland

  5. Germany

  6. France

  7. Norway

  8. Sweden

  9. Canada

  10. Denmark

  11. Bulgaria

  12. Latvia

  13. Philippines

  14. Finland


5. It is not known what to expect from foreign traffic — you work with Russia and the CIS and you know everything about them. For foreign traffic, you do not know the average conversion rates from clicks in registrations, from registrations to deposits, it is difficult for you to predict the ROI of an advertising cabinet, you do not have data that you could rely on during tests ... Uncertainty scares, we reluctantly embark on such adventures, when we feel the risk of losing our money. But what if I say that tests for foreign offers are no different from tests for conventional GEOs? In order not to screw up, you need to follow simple rules when testing offers:


  • Do not be afraid to lose your budget - at least you buy statistics, as a maximum - you find an idea that will bring you money in the future;

  • Do not grab a large number of offers - you will not be able to adequately test all of them, or it will be very expensive;

  • Do not use many creatives at once - 2-3 approaches and 2-3 creatives for each - this is enough for the first test;

  • Do not split all the landing pages and pre-landing pages available for the offer into a split - choose the best 1-2 options and try. Traffic from pre-landers with a wheel is still being perfectly converted abroad. For example: https://spn-mkt.com/temps/fortune_st/?aff=wheel_of_fortune&lang=en ;

  • There is no need to test more than two sources at the same time - it is better to first find a working idea in one source, and then adapt it to other sources;

  • Do not use blacklists and retargeting from other topics - you can use related ones, but also be careful, especially with blacklists, because old sites can work unpredictably with new offers, and often there are several more targeted ones among them;

  • Never launch an Advertising Cabinet without analytics - I think everything is clear on this point;


What if I say that for most of our offers, the Gambling.pro team already has conversion statistics that we can share with our partners?


It turns out that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of! Moreover, we urgently need to start working with foreign traffic and test new offers as long as there is no competition there.




If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755


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Change CPA on RevShare from Gambling.pro


Hello! )) today I want to talk about RevShare. More precisely, on the topic of redirecting SEO traffic to RevShare casino and betting.


Recently, I have been fond of SEO, and so seriously that on our YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtizEdHgPfNQAMDrnXphGsg there are already several videos with the hashtag #СЕОчелендж and there will be more soon! And there will be a lot of videos, because SEO is not an easy thing... But you better look about it in my videos, and now I want to talk about RevShare :-Р


Why do I want to talk about this so badly? Because SEO traffic, which will soon come in an unprecedented amount (no) from my thematic casino site, made on Tilda, is most profitable to convert using the RevShare model. Why?


There are several reasons for this:


The first reason is LTV. Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) of topical SEO traffic is an order of magnitude higher than LTV of players who came from arbitrage. This is because the players who came with the CEO usually make a deliberate and conscious choice in favor of playing in a particular club, and the players who came from the arbitration make decisions impulsively. Consequently, the players who came with the CEO play in the chosen club longer and often replenish the deposit, and accordingly lose a lot of money in the casino. Replenishment of the deposit is usually always more than the first. According to the CPA payment model, you are not paid anything for re-depositing funds, according to the RevShare payment model, too (rofl), but here you are paid interest on the money lost. I already wrote above that a user who was attracted through an SEO is initially more loyal and more interested in making (and losing) more money.


The second reason is deposits. People easily contribute relatively large amounts, since this is not an impulse decision, but a conscious choice. They know where they spend their money, so if nothing bothers them after registration, they calmly throw 50-500 dollars on the game at once. Impulsive players (who came from arbitration) are more cautious and always deposit small amounts, 80% of user deposits, who came through the FB, are equal to 50 rubles and up to 90% of them may not deposit money again. Traffic from arbitrage, merged into RevShare offers, especially if the approach is misleading, which I quite often observe from others, will never pay for itself on RevShare or will pay off in case of 1-2 high rollers, but it will still be wrong, what a SEO can give me, even if my site gets 20 clicks a day.


The third reason is high rollers. These are players who can regularly spend very large amounts on the game, from several thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars. Such players are not common. In arbitrage, for example, if you upload from Facebook, for 1 000 deposits a 0-1 high roller can come, which will pay off the whole thousand in a few months, and with CEOs such players come much more often about 1 in 300, that is, for 1 000 deposits they can 2-4 high rollers will appear.



P.S. Payouts for RevShare in a casino can reach 70% if we are talking about Russia and the CIS. Abroad less, up to 55%. But even so, imagine how much money a 20-click casino site can bring, which is knocked out in the Top-3 search results for at least a few target words?


SEO is a relatively free traffic source that can generate huge profits in the long run, while requiring relatively little support. That is, you make a website, if you are not a programmer, then you invest in development, if you have them)) if you don’t have money, like me, then you use an understandable website builder (Tilda, for example). Important: use such a CMS on which you’ll be able to make your own website, and not fill up everything, as I did on Wordpress (I recorded this fakap on a video, it will appear on our YouTube soon, so subscribe — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtizEdHgPfNQAMDrnXphGsg , so as not to skip it!).


So, then you invest money and / or time in content, thanks to which your site itself will make its way to the top of search engines.


Even before you start creating content, you invest money and / or time to collect semantics, set up meta tags, write headings, set up analytics, set all pixels and goals on the site (Yandex.Metrica is useful for this, Google Analytics, most often people put Facebook, Vkontakte, Mail pixels on their sites, since these networks are the most popular among affiliates).


Then you need to set up campaigns in context to improve behavioral responses on the site. Connect social traffic for the same improvement in behavioral indicators, continue to regularly post unique articles. Write comments (you can order “activities” for the site at http://www.seosprint.net/ ).


In parallel with all this, it will be necessary to set up https://seopult.ru/ , start buying links ...


When you have configured everything and attracted the first real traffic that got to your site for some targeted search queries, even if it only takes 20-100 clicks, they can already bring you 5 to 80 registrations and, accordingly, from 2 to 50 deposits.


P.S. A life hack for a SEO — wherever possible, you need to post comments on the site using certain semantics, the keys you want to promote. You need to improve the behavioral indicator and increase your position in the SERP for keywords, you need to properly build chains in the comments - all this will significantly increase the traffic conversion. If all comments are unique, +/- meaningful (1-1.5 paragraphs) and useful (not a set of words), then search bots will notice this and will direct traffic. This means most likely for traffic on this site there is a lot of interesting, and most importantly LIVE information from other PEOPLE. So you need to show this site in the search results higher, the search engine will think and put you in the Top-1)))) if you post a lot, many unique comments and correctly embed all the semantics in them! And if not, then no))


If you use branded queries, or if you have good selling texts on your page that encourage people to choose this particular product, the conversion of SEO traffic (from a click on the product website to user registration) can be on average about 60%. The conversion from registrations to deposit can be kept at the level of 50-80%. Then it all depends on the product, that is, if it is pleasant to the user, then the conversion from registration to deposit will be high, but if you have branded traffic and selling text, and a person enters the casino, but cannot find how to replenish the account, the conversion to deposit will be so-so.


Among other things, when creating your website and choosing an offer, you need to take into account the availability of mobile version (your website and the casino platform). This is important because: firstly, we live in the era of mobile traffic, 85% of the world's Internet users access the network from mobiles (phones, tablets). Search engines check the mobile version of the site and if it is bad, then the site may fall under the filter and never be promoted to the top. Secondly: mobile traffic is much cheaper than desktop traffic, and at the same time it also converts better. Thirdly: to work with SEO traffic, I came up with one very cool thing that allows me to further increase the conversion of registrations to deposits, and also the conversion of deposits to repeated deposits, this should have a very positive effect on my profit. We have already tested it on several acquaintances who are engaged in SEO and the result is very pleasing to us - it turns out to increase the income on RevShare by about 20-35%. If you are a SEO and you are interested in what I came up with, write to me in PM. I will answer. Not right away, but I will definitely answer! In short, there is nowhere without a mobile version.


As a result, if you create your own website and want to collect SEO traffic for casinos or betting requests for it, it is most profitable to work with RevShare offers.


The online Gambling market is growing rapidly, in 2018 the total revenue of all global online casinos amounted to about 45 billion euros, by 2022 it is predicted that earnings will amount to 63 billion dollars. Income from betting for 2018 amounted to 23 billion euros, and by 2022 they forecast income of 31 billion euros, that is, the trend is such that in 4 years people will lose at online casinos and bet on bookmaker apps by about 50% more money (from which we can receive a share) than now. Most likely, the reason for this will be the fact that some of the new players will go from offline to online.


We urgently need to buy tickets for this train with you: D And may #СЕОчелендж come with us)))




If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755


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Hi, friends! For a long time there were no cases, but why? That's right, the artist traveled a lot, attended conferences, held meetups and now lives in sunny Yerevan under the wing of Megapush.


Today we'll talk about gambling in push notifications and how we can make money here.


I started generating traffic on November 23rd, finished on December 27th, First there were tests, then breaks, I waited for feedback, payments, and somehow everything didn't go well. As a result, there was always only one campaign launched, it worked normally for about 2 weeks, and it didn’t work to scale.



Income: $5348


Spent: $2139 + ~$1000 spent on tests of creatives, offers and landing pages. 


Total = $3139


Net income: $2209


ROI: 70%


Mobile traffic only.






I split 3 offers: Fresh, ROX, Vulkan Private




The largest EPC Gave ROX, but I didn't manage it normally, but I think that the average value on the volume will tend to $0.1 EPC.




Let's talk about how to make the right creative! I often met the errors of affiliates, when a large number of registrations did not give deposits at all


In my opinion, there are two reasons for this:


1) There is no call to action in the creative, namely, replenishment of the balance


2) Advertising activity on weekdays during the daytime


My coolest creative, which consistently gave 70-100% ROI








If you say that you are giving a free bonus or free spins, then the user comes in, plays for free and leaves. When specifying the target action, the main thing is to avoid misleading and do not promise that the user will not receive, otherwise you have a huge chance of getting bad feedback from the advertiser.


The coolest days in terms of profit are November 24 and 25. Saturday and Sunday.




Top pre-landers








Case author: #PUSHKABLOG

If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755


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Friends, we want to share with you current offers with schemes:


Vulkan stars - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1500

Payout: 25$



Unique Casino - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/397

Payout: 45$

GEO: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy


MaChance Casino - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/398

Payout: 45$

GEO: France, Spain


Slottica - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1230

Payout: 50$

GEO: Spain


Royal Spinz - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1447

Payout: 50$

GEO: Spain, France, Italy, Germany


Superlines - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1572

Payout: 65$

GEO: France, Italy


Don't let your profit pass


If you want to work with us, please text our manager -  t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755


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Case: Generating traffic to casinos from Telegram


Hello! The Gambling.pro team is with you and now we will analyze one of the simplest and most effective methods with which you can generate traffic to Gambling through the Telegram messenger.


