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Features of work with the target audience of Switzerland

Today we want to open another country for you. This is the birthplace of the most delicious cheese, the sharpest knives, the most accurate watches and, of course, the best chocolate. It is Switzerland. 

Switzerland is a country bordered by Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. There are several official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. 

In the list of countries by GDP Switzerland is in 19th place, and the income level of the population is one of the highest in the world. Switzerland is a world leader in gold refining, and the country's main economic resources are industry and trade.

Let's start with the history. Gambling appeared in Switzerland quite a long time ago, as in many other European countries. However, the real casino appeared in this country in 1804, when the first casino room was opened in Lugano. Anybody who has been to Switzerland knows that the country is divided into cantons, they are administrative-territorial units. The state did not control the first gambling houses, but the cantons made rules for them. In 1872 Germany closed all casinos in the country and this, of course, impacted on Switzerland. In 1874 a ban on gambling was added to the Constitution. This was done in order to stop the Germans from going to Switzerland and spending their money. However, there was one trick. At that time there were no concepts of “casino” and “gambling house” and that's why enterprising Swiss still managed to play cards and other games for money. So in 1920 another provision was written in the Constitution according to which the cantons have officially received the right to regulate the activities of gambling houses in their territories. 

Actually, canton in Switzerland is sacred. There is even a good joke and the locals love it:
An English boy, a Norwegian boy, a French girl and a Swiss girl were discussing where babies come from:
“It is the stork,” said the English boy, “he brings them in a sling.”
“No, no, babies hang on Christmas trees”, said the Norwegian boy.
“Babies in France are found among the cabbages”, said the French girl. “How is it in Switzerland?”
“It depends on the canton”, replied the Swiss girl.

Let's go back to the history of casino legalization: no other amendments were made until 2000. However, after much thought and discussion, the authorities passed the law on gambling and gambling houses and finally legalized that sector. So today the casino must get two permits from the Federal government and only after that it has the right to open its doors to guests. Moreover, Switzerland has not restricted the financing of casinos by foreigners and for people with big money, this is a great opportunity for a prestigious investment.

As you know, Switzerland is famous for its mountain resorts, which are associated with the luxurious life of wealthy people, so a large number of casinos are open precisely in these resorts. All casinos in the country are divided into classes and the most prestigious classes are considered “A” and " E”. Of course, Switzerland is not American Las Vegas but today the number of casinos per capita in the country is one of the highest in the world.

What can we say about online gambling in the country? It was legalized recently, in 2017. Players' winnings are taxed only if the amount of winnings exceeds $ 1 million.

Why do we like the Swiss? And why is it interesting to work with them?

Well, first of all, the Swiss love online casinos because, as in many other European countries, casinos are not just entertainment, they are a way of life. And in order to go to the gambling house, you need to dress specially and prepare, because there's a different life behind the casino doors. So it is much easier to load the site. 
90% of the population are network users and 70% of them prefer to use mobile Internet.
The Swiss are very, very constant. They like to buy the same juice for tomorrow all their lives, they don't like to change jobs and they are friends with the same people for years. So if we lure them to the casino, and it's convenient for them, it's for a long time.
Swiss people respect their holidays. They do not make noise even with vacuum cleaners on weekends. They like to spend their time reading a good book, taking a long Sunday walk, or methodically preparing dinner. They value every second of their day off. So the excitement is not perceived as a way to earn and the game is relaxation and pleasure.
The Swiss are not quick. They are in no hurry to live, they systematically and confidently climb the career ladder, that's why they can be easily attracted by improving the quality of life but not by quick earnings .

As for social networks in Switzerland, everything is trivial and identical to France:
- Facebook is the most popular social network in the country.
- SkyRock is a French social network that is actively used by the Swiss, it has been functioning since 2002 and it is one of the ten most popular social networks in the world. The network has over 2 million users.
- Instagram.
- And Telegram which is used for transmission of any type of content, also for moderation of its own channels.

If you want to work with Swiss offers, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max 

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Features of work with the target audience of Mexico

Mexico is a country in North America with a population of about 130 million people.

Mexico is an industrial and agricultural country, one of the most economically developed in America. The country is actively producing oil, natural gas (one of the leading places in America), iron ore, sulfur, antimony, mercury and graphite ores.

As for the Internet, the number of users is 65.3% of all residents. Most often, residents of the country go online using mobile phones, which is especially important to consider when working with them.

What is the situation in the gambling market?

Until 2006, gambling in Mexico was not as common as it is now. At that time, there were about 200 casinos, and now their number is about 800. However, many casinos in Mexico are not legalized and operate without proper documents. The reasons for this lie in the obstacle of the Catholic Church to the development of the gambling industry and in the policy of the state.