The essence of the method is to create a Telegram channel on behalf of a person who cheats the Casino and shares the ways in which everyone can win big money.


We will receive traffic to the channel in both free (spam) and paid (post purchase) ways.


Now let's take a closer look at this method.


Channel creation

First, we need to create a channel and name it. We do not always use the names associated with the casino and its brand name, as this may scare off some even at the stage of getting to know the channel. Many are categorical about this type of earnings, but only until they get inside and see the ways and reviews of other people.


The channel name should work like a teaser title, that is, immediately create the right mood.


"Earnings in Telegram"

"Ways to make money online"


The channel description is analogous to a teaser. They won't read the description, some will subscribe right away, but there will be those, who want to know in more detail. The description should contain concise information, motivate the user to start reading and subscribing.


“Up-to-date algorithms and ways to make money quickly on bugs and exploits on the Internet. For all questions, write @blablabot "(about bots a little later)


Or another interesting message:


“We are a team of developers who were fired from / casino_name /, and now we are hacking the code and making money on it. Do you want to be with us? Come to the channel! Write questions to @blablabot"


Keep the channel private so that other marketers don't know about our method and so that you can give users an invitation link. When a user follows an invite to a private channel, before he sees the content, he will first need to subscribe.


Let's move on to the content.


You can put a method in the first post and after a while post 3-4 reviews from users who managed to win this way.


In the first post, you can also write a short story from the creator of the channel, about the past, skills, the origin of ways of making money and why the author shares them. This is not necessary, because 3-4 days after the launch of the channel, this post will go far up, and new users will not scroll through the entire channel, since they’ll be interested in the current methods that are in front of their eyes.


You need to immediately connect @controllerbot and @livegrambot to the channel. The first will allow us to edit old messages that we posted on the channel (at any time, without restrictions — every other day, week or month) and make postponed posts (this will avoid manual posting every day). With the help of the second bot, we will be able to receive messages from users who will get to the channel and want to write to us, and we will respond to them either manually or automatically.


Connect bots


The ControllerBot is very easy to connect:


Create a new bot for your channel via @botfather;

Copy the API key that botfather will send you;

Make the created bot the admin of your channel;

Find @controllerbot in Telegram;

Then press /start;

And follow the instructions inside.






In ControllerBot, you need to add your channel and then post only through it.


This is also done very simply:


Go to ControllerBot;

Press the command /newpost;

Select the channel in which you want to post a message;

Go to the interface of the bot, which was previously added to the controller, send it the desired message and follow the further instructions.






Also, through ControllerBot, you can attach beautiful link buttons to messages, format messages using markup, attach reactions, add comments. However, we do not recommend using comments and reactions (you have to constantly wind up likes and real users can teach you dislikes).


JiwebBsZktBKEzgmrwRgE8JT8p0hpk40VZ7NZO5JvlQCMskv-zLwrjJvFhTFn6EO_x_kVMoQ4XeW5DWdZKjHF6L-08Ii3vrpei6l2MPVpcBEjw8FW4OnGOob_ZxPu4fJSFQAkh_BFor the markup to actually work, you need to do double symbols ** ** and __ __


3qBy32GE-2Dp6zJO9Uc65yZJ2iR1kS7PLVX4XwJpJjDXCTgJIFnEQ2eQ5TRVrgiy_LvPdFp4_qOjCk7Sx_eAzQMevv7L5wWtL2WNXIiYhBvJY7nP1Fj_lQNAcgZh-UHu53TnZuURExample of setting up links

e5Yb1AOPmUKKCWS_xYyjpQPNMwWTDTAUEMlVwKsWebRF4ZCP5YEWDB3fUk6fCgdwen3_U84Hn-RD8qOTEfGcX6GZ52C4GYYHn6TaosZ0Y8dUpa2kTX242Qjqlk_LHnV-2ADMjWX5The result of adding reactions and links to the text

To publish a message, you need to click the "Next" button, which is located at the very bottom, and then the "Publish" button. To make auto-posting a few days in advance, after clicking "Next", you will need to click "Postpone" and follow the bot's further instructions.




We choose the day and time. Any other time can be entered to the bot manually in the format HH: MM


Livegrambot connects by analogy with ControllerBot:


Create a bot at @Botfather

Add bot to @Livegrambot using API key

Change the original greeting text (the message that the user sees after clicking on the bot's link, will enter the chat with him and press the /start button). A greeting is sent to the user automatically.






If the user writes to you, this message will appear in the dialogue with the bot. To reply to a message to a user who writes to you, use the /reply command.


When posting content, at the end of each message add a link to the bot, with the words "if you have questions - write here @blablabot".


It turns out such an analogue of personal messages of FB or Direct on Instagram.


Instead of Livegrambot, you can use a fake human account. No difference. Livegrambot will collect all messages from users in one dialog box, and different dialogs will be created on the fake account with each user who wrote to you.


Ways to beat the casino (for posting)


The ways to beat the casino can be different. The method can only consist of text; contain text and a picture with the image of the slot; text and picture with payment; text and video instruction. But it will be possible to attach only one picture or only one video (video + picture, two pictures, two videos are not allowed).


Examples of Ways:








It is not necessary to come up with ways on your own, you can take them from similar channels, of which there are a lot in Telegram. Although, if your approach is author's, the result will be better.


It is better to place tracking links not abbreviated, make a redirect from your domain; so trust and conversion from them will be much higher.


Reviews need to be posted after a while, after the next method has been posted, so that users supposedly can manage to beat the casino.


You can do the same with reviews - take them from other channels; it's enough to scroll to the beginning, to the first posts, and take from there.


In the text of the review, you need to post a link to the message with the method by which another user allegedly won.


Examples of user reviews:







It is desirable, but not necessary, to wind up a small number of subscribers to your channel (at least 100+). This can be done using any cheat service, for example - https://tmsmm.ru/ 


After the filling of the landing page (channel) with content has ended and the first subscribers have started up, you can start sending traffic there.


Traffic per channel


There are two ways to generate traffic for the Telegram channel:


Free - spam in thematic chats with messages with a link to your channel.

Paid - buy posts in thematic channels and large chats.


We use both methods as they are not mutually exclusive.


To find thematic channels, we often use directories:






We search for chats using:





and iterate over manually by topic.


On topics they took:









When selecting chats and channels, we focus on a live audience and a large number of views.




In order to spam in chats, we create new accounts. You can do this on a SIM card, but it is better to use the online SMS activation service, because spam accounts are blocked and you can no longer send messages from them.


To activate via SMS, we use:




In such services, everything is simple:

register and top up your balance

buy a number for the required service

register a Telegram channel to this number

accept the SMS code on the site

enter it in Telegram

fill fake profile: name + photo = ready


Next, use this account to enter the selected chats, wait until the chat admins are inactive and send your message there.





That's all, about spam.


Paid posts

Below we will tell you how buying publications works.


To make the conversion rate higher, we use a teaser or misleading approach in publications, you can also add some interesting triggers to the message.


We often publish creatives like this one:




An invite link to your channel is added under the URL button. When the user clicks on the button, they need to subscribe to see the content. This is how you gain subscribers.




  • We create a channel with ways to beat the casino and feedback on success to engage members;

  • We get traffic for the channel by sending spam and buying posts;

  • Once every 1-2 days, we replenish the channel with new relevant ways to get rich and reviews;

  • Those people who do not respond immediately and write questions - we process them using a bot and private messages;

  • Dissatisfied, for whom the proposed methods did not work and they write to us in personal connections - we say that the old method no longer works, and we propose a new method that has not yet been posted on the channel;

  • You can work with any users from any country;

  • The scope for scaling is huge, there are many channels and chats in Telegram, and new ones appear every day;


Offers for which we have split traffic with this approach:


https://my.gambling.pro/offers/31 — Platinum Volcano

https://my.gambling.pro/offers/55 — Volcano Russia

https://my.gambling.pro/offers/23 — Royal Volcano

https://my.gambling.pro/offers/58 — DeLux Volcano


Results of work:




If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755


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How not to get rejected in Gambling?


It's no secret that Gambling is one of the most monetary verticals in CPA, and therefore the interest of webmasters in it is growing every day. Those who used to generate traffic for goods, installations, games, dating, subscriptions and similar topics with small payouts go to Gambling offers.


Many beginners often do not even think about what the quality of their traffic depends on and, as a result, make rather stupid mistakes due to not understanding simple and obvious things.


Let's see what the quality of your traffic depends on. Not only for gambling, but in general. The quality of any traffic will be affected by:



Target (audience for which we set up advertising)

Approach (your creatives, everything before the ad landing page)


Let's take a closer look. The factors listed above affect the result both individually and in aggregate.


Those who work with different traffic sources may have noticed that in the same source, the target audience with the same target reacts differently to the same creatives and products — somewhere better, somewhere worse. But if you slightly change the creative (adapt it to the specifics of a specific source), you will be able to achieve good conversion and quality.


But what kind of “specificity of a particular source” in general?


Somewhere a priori interested people live (search by keywords, target by narrow target audiences, audience of targeted thematic channels and blogs), and somewhere on the contrary - not interested at all (clicker from adult sites, teaser networks, large channels and publics, chats , blogs with a wide range of topics).


When choosing an approach and creating your first creatives, consider the context and topic of the source. Later, when you find a method in one source, you can think about how to adapt it for another source, other topic, etc.


1. Social networks — the place where people communicate with each other, comment on photos and videos, read public pages, like, express their opinions. A person visits any social network primarily for this, and not in order to work or buy something, as a result of this, initially, the audience of social networks should be considered as cold if you generate traffic with a broad targeting or general topic. If you generate for specific goals or topic-specific publics, then you can find a hot target audience on social networks.


P.s. People respond differently to certain products and services on different social media platforms. A person may not buy something after seeing an advertisement on VK, but buy the same product after seeing the same advertisement on Instagram, or on Odnoklassniki.


On Instagram, people respond better to visual (photo and video) content, which is abundant there. The age of the most active segment of the CA Instagram is 14-35 years old.


Even on Instagram, people like to show everything beautiful: beautiful themselves, beautiful things or things for beauty ? Here people follow social trends and other people (bloggers, celebrities, models, rich people) and also start to want it. If users see an advertisement for some goods or services, thanks to which they can get closer to their idols, they will respond to it ?


Bright videos with a pleasant sound, live videos and photo reviews for goods and gambling are the key to success on Instagram. On the product, there are excellent "primitive" video posts, where the product is shown in action, with small descriptions. For gambling, video and photo reviews from people in stories that lead to an account, offer or mobile application work well. If you send people to an account — while this account is active, it must contain a link to the offer. You must leave the user a bridge to the advertiser's site, otherwise (if you constantly change the link and insert different offers into the same account), users willn’t re-deposit accounts.


On VK, users communicate, write comments, read news in public. Users come to the eu social network for fun and troll each other. The age of the most active segment of Central Asia is higher than in insta, 14-40 years old. Show memes and cats, news about idols or give bonuses to VK users - this is part of what you can use for good creativity. Creatives with text work better here, people like to read other people's stories, empathize with others. In this social network, you need to write good selling texts! And if you work with public pages with a wide target audience or with related topics, you need to adapt your creatives for them. I like to make creatives that are somehow consistent with the content of the public and are perceived by the target audience first as content, and then as advertising. In my opinion, VK is tired of “primitive” creatives with a bunch of emoticons, people need something else. In VK, you can use different options for pre-landers, I use two types: internal and external. Now I will distribute them in descending order of the VK trust level:


Wiki pages


Google (dock tables)

Third party domain


If you have a more or less well-known (at least visually) public, then you can make wiki / longread posts, undergo moderation in the target and then change the content in them - insert your links. You can change the content partially or completely, but depending on the degree of changes, the risk of blocking your public increases. If the public is fresh, the target will definitely not miss a post with a wiki / longread or table.


A third-party domain will be skipped in any case if there is a "clean" landing page (pre-landing or landing) behind it. It is also advisable to hide the traffic path (otherwise the link will be quickly blocked). When you send traffic directly to the landing page, VK can block your links and you will have to change domains and you will lose some of the traffic that you purchased for the old link. If there is no good way to redirect traffic, it is best not to launch a mass campaign)


On Odnoklassniki social network, the most active audience is 30+. People come here to have fun, communicate and leave comments, over which we all laugh together ? Everything here is quite simple and the users are appropriate. In Odnoklassniki, "noticeable" posts or girls' accounts work fine for me. (fake profiles that link to landing pages ?


Don't make complicated creatives, don't use metaphors and phrases, everything should be as simple, clear and clear as possible. On this social network, people don't use their heads at all, so don't complicate things ? If you send traffic directly to the landing page (without a pre-landing page), the result is often better.


2. Use search traffic from ads and search results(SEO). For brands and targeted thematic queries - the most interested users come from this social network, who are looking for your offer themselves. You need to show the user the best aspects of your offer with the help of a capacious ad (name and description of the site) in order to attract his attention and motivate him to move on.


If we are talking about keywords related to related topics, then in the same ad or description, we must explain to the user how the offer will improve his life. It is necessary to push the person to make a decision.


If you generate traffic to an audience that is not related to the topic of your offer, you need to adapt the creative and this audience. In your ad or description, write what the user's request is and combine that with the offer. Also come up with a thematic pre-landing, without it the quality of traffic will be lower (the target audience is not ready to make a decision). Regarding the thematic audience, this is not only about searching for related queries, but also working in any source where you want to convert any thematic audience.


3. If you work with a wide target audience in Telegram, then you also need to take into account the specifics - there is content for people. Beautifully designed, competent texts, “live” author channels, communication, feedback - all this inspires confidence and affects the conversion. The most active segment is hype youth and people a little older - 17-35 years old.


In Telegram, people, like in VK, want text content, but if in VK it is more entertaining and social texts, then in Telegram news, insiders, scandals prevail ... Many people think that information in Telegram is valuable because it cannot be found in other social networks. In general, they are looking for everything that is hidden from the “stupid majority”. And all this can be used for your creatives to direct traffic to your landing pages ? Direct traffic to pre-landing, landing or channel - depends on the method of purchasing posts.


The main thing is to remember - everything must be appropriate. I don't know how to convey this in words, but in some posts it is appropriate to post a link directly to the landing, in some not - you need to feel and understand this)


Any post, even the most thematic one, can be made to immediately refer to the landing page from it, but for this you need to be a good copywriter and very clearly see and understand your target audience, under which the post is made.


In general, understanding the target audience is all that is needed for a good creation. You can test many different options for target-images-text-landing-pre-landings, etc., then, based on the results of these tests, find some elements of images, words and phrases that convert traffic. Another option is to get everything at once, without testing - drawing up a detailed portrait of the user. How you will work is up to you ... The second method is more convenient for me.


More about Telegram.


If you are sending traffic to your channel with ways to get rich, then it is important to follow the rule “1 channel = 1 offer”. As in the case of Instagram, you need to create a bridge between the user and the offer. Otherwise, users who decide to return to your channel will be taken to another offer. This may also reduce your conversion rate on the new offer - the channel will not have enough loyalty to force the user to register at the new casino. And yet, in this case, your traffic conversion for the first offer will drop, maybe even to zero. It’s because of this error that rating downgrades and rejections occur most often.


In any source:


If you use a thematic approach in ads, or misleadingly, then you need to be relevant and make the appropriate pre-landing from which you will send traffic to the landing page.


If you use a targeted approach, then you can and should send traffic directly to the advertiser's landing page. If you have an intermediate element between the ad and the ad page, this step should be strengthened with social proof (if appropriate, add reviews, comments, video reviews, links for feedback, etc.).


Whatever final chain of action you create, all of this should turn traffic into conversion. A chain of actions is the path of traffic from the source and the ad in it, to the advertiser's landing page and conversion. In general, it seems to be called a conversion funnel ? But I like the “chain of actions” more, because I immediately begin to feel like a social engineer and manipulator ?


To come up with effective chains, you need to take something as a starting point from which traffic will begin its journey, for example: source Instagram (youth audience) + stories from bloggers + account with ways to get rich + landing page of the offer, and then you need to imagine which users (define a portrait) in what ways can get through you to the advertiser, and how they will react to triggers. You also need to understand how the users you refer to will behave on the advertiser's site. Only when you have a clear understanding of all traffic paths can you assess its exit paths and draw up a list of objections.


Before starting to generate traffic, it is best to collect all possible objections that a person may have on the way to conversion, work them out and 1) prepare good answers that can be sent in private messages, 2) prepare ideas for creative texts (it is also useful to see what competitors are doing in spy services). All this will help you better understand your target audience and give users what they really want.


Points of contact and contact with the target audience. As mentioned above, it is better not to change links from one offer to another in working Instagram accounts and Telegram channels - users should be able to quickly and conveniently return to your offer. Many people generate traffic to mobile applications, then the application itself may be such a point.


It is necessary to keep in touch with those who have already passed the conversion funnel and periodically remind them about the offer. If you work with your own push notifications, you can send a push through the player base with a promotion or a tournament that is currently taking place in the casino. If you have collected emails, you can do the same. Mailing to private messages via VK and Telegram bots, to subscribers of groups / channels. Retargeting. All this is needed in order to return old players to the advertiser's site. Then you will have a lot of repeated deposits and a large LTV of users. Very high rates are given for such traffic ?

Too young audience. Many people forget that you cannot attract users under the age of 18 to casino offers. Moreover, I don't recommend targeting the 18-21 age range because these players have the lowest LTV. This traffic is cheap and converts well, but it will never pay off for the advertiser.


There are some stop words that should be avoided in your creatives, otherwise you can attract an audience that will not be targeted for your offer. If we talk about the topic of gambling, then these words include: free, freebie, minimal investment, work from home and everything related to these concepts.


That's not all there is to understand about stop words. The main thing is to understand where the ban on these words came from.


The reason for this is people. There is such a separate category of people who are looking for freebies and react only to these words. This target audience fits some categories of offers, but definitely not for gambling, since freeloaders will definitely not spend their money in a casino. Maybe one time they will stop by to try your proposed method to get rich and return to looking for free drawings, bonuses and promotions.


Another such category is people who really need money and are looking for any source of additional income. This is also not a target audience for gambling. Regarding our topic, they behave the same way as freeloaders, only with a job search.


When you don't get into the target audience, the quality of conversion suffers greatly: the further from the target, the worse. If it is completely sad, your traffic may be rejected or your rating lower.


Motivated traffic. Another common mistake and reason to get rejected. Any traffic can be targeted if the creatives have the right message and motivation, right?)) The key word is “right motivation”. This is when you awaken excitement in people, and not a desire to catch the same freebies, for example.


Should you create creatives with the message “Invest 100 rubles and withdraw 3000”? Yes, such a creative will attract a lot of target audiences and a lot of people will throw in 100 rubles, but will they play further when they realize that they cannot withdraw 3000? That's right, they won't.


In order for your traffic to be of high quality, you need to think several steps ahead and predict the behavior of people who will come to the site from your creatives.


In order to achieve high bids and partner with advertisers in the long term, you need to consider the interests of whoever pays you for traffic. You can create separate streams and, by agreement, test different “stupid” approaches, but be prepared in advance for the fact that after assessing the traffic, the rating for it can be reduced to zero and not argue with the manager about this later.


You can consult with us, work out the conversion funnel in detail and think over the methods by which you will ensure a high conversion rate, good LTV and get the maximum bid for this traffic.


Or you can secretly use “stupid” approaches, assure us that you are using “good” ones, but by the LTV of your traffic, we will quickly understand that this is not the case, and disconnect you from the offer. Perhaps with subsequent scandals and investigations. If you immediately start working like this, it will mean that you are not able to understand the meaning the message.


Turn on your brain (at least for a minute) and think a few times before answering the following 3 questions:


1) Why should an advertiser pay someone's stupidity at the maximum rate, when the traffic source is "dumb" methods, with an unworked funnel, and users run away from the site and have a minimal LTV?


2) Why would an advertiser pay for traffic that will never pay off?


3) Why would an advertiser cooperate with a webmaster who generates bad traffic, but doesn't want to change anything?


Well, and some more tips if you still decide to use creatives like "invest 100 rubles win 1 million rubles" or "you need to invest 50 rubles, spin 10 times and withdraw the winnings."


1) If you decide to use such approaches, then you need to be aware that next week you may be able to lower rates on existing leads.


2) If you use such creatives, then you should not write the minimum amounts for deposits. For example, write not 100 rubles, but at least 1000 rubles. There will not be a significant decrease in conversion from this, and the quality will increase significantly. A person who contributes 1000 (already a tangible amount for him) will definitely be involved in the process stronger than the one who invests 100. This works great everywhere, in the same Telegram. Also, if you post to your channel every day different ways to beat the casino with the same offer, you will get a full stake, or even more.


3) If in the target you use the approach "from 100 rubles raised 1 million", then we recommend raising the figure again, for example, from 500 rubles you earned on vacation (something incredible, but at the same time real).


The CTP of such ads will be approximately the same, but the quality of traffic is much higher and this approach is practically not rejected.


Also, if you work with Facebook, I recommend launching several separate campaigns using different links, maybe even with the same creative. In many respects, the result will depend on which auction Facebook puts you in, and this is always a matter of chance. BUT if you started generating traffic in several streams, for example, 5 streams for 5000 rubles, then write to your Gambling.pro manager and find out which stream is more efficient. Choose a stream where the quality is best and scale it exactly. When scaling, regularly check with your quality manager, this will reduce your risks of running into a reject or rate cut.