Nowadays, Mexico has developed several bills relating to the full legalization of gambling. And one of these projects involves attracting foreign investment in the construction of a casino (up to 50% of the project cost), stipulates the taxation of gambling establishments (18% of income) and the distribution of funds received. Why does the government believe that the issue of legalization of gambling establishments is so important? Because, as mentioned earlier, most casinos operate illegally, every day they attract the entire criminal environment of the country, who ultimately has a very negative impact on the safety of players. All those who want to play, but don’t want to risk with their lives - choose a casino in hotels. Such places guarantee both excitement and safety.

As you know, casinos at hotels are very popular among tourists, but the locals, as a rule, have a more interesting choice – illegal slots or online casinos.

Mexico is the fastest growing online gambling market in Latin America, generating $ 300 million a year. However, not everything is so perfect. Local residents are not allowed to use the sites so popular among gamblers - online poker and other gambling. These sites are targeted at wealthier foreigners. Locals bypass all these bans using their mobile phones to play. However, the government has plans to block all unlicensed operators. Another way to test your luck, which is used by Mexicans-a game on foreign sites. Many of the online resources offer their services in Spanish, and some of them are specifically designed for the Mexican player.

As you can see, the Mexican market is more than attractive to us. Now, by tradition, let's look at the Mexican player. Who are they?

- Mexicans are very funny, they like to celebrate holidays. They enjoy national dates, borrowed fests, and religious ones.
- Mexicans are leisurely, they will never do anything in the bustle.
- They love football. It is played by both men and women, and children, and from an early age. They make bets, argue with each other, who will win, desperately rooting for their favorites.
- Mexicans are very generous. They tend to overspend, even if these amounts are not so large.

Now let's discuss what social networks are popular in the country?

- The first and very dear to the Mexicans is the social network Twitter. This is where they read the news, and trust this source more than others.
- The second most popular social network is Facebook. It is used for communication and to share all personal news.
- In large cities of Mexico, there are also special messengers, residents use them mainly to communicate with local authorities and to give information about the drug trade.

So, we visited Mexico. We are sure that you will be able to work with this geo and in the future you will fly to this colorful, original country. Further-more...and there are still lots of countries)

If you want to work with Mexican offers, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Foreign VS Russian offers. Which one is A №1?

"What offers are more profitable to work with, foreign on russian ones?"

Runet is a very attractive place for many webmasters, here everything is different, everyone speaks their native language, here, as many people think, there are no problems than with foreign offers. But why everyone is still tend to work with foreign offers?

We will explain everything in order…

The first and, in our opinion, the most important reason is money! No matter how long you have been working, a couple of days or a couple of years, foreign GEO will pay more. If in the Internet you can get about $6 - 9 for confirmed lead in the retail sector, abroad you can earn $20 - $ 50 per confirmed lead, and even more!
As for gambling, the average price in Runet usually varies between $40-70 per lead, and the bourgeois is 2-3 times more - $ 70-250 per active player! And so in all verticals.
The second reason is the audience. According to the latest data, the Internet audience of Russia is 109.5 million people, which is only slightly more than 2% of the entire foreign audience in the world. We have to improve, don’t we?
More audience, more opportunities to scale, the less the audience - less. The tie  is quite simple: D
The third reason is a person's income. I think no one will argue with the fact that the standard of living of the average "foreign resident" is higher than in Russia. And this fact means they can spend more on themselves. Moreover, online stores have appeared before and have already gained much more confidence than in Russia.
Of course, it is necessary to understand that the competition for foreign GEO is higher, but since the target audience is sooo large, then you should not worry - there are enough leads for everyone!
If we sum up a little, foreign offers are much more profitable and will bring much more profit than the ru - offers, but this is subject to persistent and high-quality processing of the target audience, of course.

A little tip: If you are a novice or you have a small budget, you should not immediately climb into the top GEO, it is better to try cheap and little-known GEO, where the competition will definitely be lower.

"Is there a difference in target audiences and methods of promotion? Or is it the same as ours?"
Experienced webmasters say that there is no difference. There are exactly the same people who want to quickly date with someone, win millions in the casino, lose 45 + kg per month, and in general they want a lot of things. There are so many offers, the main thing is not to get lost.
You will be required the same skills as in Runet - consistency, analytics, money in the turnover and quite specific actions to achieve a goal.
Prelanding, creatives and the style of work are almost indistinguishable from the buying of our dear Russian offers.
But still, before you go abroad, we recommend to look through the various thematic forums and groups. After all, you need to know what verticals go better and which are worse. From our own experience, we can say that the vertical Gambling shows excellent results in almost all countries of the world, from the poorest to the richest! :)
When working with other verticals, in order to select the most suitable offer you can rely on simple, we would even say household features of the mentality in the selected country, or other features specific to this GEO.
Maybe the country has any problems with the environment. For example, in some Chinese cities the air is very polluted. In offices, people do not open windows, the air is supplied by air conditioning. Tap water is dangerous for health because of its contamination. We can assume that the offers that will help to solve such serious problems of citizens will be of great interest :)
For example, in North Korea (and Vietnam), girls never purposefully sunbathe. Light skin for them is a necessity, so there is a huge demand for various creams that will help make the skin lighter in several tones. Also there is very common plastic surgery. But why go under the knife when there is our miracle tool that will make your breast bigger, correct the shape of butt and breast?!