Traffic arbitrage is a profession like the others. You either work well and earn good money, or you work poorly and then complaints appear, KPI increases, inspections begin, and the question of payment arises. In my opinion, everything is fair. It’s foolish to wait for a 500% rating when you’re doing a bad job. Don't rely on chance. We need to think in realities, operate with facts and science)


There are many people around who can help, advise on various issues, guide you on the right path and prevent you from making mistakes. It's enough just not to be lazy and turn to specialists, ask the right questions, look for answers yourself - the Internet has everything ?


A lot of content is published on the topic of how to work with a particular vertical, including gambling, including from our Gambling.pro team. All this is done in order to protect partners from possible problems with rejections, rating downgrades, and delayed payments.


As a CPA network, we defend the interests of our partners to the last and fight for your payments and full-fledged rates, but unfortunately sometimes partners themselves create situations in which even we cannot always find a solution.


We also recommend that you always take screenshots confirming the placement of advertising, and even better video recordings where the advertising source, advertising post, number of views, conversions, etc. are visible. If the advertiser has doubts about the quality of traffic, then you will have confirmation that will help remove doubts and get paid in full without rejections.


Remember that close work and traffic quality control will always help to clarify the situation with your traffic, to understand how users play and fund their accounts. I hope this post will help our community of gambling webmasters to take one more step towards quality traffic and high rates.


If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755

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Friends, we want to share with you new offers with payment for registration SOI!

Attention, there is a test limit. Have time to text your personal manager and start this year with a profit!


Powerplay - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1605

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Bid: 6$

Geo: Canada


Plaza Royal - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1606

Eskimo casino - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1607

Bid: 6$

Geo: Netherlands


Bid increase after successful traffic generation!


We recommend you to generate traffic using mobile apps. Free Android/iOS apps are available, you can get the app and share your accounts via the @GamblingProTGB_bot


Wish you high ROI!

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Fast farming algorithm for Facebook accounts

About generating traffic for gambling through mobile applications.


Hi, friends! Gambling is becoming increasingly popular in traffic arbitrage, just like Facebook is as a traffic source. As of today, almost 50% of total gambling conversions come from Facebook.


The number of affiliates wishing to work with this source is growing, and the number of banned accounts in FB too XD


We are often asked to share our account farming method. We are interested in your success and therefore decided to make this manual so that you figure it out and start generating traffic for gambling while it is still in trend ?




There are two main directions in creating FB accounts:


Farming accounts from PC

Farming accounts from mobile


In this post I will talk about the second method - creating accounts from mobiles / tablets, as I find this method the easiest and most understandable for beginners. In this method, you do not need to prepare anything, have deep knowledge and buy a proxy. All you need to create accounts is a mobile phone and SIM cards with Internet access.


We buy used mobile phones because they are cheaper. If you take iPhones, it is better to look for 5-5s, so at the same cost as Android smartphones, iPhones work better. If your tablet supports SMS messages with a SIM card, it can also be used to create accounts.


It is better not to buy SIM cards "from hands", in my practice, among such cards 70% have already been used in FB. It is better to find SIM cards without former owners and with Internet access, they are more expensive, but they will work.


You need

This is already known, but still, you’ll need:


1 Mobile phones

2. SIM cards


Our team only works with iPhones 5-5s. There are 2 reasons for this: FB's increased trust in apple devices + the speed of these devices.


Getting started: setting up the device


1. You need to restore your device to factory settings:



Open the Settings app.

Select General.

Scroll to the bottom and select Reset.

Select Erase All Content and Settings.



Open Settings, and select System.

Select Reset options.

Select Erase all data (factory reset).

Select Reset Phone or Reset Tablet at the bottom.

You'll be asked to confirm, select Erase Everything.

Your device should reboot and may show a progress screen indicating that it is erasing the data.


After that, turn on the phone and set it up as new. Next, we go through all the settings: country, language, account. At this stage, you will need to insert a SIM card so that the mobile phone and connected to the Internet.


2. You need to create a new account for this device:


Create an Apple ID on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:


Tap Forgot password or don't have an Apple ID.

Tap Create a Free Apple ID.

Select your birthday and enter your name. Tap Next.

Tap Use your current email address, or tap Get a free iCloud email address.


Grab your Android device, open the Settings, and select the “Accounts” option. The next step is to tap “Add Accounts” at the bottom of your screen and then choose “Google”. A page will appear where you can sign into your account or create a new one. Select “More options” and then tap “Create account”.


3. Important: necessary to disable the geolocation service on the phone. Usually, this can be done during the initial setup, or later from the menu of your phone, in the Geolocation section.


If this is your personal phone, you can not turn off geolocation completely, but only for certain applications, for example Instagram and Facebook ˆ_ˆ


4. After going through the initial setup:


We go into the main settings of our device and turn off the automatic setting of the date and time in our region;


On the iPhone, in the settings in the "Privacy" section, we find the "Advertising" section and restrict the tracking of ads.




Now everything is ready to proceed to creating an account on FB!

You have a clean device (phone) with a clean connection (SIM card).


4. It is necessary to put the FB application on it.


The application weighs more than 150 MB and because of this, the iPhone will have a restriction on downloading such large objects without Wi-Fi. To get around it, you will need to do a number of simple actions described in the screenshot below:




There are no such problems with android, so just download it.


5. While the application is downloading, log out of the AppStore or GooglePlay account (see point 2 above).


As soon as the application is downloaded, we register an account on FB.

Account registration

Nothing special - enter your phone number, which has not been previously used in the fb, fill in the account details, full name, gender, age (I recommend storing this data if you plan to unban your accounts later).


It's easier to create a girl's account, they have more photos and it's easier to meet a girl and add friends ?




When registering an account, FB will offer you to add friends from other social networks. networks, sync the contact book, find new friends and so on - this does not affect the result. Be careful, if you constantly add the same contacts and friends to different accounts, the FB will start to suspect something ? I often just press "skip" on all FB offers.


After you have entered the profile, fill in the information "about yourself". Partially or completely - it will not affect the result, but do not write the same thing in different accounts.


Add several photos to the profile (3-7), you can do this in different ways (upload to the album, change avatars, post on the wall with posts).


It is better to take a profile photo and a cover photo through the phone camera through which you create an account. Photos contain a set of metadata. Photos taken on the phone and then posted on the fb will have a positive effect on the level of trust in your account.


Immediately after the ren = registration of the FB account, they offer to answer questions about themselves. You can use this feature to add personalized content to your profile)


It is advisable to add friends from the same GEO. You can also use nearby countries.


How do I find them? Very simple. You can go over the thematic publics and leave comments there, or like the profiles of other users - to draw attention to yourself. Then users themselves will start adding to your friends and FB will show more people in recommendations. From the recommendation, I add 20-50 people a day, if I farm an account for 2-3 days, if it's a fast account, then I immediately add 100-150 friends.


Likes, reposts, comments - this is an amateur activity. I personally do not write. Sometimes I like what I really liked and leave funny comments to get likes, but this does not greatly affect the farming)


When there is an avatar on the account, some infa is filled, there are friends, pictures and someone even gave you a couple of likes - you can create a fan page (group for your product).


Choose a neutral name for the group, upload an avatar and a cover into it that no one has used before (for this, you can simply combine several photos in Photoshop).


All in all. You can go to the ads manager and create an advertising campaign on a new account. For any GEO.


If you launch on foreign geos, you may need to confirm your mobile phone or selfies, it's okay - go through and continue working.


A few more recommendations:


1. No need to create a Business Manager right away, start the first advertisement from your personal account;


2. When you start your account, bind the card to the Ads Manager at the time of creating an Advertising Cabinet;


3. Change the account farming scheme, do not act stereotyped, otherwise all accounts will be banned;


4. Accounts from iPhones are launched more often than from Androids and live longer;


5. To transfer accounts to a computer, you need to turn off the location and home / office wifi on the computer, distribute the Internet to it from the phone and go to the FB (perhaps there are other ways, I write as I do myself). It is advisable to do this in a separate browser in which you will (never) use vpn (fb does not like this). On the computer to which you will transfer, make a new account under the account, so you don't need to login any ID again, just open the fb in the browser and log in. Important: every time you start your account, connect your computer to the Internet via your phone.

That's all, everything is very simple)) I hope this information will be useful and will help you create a few new accounts in FB!




If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755

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Who is an online gambler?


Everyone who wants to start an online casino wondered who will play? To understand this, you need to identify the target audience. After all, the more we know about the player, the higher the likelihood that we can get it.


Strictly speaking, the entire audience can be divided into several simple groups:


1) Regular players (addicts, earners and strategy checkers)


2) Random users (who is interested in playing, be bored or wants emotions)


Each player, regardless of the group, chooses for himself a certain theme of the games, based on his personal preferences. It is important to understand that it can be both women and men. In this regard, you need to try to take into account the preferences of both. Women tend to love flamboyant designs with familiar movie characters or shopping with tons of things. Men are often attracted to the game in its classic form; the game gives you the opportunity to plunge into the heyday of conventional casinos in russia. Some like it when pleasant music plays in the background and the game is like an adventure, while others pay attention to the cool graphics and algorithm of the game. According to statistics, all players are between the ages of 21 and 75. Quite a wide range, but rather an advantage. Such data suggests that online games are interesting to everyone, regardless of generation.


The principal aspect that divides gamblers into other groups is the level of wealth:


1) Average income (They can afford to play for fun; the game really entertains them and gives them the opportunity to test their luck. Therefore, a sure way to attract such an audience is to use a promotion that offers to measure the level of luck)


2) Low-income (They want to make money. They always pay attention to bonuses and gifts - this is the key to their interest)


Generally speaking, the portrait of the target gambler can be represented as follows: this is a man or woman aged 25 to 35 (if we talk about RU GEO, mostly people over 35 years old play in foreign casinos) who devote their whole life to work. They live in cities, use public transport, or drive an inexpensive car. On weekends, they try to relax and somehow escape from reality. Such players like to watch movies, surf the Internet, chat online. They are really interested in playing, because the game allows you to dramatically change their usual lifestyle.


What makes these people act? Of course, excitement. It is human nature to experience this feeling. One way or another, we all love excitement. Online gambling can be compared to a race at high speed: drive, emotions and a desire to win! A person does not always want to just win - most players, even after winning, continue their “race”, at the finish of which they find themselves in the red. In the future, the desire to take revenge makes them replenish the deposit again and again. For those who create this business and want to make money on it, it is important to understand that everyone will start a game at least once in their life. It is enough to be in the right place at the right time.


And we are — the Gambling.pro team — will always help with our advice. Generate traffic for online casinos, don't miss the opportunity to make money! Ask any questions, write comments, go to https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng, where there is a lot of useful information for everyone ?

If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755

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What “Traffic source” is and where to find it?