In Thailand there is the most pliable audience for the sale of various medicinal drugs and cosmetics. This should be used!
In Japan white is considered the color of mourning. The coffin should be white, the whole funeral procession should also be dressed in white. In Turkey, this color is purple. Such "nuances" should be taken into account when creating various ads.
And finally... In Russia, the peak of views is the time when a person gets home after a working day on public transport. In foreign countries, people often use private transport, where it is not always convenient to look at the phone and look for something. And there are a lot of such nuances, you need to be ready for them.
Look for pre-landing that may have been done before, on similar or even the same product under the selected or other GEO, at what time, and how these goods were sold, the more information you have, the more chances to achieve success.

"Well, OK, and are there any other tips so I will not waste all the money?"
1. Choose a good affiliate program!
You will be in constant contact with it. But which offer is better? What is relevant now? What do you recommend? Someone has to answer all these questions. And it’s better to have a fast reply and not once a day, as it happens :)
If you have very big problems with the English language, but you stubbornly want to work with foreign affiliate program, it is better to look for an affiliate program with Russian support.

Many affiliate programs willingly provide their partners with information about the regions that are worth trying, about profitable offers, make various tops of offers for the week and month, and spread statistical information that will greatly help you with the initial launch of a new advertising campaign.

2. Do not be afraid of another language and the fact that you do not know it!
You do not need a lot of time and effort to find a couple of template phrases in the dictionary and translate them in Google translator into the desired language or hire a freelancer who will quickly perform any of your tasks for a small fee.
If you decide to hire a freelancer or translator, it is desirable that it will be a native speaker, a representative of your target audience, as he will be able to add slang expressions that will revive your creativity.
Correct translation plays a very important role and can significantly improve your CR. Your translation should definitely be better than the description of some products on AliExpress ?
You should also pay attention to various public and forums in which you can find a lot of information on ads, offers, and in general to learn about any nuances that can trap you on various GEO.
At least - you can always contact us with all your interesting questions. Managers, supports and top webmasters who are working in our team will always be able to turn you out to be success stories and to put on a path that will lead to a large number of conversions abroad! Especially on Gambling…:)

3. Understand the mentality of the audience!
There are lots of various features in each GEO that can help both attract traffic and scare it. All this should be taken into account when creating ads and advertising campaigns. Do not be lazy to read various articles, additional information is not superfluous :)

4. We managed to do this so you will be able as well!

If you want to work with us, please, text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Features of work with the target audience of Turkey

Turkey is a wonderful country located in Western Asia and southern Europe. The population is 79.4 million people. the official language is Turkish. The country is home to different nationalities besides the Turks, including Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, Kurds, Crimean Tatars, as well as Georgians, Albanians, Uzbeks and Azerbaijanis. Religion is legally separated from the state, and everyone has the right to profess any religion, however, the majority of the population are Muslims.

What are the activities of the citizens? - They are mainly engaged in the tourism sector, it is one of the fastest growing industries in the country's economy.

The number of Internet users is 72.9%, their age varies from 16 to 74 years. At the same time, a little more than 50% of users prefer desktop computers to access the network.

What is the situation with casinos in Turkey?
As in Russia a few years ago the government adopted a law to ban gambling in the country. First of all, it is connected with religion, the state sincerely tries to protect its citizens from sin. However, when a few years ago, Turkey dramatically lost a large number of tourists due to the fact that many of them were going to play in the casino, the authorities decided that there should be some casinos but only in large prestigious hotels. Since then, the Turks themselves began to grieve, because they could not afford to come to an expensive hotel and play in foreign currency. Then online casinos came to the rescue. All Turkish casinos have launched a rapid activity on the Internet. When the authorities realized that they had failed to regulate this sphere of activity, they began to actively close hundreds of online poker and other gambling sites. According to the law, those operators who are violators are obliged to pay from 100 thousand to 500 thousand Turkish liras. The police has a specialized unit that monitors this kind of illegal activity. Nowadays, the Turkish authorities are well aware of what huge sums they lose every year, so they do not stop discussing the legalization and prohibition of gambling in the country. It is very likely that in the near future the situation will change in a more favorable direction for the players. At the moment, the Turks bypass all prohibitions using mobile versions of foreign providers, this is the most convenient and successful way to play.