26 sources and their description


Sources of traffic to a site are the channels through which visitors go to a particular web resource. Traffic can be paid and free. "Free traffic" - means that the owner of the resource does not pay for visitors. There is a certain fee for the "paid" one. You can also distinguish "cold" and "hot" traffic. Hot sources are those sources from which already interested people get to the site. The user passes because he is interested in the topic, he is already familiar with it. Now, in order to make it easier for us to understand this issue, we will consider traffic sources in the context of these 2 groups.


Look at the table, which is compiled to facilitate perception; now we'll go through each line and tell you about everything in detail.





Advertising in public in social networks

Contextual advertising in search

Advertising on blogs

Targeting advertising in social networks

Teaser networks

Advertising in public in social networks

Coupon sites

Your accounts in social networks

An affiliate program from a different industry

Advertising post of an influencer in social networks


Email marketing

Traffic from doorways

External Content Marketing


Crowd Marketing

Popunder & Popup

Commodity aggregators

Traffic exchanges

Channel on Youtube

Purchase of mobile traffic

Branding of other people's sites

Traffic from pre-rolls and overlays in the video


Contextual advertising (CMS)


Targeted advertising on social networks


Sources of Hot Traffic


1. SEO. Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful channels for promoting and attracting visitors. Important: you need to properly configure the semantic core (the wider it is, the more traffic). Try to get to the highest line. If a person has entered a request, he is already interested in what you offer. Bad: Don't let the user end up on "slimming powder" when searching for "wholesale flowers".


2. Contextual advertising in search. Yandex Direct and Google Adwords will help you. It is possible to attract a lot of traffic, but due to the high competition, clicks can be expensive. However, these users will definitely be ready to familiarize themselves with your proposal. They are initially interested, that's why they entered this request.


3. Targeting advertising in social networks. Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, My Mir. It’s important to properly set up the target audience. Customers are colder, but if you segment the audience correctly, then the conversion will be. Sometimes people themselves do not fully understand what they need. And you have to make an offer that you can't refuse. It is important to target the audience as narrowly as possible, then this traffic will be “warm”.


4. Advertising in public in social networks. It's more difficult — we moved this traffic to both columns — why? On the one hand, you need to look for thematic groups where the audience will be interested in the offer, on the other — it’s not a fact that users really need what we offer. But! Such advertising definitely increases the company's awareness. Make an interesting post that explains why he needs your offer. Add helpful pictures, describe your strengths — it’ll work.


5. Your accounts in social networks. This is the next level ? Here it is important to first attract people to the group, and only then direct them to the site. The group itself does not have to be completely dedicated to the brand; you can write articles and posts on abstract topics. Initially, people may be skeptical, but then they will begin to come on their own.


6. Advertising post of an influencer in social networks. We ask the opinion leader to tell us about our offer. Important: Find the right influencer, with an active and responsive audience that trusts him. The higher the audience's trust, the higher the conversion will be — this is a rule. Those who follow the leader always try to use what they offer —  this is a very reliable way.


7. Email marketing. Everything is simple: sending letters to the base of potential customers. Why might they be interested in our offer? Because this is a ready-made offer - no need to look for it - just thought is already here (excluding naked spam).


8. External Content Marketing. Articles in blogs and on thematic sites with a link to the resource. The “problem-solution” scheme works well. For example, if a user reads for 20 minutes about how to get rid of hypertension, then he will go to a website that sells a medicine for it. The article should be informative so that it does not look amateurish. Then only the user will understand that you are the one he needs.


9. Crowd Marketing. Participation in the discussion, mentioning the brand, and posting links on forums and communities are all native. The conversion can be significant. It is important that you are believed and not mistaken for a "stranger." Initially, users are not ready to visit your site, BUT nobody knows that it is yours. Pour into the environment. And then you can unobtrusively recommend where to go and what to do, and they will believe you!


10. Commodity aggregators. In general, a very, very useful thing for online stores. Payment for the transition or purchase. Users are "warm" and you just need to recommend your product.


11.Channel on Youtube. Also, like a public on a social network, it requires preliminary promotion. You can do reviews, interviews, take reviews, etc. This is a useful kind of traffic. Psychologically, a person likes to watch a review or review “live”, that is, to see both the product and the one who recommends it. With the use of a video channel, the site ceases to be impersonal.


12. Branding of other people's sites. It is not always a cheap pleasure and is more aimed at recognition. You need to agree with the thematic site to replace the background with a clickable form for your resource. Important: It is not a fact that there will be a high conversion, but the next time thinking about a service or product, a person may remember you.

Sources of Cold Traffic


1. The first option here — advertising in public in social networks — we have already discussed with you. Let's start with the second one.


2. Advertising on blogs. Advertising from top bloggers is also not always cheap, but sometimes it turns out to come to an agreement. Those who post continuous ads are no longer interesting to the public. Important: Look for a good blog with a good famous author! Unlike an influencer, you will find yourself not only in your target audience, but this very method makes it possible to find new users and customers. Here, as with an influencer, if the audience is responsive and sociable, then the blogger can have a great impact on the conversion.


3. Teaser networks. With well-targeted targeting, teaser networks can have a positive effect. Important: When using this method of getting traffic to the site, keep in mind that the audience is not configured to go to third-party resources. You will need the most intriguing ads and banners in order for the user to click through.


4. Coupon sites. Works very well for those who sell something or provide a service (balloon flight, water park, etc.). You can get a good conversion by making a tempting offer, BUT! You should not rely on customer loyalty, everyone wants to get something very profitable for the promotion. Popular services in Russia: Groupon.Ru, Biglion.Ru, Vigoda.Ru, Kupikupon.Ru, Bigbuzzy.Ru.


5. An affiliate program from a different industry. Here you need to be creative, come up with something to interest customers. For example, getting a discount when using your resource. Users are cold, but if the offer is tempting, then customers can respond.


6. Sponsoring. You can become a sponsor of an event, photo shoot, etc. For this, your logo will be posted on the event website and mentioned in the event report. The cooler the event, the more likely it is that you will be interested.


7. Traffic from doorways. We buy traffic on exchanges and from individuals. Users are redirected to the online store. Monitor traffic quality carefully - if the doorway is non-thematic, there will be no conversion. However, even with a thematic doorway, conversion will be low, coverage is more important.


8.Clickunder. One of the old methods of driving traffic. The user is not aware that there will be a transition. The tab will open under the active window. In general, a relatively user-friendly way. The user may not even notice the window at first, it will not bother him, but he will read the information later.


9.Popunder & Popup. This is worse. When you enter the site, an additional window with your site opens in the browser. The user has to close the window, and if he also needs to confirm his desire to exit, this is already annoying the user. In the case of Popup, it is not a tab that appears, but a small pop-up window in which you can advertise anything. To close, as a rule, you need to click on the cross, and then answer the question - why did you decide to close the advertisement. Such methods can be boring and remembered by users.


10. Traffic exchanges. Buying traffic on exchanges - Traffstock.ru, Trafsell.com, traffic.ru, etc. Exchanges sell traffic from doorways, clickunder, popunder, mobile traffic, etc. If you are faced with the task of quickly getting traffic to your site and converting it into orders, but you do not have time to attract it, this option will be the best solution. However, keep in mind that more often than not, adult traffic and its quality are not high.


11. Purchase of mobile traffic. Everything is simple and also very annoying - the site redirects its mobile traffic to you. Enrages? Yes!! What for? To grab the audience's attention. (It is important to understand that you will not be perceived positively)


12. Traffic from pre-rolls and overlays in the video. If appears in front of a thematic video - annoying, but gives a chance. If it appears in front of any other video, it will probably cause a very negative reaction. BUT! You will be noticed and remembered.


13.Contextual advertising (CMS). Text and image ads in the Yandex Advertising Network (YAN) and the Google Display Network (GDN). Despite the fact that GDN and YAN refer to contextual advertising in terms of the mechanics of their work, in terms of traffic quality they are more reminiscent of ordinary teaser networks. The traffic is as cold as in teaser networks and shows similar behavior. Cheaper than from search engines, but the conversion is lower.


14. Targeted advertising on social networks. As with ads in social media groups, this type of traffic gets into both columns (hot and cold traffic). Targeting needs to be set as narrowly as possible. Otherwise, it looks like teaser networks and you need to lure with the most advantageous offer.


Depending on the target audience, it is advisable to use different traffic sources. If you need to make your brand recognizable, you can safely use cold traffic sources. In such a case, remember that they are not always perceived positively; however, cold traffic is cheaper and produces results in a short time. Hot traffic works better, but it is more expensive and requires more effort. Try different sources, analyze and earn; we will always help you!


Get only high-quality traffic with Gambling.pro!

If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


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VK traffic arbitrage: How to do and What ROI


Traffic generation in VK, the same arbitration as in other sources, but certainly with its own specifics. Where to start and what to do to make your work successful?


1. As in other sources, go to the affiliate program, choose a product, make a portrait of the target audience.


2. Look for thematic communities of your target audience. Make an agreement with the administrator about advertising placement. (Keep track of your budget. The cost of posts can vary dramatically and can be very expensive. Note the activity and engagement of your audience.)


3.Next, you need the right ad post. You have to try. Your conversion largely depends on this message. If you do not know how to work with illustrations, for example, it is better to turn to specialists. (They can be found on the freelance exchange. You can choose the designer you like, who will create a cool picture for a modest price).


Where can I see examples of creatives? 


Here, on competitor ad monitoring services:





4. Send the post for approval to the administrator. Be sure to discuss the launch time. Some administrators can provide advice themselves when their audience is active. If not, think for yourself, starting from the portrait of the target audience ?

List of useful services for working with the VK network:


https://publer.pro — аdvertising monitoring service. It is a versatile tool that allows you to properly plan an arbitrage or targeting strategy in the field of CPA marketing. There is a demo tariff that allows you to test the service.


церебро.рф — paid service that opens access to attract customers using retargeting from the VKontakte social network. The service allows you to select an audience from which you will receive the maximum response. With the help of this tool, you can install bots in a group, to make the process of finding "living communities" as easy as possible.


https://pablo.buffer.com — free application for creating graphic content. There is a set of high-quality photos, you can upload your photo, add a logo or graphics. The program offers several formats for different social networks to save the layout. Suitable for beginners.


https://create.piktochart.com — professional service for creating images with publications, as well as complex infographics and presentations. Very intuitive interface and convenient functions. Almost everything is available in the basic account, and advanced features can also be purchased.


https://www.canva.com — most popular online service for creating and editing images, memes, infographics. There are thousands of templates, filters, icons and shapes. The service works in Russian.


Free-Lance.ru — largest freelance exchange on the Runet. Provides a wide range of services - from design to management and consulting. If you are completely unable to create content yourself, feel free to use the services of freelancers.


http://oliveaclub.ru — free service for maintaining and accounting for advertising campaigns.


https://allsocial.ru/communities — another free service for finding communities by topic, expansion and other basic statistics.