Why do we enjoy working with the Turkish player? What are their features?
We would like to emphasize that now we will not talk about those Turks who work in hotels as beach-boys and bartenders, we will talk about the total mass of local residents.

The Turks value their families very much. They are very attentive to the desires and feelings of their wives, always listen to them.
The Turks are very temperamental and romantic. They can be described by the phrase: “Shoot for Mars, settle for Venus.”
Millions of Turks are really ready to lose money, online casinos are often visited by quite wealthy men. They come to play not for money, but for pleasure.
It is important to understand that even though the Turks are Muslims, most of their rituals they perform as a tribute to history. Their religiosity is more of a tradition than a faith. That is why many Turks drink, play cards and eat pork. (Again, we are talking about a larger mass of secular population).
The Turks are very sociable, they constantly communicate. They are ready to answer any of your questions, but they themselves will ask at least a hundred:)
Turkish men love football, they actively discuss matches, games and follow all world events.
Turks live one day. One story on the subject, taken from real life. The Englishman had a restaurant in Antalya, of course-the Turks worked in it. After he gave the salary, as it should be, all the penny and in time, he was approached by the Turkish Manager who said - "What have you done, you can not give employees the entire salary, because half of them will not come to work tomorrow...". Many of the workers did not come to work the next day. It turns out that it is necessary to give only a part of the salary, then the employee will have an incentive to go to work, because if something happens – they won’t be paid, otherwise –they already have money, so there is no reason to attend the workplace.
And one more thing that is important for working with this GEO: it is better not to count on the female audience. Girls in all possible ways try to emphasize their commitment to these traditions. And they will never visit the casino, on the contrary, will closely monitor their husbands.

So we have visited another wonderful country. Opened you another GEO, which can be cool to work with. And now, when talking about Turkey, you will remember not only all-inclusive in Max Royal, but also how much you have earned on it:)))

If you want to work with Turkish offers, please, text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Features of work with the target audience of Poland
Poland is a country located in Central Europe with a population of nearly 38.5 million people. Poland's capital is Warsaw and the only official language is Polish.

Until the end of the 20th century, the country was part of the socialist bloc headed by the USSR and this affected the history of the country and its gambling business.

In Poland gambling has come a very long way before this business was legalized. It began in 1768 when an act of Parliament defined the specifics of taxation for ordinary lotteries. The lottery was held 2 times a month on Krasinski square and every time a huge crowd gathered to get a gift.

In 1920 the first gambling house was opened in Sopot. There were only a couple of tables and roulette in the room and employees were former military. A couple of years later the house grew significantly, it brought a lot of money to its owners, and even more money to the Public Treasury.

The official opening took place only in 1931: a small hotel with 25 rooms was built above the casino. The interior of the casino was decorated with the most expensive crystal, bronze and  sea water flowed from the taps. The king of Spain Alfonso XVIII, Greta Garbo, Erich Bochard and many others were in this casino. And all this celebration of life continued until the Second World War. Before 1990, gambling pulled out of Poland in all its forms.

After that the casino was opened in the famous Accor hotel, but that's another story. Today, there are 49 land-based casinos in the country. Approximately one million guests visit them  every year. 

In the country online gambling is regulated by the Ministry of Finance. Only 4 companies can work officially on the Polish market. However, in these companies the choice of games is not wide this is why the grey market exists. In 2017, the Polish Ministry of Finance published information according to which only 9% of users play on legal sites, also the total winnings of all players (on legal and illegal sites) is almost 6 million euros.

Despite all the bans, citizens gamble on the Internet. They use grey operators to send and receive money.

Why is it interesting and profitable for us to work with Poland?
When a famous Polish professor of psychiatry was asked to create a psychological profile of the Poles, he replied that they are pretentious, selfless, persistent and reckless during periods of success. That's the type of people we want - those who can be attracted by high emotions, success and impressions.
The head of the family is a man. Polish women are very conservative, the most important values for them are family and children. Men value work and friends. That's why they are the main target for us.
According to data for February 2019 the average salary in Poland amounted to more than 4600 złoty, and that's almost 1,400 dollars. So Poles are solvent audience.
As for the Internet in Poland,the situation is as follows: 65% of the population are network users, at the same time, 72% of them go online every day and 83% of them prefer to use mobile Internet.

About Social Media:
Facebook is the most popular social networking service in Poland. Poles communicate here.
Snapchat - in Poland, this platform has gathered an incredible number of fans.
Instagram is always in the top three, and Poland is not an exception.
YouTube is very popular among the population, Poles like to watch blogs and channels, as well as shoot videos.
And the fifth leader is Twitter.

Here we finish our story about Poland and we suggest you work with this GEO.

If you want to work with Polish offers, please,  text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max  

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Features of work with the target audience of Japan

Japan is a country in the Pacific ocean; a place where the sun rises. An amazing state with an amazing history. The capital of the country is Tokyo. The population of Japan exceeds 126 million people. It is a developed country with a very high standard of living (seventeenth place in the human development index). Japan has one of the highest life expectancy (82.12 years in 2009) and one of the lowest infant mortality rates.

In addition, this state is a great economic power and occupies the 3rd place in the world by nominal GDP.

In the population, a larger percentage are the Japanese themselves. National minorities include the Ryukyuans , Koreans, Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese Brazilians and Japanese Peruvians. The vast majority of Japanese practice Shintoism and Buddhism. The official language is Japanese.

The country is a surprisingly well-developed, advanced. And it is not surprising that almost 80% of the population are Internet users. 90% of Internet users are between the ages of 13 and 59. More preference is given to mobile traffic, namely 85%.

Now, by tradition, let's talk about gambling. In Japan any gambling is prohibited by the Criminal Code of the country. The only acceptable option to have fun are bets on horse racing and car racing. Lotteries and sweepstakes are held under special laws for entertainment purposes for the population, the income from such events is at the expense of the state or regional governments.

Of course, we understand that, as in any other country, the laws are designed to violate them. That is why the local Japanese organized criminal group, namely the Yakuza, are engaged in the organization of underground casinos. In particular, they organize commercial Mahjong tournaments where cash prizes are drawn. In addition, there are mobile gambling sites in Japan, most of which work without a license and hide their activities in all ways.

Nowadays, the public and government officials are discussing the legalization of casinos. However, a positive decision has not yet been made.

This GEO is the most attractive for foreign online casinos, because the state simply can not track their activities. That is why the Japanese use mobile applications for games and betting in bookmakers which are also banned in the country.

What can we tell you about the citizens of this country, so that you better understand your target audience?

The Japanese are considered one of the most hardworking nations. Their desire to work grows into a real workaholism. In Japanese there is even the word 過労死 / karōshi/, translated into Russian as " death from overwork”, and with this diagnosis in Japan about 10,000 people die every year. 
The Japanese are inquisitive and curious. They like to build theories, test them and test them to a victorious end.
A small difficulty may arise from the fact that the Japanese are law-abiding and fearful. They respect and love their country, and therefore they need to be convinced that there is nothing wrong with the casino, from which they are so carefully protected.
Solving certain problems, the Japanese act on the basis of their previous experience, and not by abstract constructions. Faced with difficult situations, they approach them from a utilitarian perspective. Many researchers of the Japanese national character emphasize that the Japanese immediately accept what is of practical value for them. This corresponds to a kind of Japanese logic of thinking: it is based more on the circumstances than on the given principles.

What social networks do the Japanese use every day?

1.Instagram is the first popular social network in the land of the rising sun. Basically, the Japanese spread their selfies and food, lots of food.

2.Facebook is very popular among residents. Here they mostly write huge posts about their lives, as well as communicate with their friends foreigners.

3.YouTube-well, the Japanese are fond of it. They like to create channels with video clips on the type of karaoke, so that others appreciate their talents. They love videos of car accidents on Russian roads. They even gave a name and created a tag – おそロシア(jap. osoroshia is a fusion of the words "osoroshi: “ – scary, frightening and ”roshia” - Russia“, respectively”frightening Russia").

4.NICONICO-the Japanese have their own version of YouTube. Here there are people who are fans of the anime, vocaloids, as there are lots of covers of high quality and beautiful video. Also here you can see the passage of games on smartphones, live broadcasts of programs, TV series, baseball games, etc.

5.AMEBA is a Japanese social network that focuses on the topic of blogging. Here you can read models, musicians and other famous people. Naturally all again in Japanese. Many Japanese and foreigners are sitting here because of the games. The most popular is called pigu,it is possible to create a character and a house for it, to perform tasks and get paid for it for different goods in the game, have fun and meet people, even stars!!

6. LINE is messenger, which is impossible to avoid, because every Japanese with the smartphone has Line. Not to have Line for Japanese is as amazing as not to have VK account for the Russian.

If you want to work with Japan offers, please, text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max  

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Manual: increase the income with revshare on gambling sites without increasing traffic

Hello, everyone, Artem Prokofiev is in touch.

Let's go!
This manual will be useful for those who make sites dedicated to casinos or betting: as a rule, these are reviewers, where we can find the ratings of casinos / bookmakers and special articles for "players".

For example:

1) The Pogg

2) VegasSlotsOnline

3) Tops Casino Online

I think it's enough to know which sites we're talking about. All these examples are dedicated to foreign countries, but russian people create same sites for russian market. Many of them are working with us, so we cannot show links to their resources. And everyone who doesn't work with us will be showed sooner or later :)))

We will not tell you in this manual how to create such a site, because while we are far from SEO promotion, we are real professionals in the monetization of these resources, because we know all the trends in the gambling market and actively buy advertising on such sites and convert traffic with ROI more than 100%. Now we write this manual, so each site owner could increase their income and, at least, think about choosing Gambling.pro as a reliable partner in gambling offers. Working with us, you would have learned about this topic lots of months ago, because all our partners have been earning almost twice as much from their sites than usual.