VivaVideo — application for smartphones with which you can edit videos. Convenient interface, all the most necessary functions. Very handy for creating creatives.


https://smmplanner.com — convenient service for deferred posting, allows you to add 100 posts per month.


Now let's talk about the specifics of posts.


1. It's good when you know the benefits of a product or advertising service. This might help you. But! In fact, people are more interested in seeing a product in action. Describe how to use what you are promoting — what benefit or profit a person will get from purchasing or registering on the site.


For example:




2. One of the best options is a short but capacious post with a picture and a call to action. Think over both the picture and the appeal. You only need to write one phrase, but one that will easily interest the user and make them follow the link.


An example would be phrases like:

  • I quit my job after a week

  • I leave the office forever, I started working with ...

  • I used XXX three times and forgot about the problem forever.

3. Another way to get attention is to write a post review. Most heartbreaking. You are posting on behalf of an ordinary user who describes his whole hard life before your proposal and fabulous — after.





What will traffic arbitrage from VK bring you?


Firstly, your earnings will depend only on you. Get bad design and write mediocre text — you lose. Cry with joy yourself when you see your post — win.


Nobody says that you need to spend a million to make money. Realistically work with little investment. Just do everything so that you buy it yourself.


Probably, success will not come immediately, and you will lose some amount to gain experience. But there is no success without defeat, keep trying.


The amount of your commission depends on the conditions of the specific offer of the CPA network.


Professional affiliate marketers earn up to several tens of thousands of rubles a day. For the most part, marketers are cool creatives and subtle psychologists. VK is just one of many traffic sources. However, having understood it, you can also easily enter the TOP.


We, the team of the best in our business, Gambling.pro generate traffic to gambling and advise you. Please contact us, we will always help you not only to determine the best traffic source, but also give you advice on how to work profitably!


If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


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Webmaster's time management


Life is hard for a webmaster, especially in the context of time management. Today we’ll tell you what “arbitration” time management is, how it differs from regular planning, and why it is difficult to manage time in our field.


Let's start with the fact that the work of any affiliate marketer (especially a beginner) is full of unpredictability. The market in which we operate is very labile. It is important to understand that the differences are both for the better and for the worse. In addition, the work of any webmaster is often not standardized. It is not limited to a 9-hour office day. This is round-the-clock monitoring of everything that happens.


In this regard, there are the most common problems that everyone faced, let's discuss them and find out how to get rid of them.


Lack of time for personal life

Inability to organize the workflow

Difficulty in prioritizing


The main thing to understand, being an affiliate marketer is work. Sitting with a laptop, you can be distracted - this is the first difficulty. If you really want to make money, and not just test and lose money, consider your activity as a job. Set aside a certain number of hours each day to work, determine when you start and when you end the work day. Use the computer only for its intended purpose during these hours. Don't watch videos on YouTube, don't check Instagram, don't look for memes. Just work. The less distracted you are, the faster you get done. One big break, like everyone else, should only be for lunch. Put your phone away. You don't need to answer all your friends' questions about how you are doing and why you are silent. You are silent because you are working now.


If you're just getting started, you might think that affiliate marketers are chilling on the coast. Yes, some chill, but these are those who have already organized their work, and they do not procrastinate, but allow themselves to rest before the next job. So all those who want to #donothing, just pass by.


The second main point is that although this work is very unstable (in time), you need to organize your day. Start from the beginning. Set a goal. Think of ways to achieve it.


make a list of tasks that contribute to the achievement of your goals;

categorize them according to their importance;

set deadlines for each task;

organize your tasks.


What if you have made a plan and are following it, but a new task appears?


Answer: revise the plan, adjust the priorities. Perhaps the new task is not so urgent. Then you won't have to change your daily routine.


Next, about the breaks. Breaks are necessary, but they must be correct. Psychologists say that when a person interrupts in the middle of work and begins to rest, let's say 15 minutes, then he needs another 15 minutes to return to work. That is why you need to pause correctly. Not in the middle of solving a problem, but, say, in the interval between tasks. Be sure to set aside an hour for lunch. At this time, in no case go to the computer, this is your well-deserved rest. We don't even recommend taking your phone. You have an hour to rest.


What is important to our work? And what should be in the plan of the day? That's right, watching the news. It is important for us to always be aware of events, any situation, any hype. You don't know anything about the industry — not an affiliate marketer. “On the wave” is the key phrase. Accordingly, it is ideal to start your day by watching the news.


Traffic arbitrage is a business. You can make good money on it, but good money requires an appropriate attitude. Options "and so it goes" will not work. If you want to be among the best, you need to think like the best. Organize your time, manage it. You control your day, not he you. It is these easy principles that will help you to treat your work correctly and make a profit, not lose ?

If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


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Good afternoon. Today we would like to present you new GEOs for the Vulkanbet offer, which is familiar to many webmasters. 

Bonus - conversion rates for apps from Facebook for the last 14 days.


Poland - 31% click2reg, 14% reg2dep

Portugal - 19% click2reg, 15% reg2dep

Germany - 26% click2reg, 11% reg2dep


VulkanBET - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1641

Bid and paid goal: 60$ per mindep

GEO: Portugal

Minimum deposit: 5 euro

Test limit: 20 fd


VulkanBET - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1642

Bid and paid goal: 140$ per mindep

GEO: Germany

Minimum deposit: 5 euro

Test limit: 20 fd


VulkanBET - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1643

Bid and paid goal: 75$ per mindep

GEO: Poland

Minimum deposit: 5 euro

Test limit: 20 fd



Easy and fast registration

Betting + Casino

Payment for min dep


If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


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TOP 6 applications to help organize webmaster's time management


1. The most basic and simple place to start with is a yellow notebook. Yes, this may not be the software you expected. But it really works. Since there is a lot of work in your life at the PC, it will be quite convenient to write down all the work moments in the diary.




2. If you don’t want the "classic", then there is a pretty good analogue, the Time PLANNER attachment. Download it to your iPhone (free and PRO version available for $ 4.99). The program combines the functions of a task manager with reminders and a time control tool that allows you to analyze work activity over a certain period of time.



3.The second app for ios and android is Todoist. A convenient application in which you can enter cases of any importance (buy food, hold a meeting, etc.). You can add tasks, label them, set priorities, and even filter by personal and delegated.




4. Another suitable app for your Android might be Sectograph. This app works like a widget (appears on your phone screen) and resembles an analog clock that syncs with Google Calendar. All scheduled tasks will be displayed right on the watch face and you will receive reminders of important plans.




5.Now let's move on to services. Trello is a project management software. You can add multiple performers and keep track of your tasks and the tasks of other people. Convenient because you can add an unlimited number of people and tasks. Available as an app and on the web.




6.Wunderlist. Perfect for personal affairs and work. You can view other people's public lists, share your own, add comments, and set tasks. Available for PC and gadgets.




There are thousands of similar programs, and among them you can find those that are convenient for you. We have collected applications that we like and which we actively use in our work.


And do not forget that in any planner, “work with Gambling.pro” should always come first)))

If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


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Don't do this when working with Gambling offers


Many webmasters are attracted by gambling offers, it's understandable why — when they hit the target audience, paid goals are achieved quite simply, and the payments for them are huge, compared to other offers with similar goals.


For example:


CPL games, for registrations, where payouts range from ~30 to ~150 rubles, or CPL casinos with payouts from ~150 to ~1500+ rubles.


CPA games with a more difficult goal (active player, minimum donation, etc.), from ~100 to ~600 rubles and, in contrast, casinos for CPA (also for an active player, or a deposit of 50-300 rubles) payments leave from ~1000 to ~15000+ rubles.


Game offers on RevShare (% of purchases in the game) are also not as profitable as traffic to the casino, bets or options, where people contribute much more money and, accordingly, bring more profit to the webmaster.


What will you pick out? ?


ROI 800%+ on Vulcan Casino offers, for example (although many people work with it) — it is profitable, at least for my media buying and webmasters with whom I communicate.


This explains the increased interest in this area and the active participation of webmasters. We have a lot of good gambling suggestions now ?


But, unfortunately, not everything is so optimistic, and behind the high CR and high payouts are the responsibility and risk imposed by the advertiser on the webmaster, which not all webmasters realize.


Because some guys do bullshit. Outright bullshit. I look at this and do not understand - what do you want to get? 100% reject? ?


(!) Everyone, who works with gambling offers, should understand that the quality of your traffic is very important for advertisers. They are extremely scrupulous about the moment they check and evaluate the traffic they receive.


For some reason, some people think that if the advertiser puts in the conditions the payment of 5,000 rubles for the first replenishment of the player's deposit of 100 rubles, then he is crazy or a fool. And you can hit the jackpot - open more deposits, throw 100 rubles yourself, ask your friends, mom, dad ... and then withdraw 5,000 rubles for each deposit.


In such a situation, you always want to ask: "Are you kidding me?!"


They seem to seriously think that the advertiser, having paid 3-5 such deposits, spending 15000-25000 on it and receiving 300-500 rubles, will not think about stopping cooperation with such a traffic supplier?


And okay, if there are 3-5 such deposits, and maybe these webmasters will think of diluting their replenishment with live traffic in order to hide fraud.


But many pay off 50-100+ of such deposits, from which the advertiser has a butchered ?


What do you think? What are you hoping for? I sincerely try to understand these people, but I can't ?


In my network, as soon as such traffic is detected, it is immediately rejected and the webmaster is banned, despite the tears, threats and other circumstances.


I don’t believe in the story “I tried to cheat once, I'll no longer, I promise!” — as you will, you will just do it more carefully and it will be more difficult for me to find it. And no one needs extra problems, so the conversation is short.


By the way, not a big offtopic ? Many people write to me: “Why was I banned?”. If your account has been banned, then there is a reason for that. In my memory, the ban was by mistake only one time.


There are a lot of people who want to "make money" at the expense of the advertiser, but there are very few good advertisers on whose offers you can make a lot of money. Therefore, losing an advertiser or rejecting traffic from an unscrupulous webmaster is usually a matter for the advertiser.

P.S. I don’t know about other CPA networks, but I often personally track conversions that are canceled by the advertiser and check the grounds for rejecting. For example, traffic with a zero return rate is not paid.


There is also a class of gambling offers for registration (CPL) - this is completely different. Webmasters with bad traffic (users do not make deposits) are eager to receive payments for registrations.


Question: "Why?!"


They seem to be deliberately stupid, thinking that the final goal of the advertiser is registration. Not. This is not true.


The end goal of the advertiser is not registration or even the first deposit of funds.


The ultimate goal of any advertiser, both for casinos and for bets and options, is a gambling, paying — regular playing people, over 24 years old!


Now that we have sorted out the most idiotic situations, we will move on to easy stupidity.


Many don’t understand that it is impossible to generate motivated traffic and neglect it. Motivation can be different, of course, but write in your creatives: "Put 50 rubles and withdraw 500!" or “Fill out the registration form, make a minimum deposit and get instructions!” — not.


If we somewhere found a webmaster's creative with forbidden content — all traffic of this webmaster is rejected. And do not try to prove later that all the time you generated traffic from normal posts and decided to cheat once... It won't work. Don't prove it.


Why doesn't the advertiser like this kind of traffic? Because the user is motivated not to play in the casino, but for another purpose - making a minimum deposit or registering. Such “players” always show a low return rate, but the advertiser cannot estimate this indicator right away, this takes time (at least 3-5 days) during which a webmaster can generate 100+ bad customers who are likely to be rejected (with pain and hysterics). A philosophical question arises: who is to blame for this situation, the advertiser or the webmaster?


To be honest, I am on the advertiser's side in this matter, because a webmaster cannot generate motivated traffic by accident, he just hopes that his fraud will go unnoticed. However, this is deliberately stupid.


In addition to the very desperate, there are also good webmasters who periodically lose contact with the target audience, while generating the same traffic volumes, but not at all the traffic the advertiser agreed to pay for ? This is also bad, but not as bad as in previous cases; You can almost always fix everything by returning the old campaign settings, creatives, reducing the volume, etc. ?


And now, in order to finally dispel myths about fraud, I’ll write a part of what an advertiser pays attention to when analyzing your traffic:


All traffic is analyzed: registrations and deposits (even where the payment is only for deposits);


For registrations, they look at (on the first day and 3-5 days):


CR from click to registration, from registration to first deposit, from first deposit to replenishment of a deposit;

Activity, frequency of returns;

Site behavior;

The predominant type of action;

Uniformity of some conversion elements;

Percentage of email confirmations;

Percentage of open messages from spam mailings;

The number of first deposits;

The number of deposit replenishments;

First deposit and deposit replenishment amounts;


After 3-5 days and then another, after 14 and 30 days:


Player Return Rating;

The percentage of players returning from spam mailings;

The number of first deposits and replenishments of deposits from old registrations;

The amount of the first deposits and replenishment of deposits;


After 14 and 30 days:


Forecast for traffic payback time (when the advertiser's campaign reaches a positive ROI);


This is not all that the advertiser looks at, so I advise: work honestly, generate high-quality traffic, get higher payments for it, make ROI 100500% and get payments without a hold!


In the long term, honest cooperation is always more beneficial. 


Usually, when a new webmaster connects, the advertiser sets a payout rating for him, based on the fact that his traffic will fulfill a certain KPI in terms of payback period. Based on my experience of communicating with advertisers and working with various gambling offers, I can say that:


Traffic with a payback period of 12-8 months is considered not the best and is usually paid at a low rate, up to ~2000 rubles for CPA, and up to ~100 rubles for CPL;


Traffic showing payback at the level of 7-4 months is considered more or less good in quality and is paid at higher rates: from ~2000 to ~7000 rubles for CPA and ~200-600 rubles for CPL;


And for the best and most active traffic with a payback period of 12-1 weeks, you can demand from advertisers sky-high rates ~8000-15000+ rubles for CPA and 700-1500+ rubles for CPL;


It is much more important (to find a high-quality source, good creative, the desired target audience) to get traffic that the advertiser will like and receive 12,000 for 1 deposit than to generate questionable traffic with a low rate.


As the quality improves, the traffic volume will decrease as the audience becomes smaller. But in terms of ROI, for example, 1 deposit = 12000, it will be the same as 3 depots of average quality for a rate of ~ 4000 or 6 depots on the verge of poor quality for a rate of ~ 2000.


About scaling. Many webmasters start pouring small amounts of high-quality live traffic and undergo an initial check of the advertiser, after which they are allowed to scale. But after they have been admitted, they begin to scale their campaigns to the wrong traffic with which they were tested ... As a result, the ROI of the advertiser's campaigns begins to fall rapidly, and the ROI of the publisher grows, but not for long ... Such partners are disconnected from all good offers, as the advertiser quickly notices the fraud.


A small appeal to those who like to play pranks. Remember, there are a limited number of advertisers in the market and they generate more profit than you and your questionable traffic. With your pranks, you will only achieve that good offers will become private and will be available only to “select” webmasters, and the rest will only have Revshare)


Quality control of traffic in CPA networks coming from third-party web sites is getting tougher every day. Advertisers are already introducing new anti-fraud systems and bans for hardware ? Soon, all fraud lovers will be automatically blocked by advertisers.


Some webmasters write to me that they do not receive test leads)) How to understand if this is a problem with you and not with the advertiser?) Just give a referral link to another person (it is desirable that he is far enough from you) - if the lead came, then the offer is working fine, but you were blocked.


Thank you all for your attention, I hope you liked our case and was useful = ^. ^ =


If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755


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Practical manual for Gambling


Hello! About a year ago, I posted a Gambling manual on my blog, in which I described in detail how to work with offers in this vertical.


A few months later, I once again revised and supplemented my manual, namely, its practical part. I added several important descriptions of the goals, gave examples of statistics for specific sources and approaches, where real conversion rates and EPCs for the most popular offers of this topic can be seen on a scale.


Until now, this work has not been public, because it was posted by CPAclub, for local celestials ?


Today, waking up in the morning in a great mood, I thought, why not disclose this information in my blog? Nobody reads it anyway XD


I also decided to supplement the manual again, and add new methods that I have come up with recently.


So, I present an updated gambling manual, the most complete version that is))


Target audience selection for Gambling offers (who to look for — target audience portrait)


If you think that the gambling audience is homeless people who are looking for income, then you are very mistaken! And this is proved by almost 2 years of my work in this field.


The gambling audience — is entertainment: adult sites, online cinemas, game portals, torrents, and more, you can use the topic of earning very carefully.


If you work directly with sites or through a teaser network, then keep in mind that movie platforms, adult sites and entertainment sites work best. In terms of quality, they also show good results.


In terms of target audiences, I have 2 main vectors: the first is balanced, self-sufficient people who play in casinos and other games for pleasure; the second — impulsive, emotional and gamblers.


Accordingly, the approaches to these two target audiences are different. For the former, information about licensed scripts is important, for example; the latter will respond even to a simple deposit bonus.


People who play in casinos often play other online games, donate money and get no real value. They deposit money for fun.


These are people who are bored and looking for a way to have fun, to spend time. They are not puzzled by the problem of "what to live on", they have money. Not that much, but enough for life and entertainment: the same trips to the cinema, online games and casinos.


People with a lack of money are not the target audience of the casino. Think for yourself - will a person invest his last money in dubious ways of earning money if he is hungry? No. Or - this is an idiot whose instinct for self-preservation has atrophied. I'm sure there are such people and there are quite a few of them, but the quality of this traffic will most likely not suit the advertiser, since having lost the last money this player will no longer return to the advertiser's site.


Portrait of the average player.


Men of active age (from 24 to 45 years old) with a job. Such an age audience has more free funds at their personal disposal, and the younger the audience, the lower the solvency.


The typical gambler loves to relax after working with a bottle of beer in front of the monitor with his favorite slot machines. The casino is always at hand, the chance to win and withdraw money in a convenient way is also. Support operators or personal VIP-managers will also help brighten up the evening, who, in addition to active work, can also be a psychologist or a person to whom you can express any thoughts (colleagues, wife, etc. will not know about this). A casino player may be addicted to computer games.


The main motives of the players:


1. Gambling addiction;

2. The only (or preferred) way of earning money;

3. The presence of its own system of play, strategy, desire to test it;

4. Desire to earn some money and spend it on other entertainment and girls;


If we work on a broad target and analyze the age of active players, then we can see the following picture: men aged 18 to 25 — 10%, from 25 to 40-70%, and — 20%


If you work in all categories of interests, then the following work best: cinema, adult and dating, social networks, entertainment. Worse, but you can try too: games, work, finance, cars.


If you split all the landings of all possible advertisers, then responsive pages, which load quickly and on which the player receives some significant bonus, definitely work best.


If you split all kinds of approaches for pre-landers, then the best results are shown by pages where all information is presented to the user as natively as possible! 


Use all sorts of tricks: arrange controversy and throw off links in the comments, give people the opportunity to deceive you or make them search and find the information you need, direct them on the right path, forward, to conversion! But do everything so that they think that they will make the decision themselves, without anyone's help.


As for "deceiving you"... I’ve a mini-case, from which I’ll tell only a part, but the main one!


Somehow I used a transit, in which I offered a person to download a training book for 3,000 rubles, which will 100% allow him to learn how to win amounts from 500 to 10,000 per day in a casino. Under the description of the book there was a button "Pay" and just below it, a gray, inactive button "Download", and right under the button "Download" was written nonsense, such as:


...<?php if (isset($_POST['Cкачать']) {// https://gambl.com/download_book}?>...


Which clearly made it clear that the link with valuable information, hidden under the button, for which you have to pay, is here in absolutely free access, due to some error on the site. O_o


And what do you think? People like mad downloaded the second part of the pre-land and read it with great interest: D


And I would like to say a few more words about female traffic.


There are no conversion statistics, because Gender is not indicated during user registration, but according to information from advertisers with whom I worked, there are many women among high rollers and VIP players and they are even more susceptible to gambling addiction.


That is, you can work with female traffic, but be careful ? I think that we need to think over a separate approach for it.

Creatives (most important)

I would not say that in Gambling you need to worry too much about creatives, in terms of teasers / banners / posts and other promotions (there is no talk of pre-landers here, there you just need to think about creatives and think over a strategy for collecting the maximum data about traffic: mail, retargeting). And in the ads themselves, you just need to observe a number of restrictions and not do anything that will attract the wrong target audience.


Do not promise quick money, do not use the word "free" (deposit, for example), exclude "earnings on the Internet" and similar messages — this attracts the wrong target audience.


Do not use the amount of deposits in creatives and do not write motivating phrases — this can lead to a reject.


Otherwise, you can do whatever you want to increase your CTR and EPC.


Landing Pages

What works well on pre-landers?


I want to say right away that below I give the approaches that I myself use. But (!) I never or almost never use them in their pure form. I mix these approaches together. I can use 2 pre-landers, for example. Send traffic from news to a blog, collect emails there, further to Telegram, and already there, for example, modify the rest of the traffic by other methods.


So what comes on pre-landers? Let's analyze the description of the methods.


1. News stories — about how someone won in a casino. But all this must be hidden inside another story, indirectly related or caused by the win. So that the winning itself is not the main theme, but implied.


Or a story about how a lot of people were surprised by a certain event. For example: “secret information about the way of making money at the casino has got on the Internet... People are mad and quit their jobs. The casino owners are in a panic - how to save their business from the influx of "lucky" gamblers is not yet clear... People continue to win every day and in a hurry to withdraw funds to their online wallets... ". I think you get the point ?