I will tell you how we have come to this approach in general, what kind of thoughts and knowledge helped us to develop this approach:

Fact 1: For the last 5 years Internet traffic has passed from desktop to mobile, everybody is watching sites from phones, 80%+ of traffic on the site is now mobile.

Fact 2: 70-80% of all mobile traffic is Android.

Fact 3: Working in other niches, we have found out that if a person installs a mobile application of a casino, he is 2 times more likely to return there, so he makes deposits oftener, which directly affects the income of a casino. The players more often come back because the application is always near and he is also getting push notifications, which can return him.

Now let's combine FACT #3 and think how we can introduce these people not just to the site, but also to mobile application? How can we make them come back more often.

The answer is simple: add a button to install the application instead of going to the casino site (you can use the Google icon), this button is shown only when we see that a person came from mobile traffic and with android, and as we understand from Fact #1 and #2 - it's about 60-70% of total traffic.

You want to know how to  get a mobile casino app because most brands don't have one. Especially the one which will register that player is attracted by you. There are 2 options to solve this problem:

1) Make your own .APK application, which in webview will open your referral link and in fact work as a browser, but it will be like an application on the desktop of the player's phone. When a person pushes the button, he starts downloading that app and then he has to install it. (You do not need to put the application into Play Market). 

2) (HIT!) Make a PWA application, when a player presses the button, the application will be immediately installed on the phone. PWA apps have a much better conversion rate than APK apps.

Test your application to see if it works properly. Mini checklist:

1) It is necessary to save the state of the built-in browser (webview) for the user (session, cookies, localstorage) and to restore it at the next opening of the site. SO THAT A PERSON DOES NOT HAVE TO LOG IN AGAIN

2) Insert Firebase and Onesignal SDK to be able to send push-notification with URL links

3) When a webview opens on top of the site, on the left there should always be a button back, which will open the previous page in the webview (roughly speaking, a user surfs the sections of the site in webview, and there is a button that will bring him back to the previous page) - BUTTON BACK IN WEBVIEW

4) When turning the phone, the browser must adapt

For all publishers Gambling.pro provides personal mobile applications .apk and PWA. Simply register and write to your manager that you would like to receive the app for offer and get it within 24 hours. We have more than 750 offers on any GEO (it is the biggest choice on the market and there is a lot of exclusivity for different countries, which have a very high conversion rates).

Add mobile app installation button to your ratings and increase the profit on mobile android traffic with 

Thank you all for your attention!

If you want to work with us, please, text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Search for bloggers on Instagram


Hi, guys! When working with Instagram, one of the steps is to search for bloggers who will post a story with a mention of your account with schemes.

We already wrote that in our work we use this service to find the right bloggers:


1. https://influencerdb.com/

ut let's take a closer look at how to find a blogger and make effective advertising.

Today Instagram strictly monitors and bans all illegal ways of promotion (mass following, mass liking, fraud - all these are outdated and forbidden ways of promotion). 


Why do we need bloggers and what do they give us?




1. The first and main thing is to attract an audience. A blogger recommends you, places a link to your account in his or her profile and gives the opportunity to subscribe to you.


2. Bloggers prepare the audience for your account. A blogger is a person who earns money from his or her audience, he/she gathers the audience long and painstakingly. If a blogger is really good, then he/she is able to influence the audience. Thus, a properly made ad will lead to you those people who are ready to take your information. 


3. In our case, increasing conversions is the ultimate goal of advertising.

We can get all these results only in collaboration with real work pages and their owners.


How we can search for bloggers in addition to services:


1. Use hashtags - first, think about what queries will be interesting to your target audience, enter them in the search and see what options you have. The TOP section contains photos that have received a large number of likes, usually they belong to popular bloggers.


2. Services - as we have already said, this is a fairly simple and effective option. You enter all the search parameters that you think are necessary for your future ads. The service will show you all possible options. After that, you will need to text all the owners and find out the placement price, analyze and agree on the ad.


3. Search for bloggers by GEO. You have to understand what audience you will be working with. It is unlikely that an Asian will be subscribed to a Russian person and the other way around. If the work is aimed at a foreign target audience - get ready to communicate in a foreign language.

!Important! Note that in most cases bloggers have another page to text them about PR. So, the probability of a response is extremely low if you just send them a message to the main page. Usually bloggers have a lot of different messages there, while their assistants solve all the issues on an additional page. Look for a link to this page in the profile description or in highlights stories. Another contact may be given there.