Variations of the news approach with an element of powerful social proof also work. Imagine!


An example of such news:


In Moscow, in broad daylight, near the exit of the Kitay-Gorod metro station (in the very heart of the capital), a cash-in-transit car was robbed, passing along the route between bank branches.


The police arrived at the scene 7 minutes after the crime was committed, but the criminals had already managed to escape from the scene in an unknown direction. The police gave out an orientation around the city and after 25 minutes, not far from the crime scene, a man was detained, in his bag there were 850,000 rubles.


The man did not offer resistance during the arrest, but during interrogation he said that he had nothing to do with what had happened. He carried money to this bank, and accumulated this amount over the past 4 months, playing in an online casino.


“And it’s good that I didn't have time to give it to the bank!” The man said during interrogation...


I think it's clear how the events developed further in this story. You can think of a lot of such incidents, since money gives a certain freedom even here - you can come up with much more stories indirectly related to money than, for example, with pills for potency)


2. Blogs of successful players — something from a series of product pre-landings, but about casinos. The page on which a person shares his real experience and success, talking about different methods of making money on the Internet. The stories can be very different, but we must not forget about the main thing: native, native and again native. Everything should be designed as discreetly as possible and cause a minimum of controversy. All targets that you set in the text and page design should not be intrusive. Everything should be hidden, read between the lines.


3. Pre-lands of adult themes. I recently had a whole article about this approach. Anyone who wants to get acquainted with the approaches of this topic - I recommend reading it! Everything is detailed there. Link to article → https://vk.com/@blondemind-konvertiruem-adult-trafik-na-gambling 


4. Telegram channels and chats — a topic that is only a couple of months old. It has the least data and most disputes about the quality of traffic. This tool can be used in different ways. Someone uses this as an independent method, I use it as a tool for collecting an active target audience and increasing traffic.


An example of using Telegram as an independent approach:


Create a channel on behalf of a person or organization; place several conversion posts there, which will act as heating pages for traffic; and catch up with an active target audience by purchasing advertising for the channel in any sources convenient for you. People will subscribe and subscribe to the first posts. Those who do not convert and unsubscribe will be able to try to finish off in a few days by posting a new modification of the old "way to get rich".


You can connect a live bot, get used to the role of a casino manager and communicate directly with your traffic.


An example of using mixed methods:


Let's say you buy advertising on your domain, on which the site with the article hangs, where you work “cleanly”, get to know the target audience, collect their contacts (emails, Skype, phones - whatever you want) and collect the retargeting database.


On the collected contacts, for example, by emails, you can send people whatever you want that the teaser network moderation would not miss. This is where the conversion starts!


You can already start carefully promoting your casino referral link by email and invite people to join your community in telegrams, which is hidden from law enforcement agencies and where you post even the most "dirty" methods of making money on online casinos ?


In general, decide for yourself how to use this method. Both options work!


By the way, in many advertising sources, links to the Telegram channel are moderated by autoapprove.


What else is an endless source of traffic?


The belief of the players that luck will smile at them today. At the same time, the player must be in control of the situation - for example, he must understand that he is playing according to a strategy, scheme, uses various techniques for playing in a casino, changes games, etc.


The best casino player is the one who believes that everything is under his control.


What else is desirable to do?


It is advisable to collect contacts of the audience and retargeting groups so that in the future you can again contact active users. This can greatly affect the quality of your traffic. If you, for example, will periodically send out mailings with promotions from advertisers to your database and thus encourage old customers to replenish their account again.


The conversion rate from retargeting campaigns is also quite high and can reach 30% from clicks to deposits. These campaigns generate less traffic, but they are much easier to launch because you already know the audience and know how to get them to act.

Statistics indicators (CR, EPC, time)

The average conversion rate of traffic from a casino, if you look at all sources, is 1:10 from registration to deposit. The conversion from clicks to registration depends on many factors. The indicators are influenced by creatives, landing pages, pre-landing pages, teasers, ad format, traffic type... Therefore, nothing concrete can be said without testing.


Although, something can be said for sure. The strongest offers on the market in terms of conversion from click to registration are Vulkan Casino offers.


In my opinion, the best of the multitude are Volcano Platinum, Volcano 24 and Volcano Grand.


There are a lot of registrations for these offers, the conversion from click to registration from Instagram is within 1 to 10; you can even convert 1:2-3, for example, for the offers Vulcan Platinum or Vulcan 24. And with contextual advertising for target words 1:2-4 is an average result ?


Other offers also work well, now you will see it with your own eyes. The bulk of webmasters are now working with Facebook and Instagram, after closed publics and mass liking in VK.








Contextual traffic statistics:






The above sources are the most popular for gambling offers.


Less competitive sources — SEO sites, teaser networks, clickunder traffic, classmates, mass liking in VK, emailing.


There are also statistics for these sources:








According to time statistics, everything is unchanged. Conversion varies greatly depending on the season.


In the fall-winter period, the most active days are Friday and weekends.


In the spring-summer period, on the contrary, the activity is lower on weekends, and evenly on weekdays (the peak falls on Friday).


Spring-summer period: Friday from 16 to 22 Moscow time is the most favorable time. From Saturday to Sunday, the activity is low (many are resting, active events, trips to rest, etc.). From Monday to Friday, smooth growth and peak on Friday.


Fall-winter period: The most activity is observed in the evening, but the peak falls on Friday and weekends; on weekdays, especially on Monday, activity is lower.


The conversion from registrations to deposits, as well as the number of high rollers, and, accordingly, the quality of your traffic, are highly dependent on GEO. All the figures that I gave above, as well as the average conversion rate of 1:10, are more applicable to Russia than to the CIS.


The most targeted GEO for Vulcan casino is Russia, because 95% of all high rollers come from this GEO. In the top in terms of converting to high rollers on RU GEO, of course, cities with a million people, headed by Moscow time and St. Petersburg. Conversion to high rollers for the rest of GEO: 3% - Kazakhstan and 2% - other countries.


In the CIS, the conversion from registrations to deposits is very different for the worse, and there are almost no high rollers at all:


All countries 1:30 (average). If we consider in detail, then:

1.Ukraine - 1:15+

2. Belarus - 1:20+

3. Kazakhstan - 1:25+

4. Armenia - 1:50+

5.Azerbaijan - 1:50+

6. Uzbekistan - Not worth working (always bad quality)

7. Kyrgyzstan - Not worth working (always bad quality)

8. Turkmenistan - Not worth working (always poor quality)

9. Tajikistan - not convertible

10. Moldova - not convertible


In general, it’s better not to work with some countries at all.


If you generate traffic on the CIS, work only with payouts for deposits! For registrations in the CIS, traffic very rarely passes KPI and usually does not suit the advertiser. In general, I would not recommend working only with the CIS, it is better to take the proportion of 70-80% of RU traffic and 20-30% of CIS.


By the way, I would like to say a few more words about the type of traffic. As strange as it may be, mobile traffic is converted many times better than desktop traffic (if the advertiser can process it normally). And not only in deposits but also VIP players. According to advertisers' statistics, the most paying traffic comes from iOS mobile devices. VIP player statistics are 70% mobile traffic and 30% desktop traffic.


Where to get traffic to Gambling?

When we generate traffic for gambling, we most of all want to find a balance between the price of traffic (for us) and the quality of traffic (for the advertiser). High rollers — gamblers who often make large deposits at casinos — can significantly affect your activity, as well as your bet. Where to find them and where are they most?


Of course, this is SEO traffic for keywords, contextual traffic from Yandex and organic traffic from iOS mobile applications.


Usually, for 300-700 first deposits comes 1 high roller — this very much depends on the traffic source. With SEO and contextual, organic sources, this figure will drop towards 300, and with clickunder traffic, for example, it will be about 700.


If you are looking for teaser ads, then there is Etarg with its own movie platforms. I think you can also try MarketGid. I know that many people work with VisitWeb. News DA and Oblivki will come in, but there may be problems with moderation.


Most people now generate traffic from Facebook and Instagram — these sources also show excellent results in terms of conversion and quality.


Any sources are suitable for gambling where you can find an audience based on the portrait of the target audience described above.



Most often, casinos are poured from Instagram publics.

FB and context - you will need to hide the traffic path here, but it's worth it.

Organic applications in the AppStore and GooglePlay — there is very little such traffic and it is very highly rated at 800-1000 rubles for registration and 6000-8000 rubles for a deposit.

SEO traffic from thematic resources is also not enough, and it is also very highly valued.

Mass Liking on VK is in last place, because he died. But it is not exactly))


What does traffic quality affect?

(!) Everyone who works with gambling offers should understand that the quality of your traffic is very important for advertisers. Advertisers are scrupulous when checking and evaluating traffic.


What affects the quality of traffic?


Traffic type + offer

Not all advertisers know how to handle mobile traffic. Because of this point, on some offers, it may seem that the quality of your traffic is very poor. This is, of course, more the problem of the advertiser than of the webmaster, but the problem goes to the second.


1. The advertiser's sales funnel is exactly what was written about above + letters to email, stimulating to make repeated deposits and affecting KPIs.

2. Age of target audience

3. Interests of the target audience

4. GEO — CIS envelope in deposits is worse (on average 1:30)

What you definitely shouldn't do

Just a reminder)

1. Don't target age under 21

2. Do not try to deceive the advertiser (fraud)

3. Do not scale to other sources (or do it from other accounts so that you are not completely disconnected)


That's all, about gambling. I have listed the main points and difficulties that await you when working with gambling offers ?

KPI of most Gambling offers. Prohibited traffic types

There was an article about it, almost a cry from the heart. There I described what exactly should not be done when working with this vertical.


I will duplicate the part about KPI below. What advertisers do, how do they analyze traffic:


All traffic and registrations and deposits advertisers analyzed (even where the payment is only for deposits);


For registrations (on the first day and 3-5 days):


CR from click to registration, from registration to first deposit, from first deposit to replenishment of a deposit;

Activity, frequency of returns;

Site behavior;

The predominant type of action;

Uniformity of some conversion elements;

Percentage of email confirmations;

Percentage of open messages from spam mailings;

The number of first deposits;

The number of deposit replenishments;

First deposit and deposit replenishment amounts;


After 3-5 days and After 14 and 30 days:


Player Return Rating;

The percentage of players returning from spam mailings;

The number of first deposits and replenishments of deposits from old registrations;

The amount of the first deposits and replenishment of deposits;


After 14 and 30 days:


Forecast for traffic payback time (when the advertiser's campaign reaches a positive ROI);


It is prohibited to use as traffic sources: Websites with tasks (boxes), motivated sources, all kinds of cheats.


In general, that's all.

You can find offers and the best conditions in Gambling.pro ?


I hope this material will help you start working with gambling! I love everyone,good luck ?


If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755

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