After you compile a list of bloggers, you need to analyze their accounts in more detail. You have to pay attention to:


1. Fraud and activity in the profile. If the page owner has 500k followers and 100 likes , this is not our option. Let it be 10K followers - but there will also be more than 1000 likes and different comments.


2. One more life hack - check if people who like photos and comment on posts on the account are subscribed. If most of them are not subscribed to the blog that they like, this is may be fraud.


3. Content - it should be diverse. Now you can run personal blogs on instagram. Check out the posts: are they interesting to you? Just a picture with a bunch of hashtags no longer attracts anyone. Posts should be written correctly, and topics should be interesting.


4. Who is this blogger? It is unlikely that a mom on maternity leave who writes about diapers can attract to you any players. And the other way around, a person who drives a Porsche and writes about his earnings, most likely, will not be able to adequately advertise infant formula. Focus on this.

How to check a blogger:

1. Telegram channels will help us. @badlistblogger - here you can find a list of all unscrupulous bloggers. In the search enter your nickname and if there is no yours, so this is good. @fromBerek - Olga Berek's channel. Today here you can find more than 700 reviews about different bloggers. Reviews can be positive or negative. The channel owner gives detailed comments about popular bloggers. The disadvantage of this verification option is that all reviews are only about Russian pages.

2. Instalogiya - https://t.me/instalogiya_chat, this is a chat where you can find new reviews about ads from different bloggers, and also bloggers post here a schedule of upcoming posts on Instagram.

3. Calculate ER (engagement rate). The basic formula looks like this: likes + comments / followers * 100%. To make the calculation plausible use 15-20 recent publications.

4. Check accounts for fraud. Use https://hypeauditor.com/ - this service does a good job. It shows detailed statistics on the audience.


5. Ask bloggers to send you screenshots with account statistics. (Here we hope for the integrity of the person). It's better to ask bloggers to send you screenshots of their stories statistics. This will not cause any questions if everything is ok with instagram profile.

What you should never do:

1. Do not work with accounts that post birds, cats and dogs. These pages are only for entertainment purposes. 

2. Do not work with accounts that have only beautiful photos. The main strength of a blogger is the ability to influence the audience. No communication with followers - no trust and interest. We don't need that.


3. You don't have to work only with top bloggers. Their price is usually very high.

Now the most important thing is WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR?

1. For gambling - look for accounts about entertainment, earning money, video games. Assess the portrait of your target audience.


2. For betting - look for sports fans, fans of extreme recreation.


3. And another option - a beautiful life with hints “how to become as cool as I am".

So, this is the most basic steps that you definitely can not avoid when you search for bloggers.

Don't forget that when searching for a blogger, you should always put yourself in the position of your target audience! If you do everything right, you will be happy.


We wish you success and lots of real followers!

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Case: $20,000 on context to the brand. Easy scheme for people who are working with Adwords.

Today I will tell you once again how to start making good money with Google Adwords or Yandex Direct. If you work in foreign countries or with other contextual advertising networks like Yahoo and others, this subject works and brings profit everywhere.

Buying traffic for gambling offers from context is easier than setting up Facebook on a mobile app!

And the ROI is much more stable!

What is the real "Context to the brand"?

First of all you will need:

1) Adwords account

2) Offer, which allows context to  the brand (our team in Gambling.pro has already collected for you the biggest selection of such offers for more than 30 GEOs)

3) Collect a list of the most popular bookmakers or casinos in the country you want to work with

4) Start the campaign, go through auto-moderation - get a profit!

Now in order:

In this case, I will tell our experience and share those offers, which take the context to brand in Russia :


1) https://my.gambling.pro/offers/35

2) https://my.gambling.pro/offers/468



1) https://my.gambling.pro/offers/6 -TOP offer even split is not necessary, and the rates can raise to heaven with the volume, although from the start you get $80 -cool!

In Russia, it's hard to buy context to a casino brand, because the keys like Vulkan, etc. are in black list in Google and Yandex, so I recommend you to start with betting. If you are professional and you can find a non-standard approach in order not to use the keys like Vulkan, you will be very successful in the casino.

Now let's discuss how to collect the list of the most popular Bookmaker/Casino in Russia. There are lots of options. One of them, for example, is a service that has been recently released by Yandex - Radar. It makes approximate estimate of the attendance of resources, here is the link - https://radar.yandex.ru/top_list?type=bookmaker.

As I have already said, there are lots of ways. It's especially easy when you live in the country you're setting up your advertising for, but when you're buying traffic for offers on foreign countries , you need to be smart or ask your support manager for the keys.

Once again I will explain to those who did not understand: we will use different variations of the names of these brands as keywords, which will spin our ads.

A small example of how it will look like in Google, and also examples of another publishers:


As you can see, keyword is 1xbet, but top 2 ads in search list are other bookmakers...

Now we have moved on specific description of 2 ways in context to the brand:

1) Use bookmaker's key for the same bookmaker

2) Use Bookmaker's key for the competitive bookmaker

Let's have a look at our case and check how we used 1xbet keys on Mostbet bookmaker:

You can ask yourself: will people who are searching 1xbet go through advertising and register/play in another bookmaker? - The answer is "YES"!

For you to understand the target audience better: people who want to bet, try their luck and raise money and that's it! They don't care if it's 1xbet or mostbet, it's better, of course, to convert them to 1xbet (but they doesn't accept the context to the brand), but also the convert which we see on Mostbet allows us to work with good profit and 100% ROI.

Of course, it's not simple. The pre-land is also important. And if in the case of Mostbet, this bookmaker has taken care of the publishers and made a landing for registration.

User clicks on advertising 1xbet - and immediately appears the form of registration, without logos and other things, but the whole styling of the form and background copies corporate identity of 1xbet, this helps to significantly increase the rate of conversion to registration. And when player is redirected to the main page of Mostbet, he does not care about the name of the bookmaker. He thinks that this is the way it should be. We give such prelanding pages in Gambling.pro not only for 1xbet, but also for other brands. Write to the manager and he will give it.

It should be noted that quality of such traffic is good and you may don't look at the base rate in our network: after first 20-30 deposits, the advertiser changes the rate and gives maximum to you.

P.S. We have noticed from our tests that quality of traffic is much better when there are some major sporting events, and people bring a lot of money. If there are no events, the quality is average, and bookmakers will not raise rates too high.

Also I will tell you more options that you can do to run context from one brand to another:

People make prelending pages of the following type: an N bookmaker is a shit and cheater, but here there is another one where you can be paid and withdraw any amount, go here to that bookmaker - and a link to competitor (approach through the negative opinion to the brand, which key is used)

Someone makes their own ratings, where the first place with good reviews is given to the bookmaker, which publisher is advertising, and the one which key is used.

It should be noted that if you find a GEO or get in such time, when all other ads are banned by Google, traffic will cost you pennies, and ROI will reach 300%.


We were buying traffic with variable success (when accounts were banned) in March and April income was $20640

Google accounts expenses totaled about $10,000

Net profit: $10,640!


And this is without much knowledge in context! And you can also optimize which keys bring the best quality traffic at the lowest price.


Now let's move on to the second approach - when the brand allows to buy traffic to their brand by CPA or Revenue Share. For example, Mostbet allows to bring traffic by Mostbet keys: buy context traffic and sell it to them via CPA. (In fact, this is their traffic, because users are searching them. However, because of the fact that RCN bans regularly links to their resource, they understand that it is more profitable for them than to get less traffic).

In fact, from my point of view, this is absolutely bad decision: when the brand does not allow context to the brand. The person who has made such a decision simply does not understand how it works. After all, publishers will still advertise on these keys (especially, if you are a popular brand), buy they will take them to other products. If you don't buy it yourself, it will go to another brand! And this is only the smallest problem. Much more the brand will lose from the fact that the way of this "transferring" to another brand goes, as a rule, through negative reputation of the brand on prelanding page, which will motivate to go to another brand, "where everything is fine". A vivid example of those who prohibit the context to their brand is 1xbet, so every day about a thousand of new players do not reach 1xbet, but go to the same Mostbet. So, if someone from 1xbet reads this, I hope it will be useful, and you will at least reconsider your strategy regarding this issue. Or we can work with you to invent approach that will suit you, because we provide this service to many of our advertisers.

So, back to the context to brand.

This approach is good because the quality of traffic and the number of players are much higher. In order to understand which brand allows context to its brand, you need to find offer in our system with the corresponding tick.

We started with CPA model, tested most of the offers, accumulated turns and now we slowly transfering context to RevShare model, when we get the % of the losses made by attracted players. By means of tests, or by asking your manager at Gambling.pro, you can find out average payback time of the traffic from context on RevShare. For some offers, our traffic pays off in 1.5-2 months.


One of the offer with which we worked with context to the brand was Bet-at-Home in Germany. During the first month we got 548 players, then we stopped traffic to check how the players would play. As a result, at the end of the third month, our Revenue Share income was $33,500. Given that we have spent about $24,000 on traffic, the net profit was $9500.


Flow rate: 24 000$

Revenue at the end of 3 months: $33,500

Net Profit: $9,500 + we have 548 players who continue playing and generating stable income. And the most important thing is that it will last a very, very long time!


P.S. When there is a major event in the world of sports, the income on RevShare breaks all records.

Revenue Share is excellent investment, especially in foreign offers:

a) Very long life of a player, many of them play constantly for several years on the same website

b) The average rate is significantly higher than in Russia

c) Payback of traffic lasts up to 3-5 months

If you want to work with us, please, write to our managers @GamblingProMax or @GamblingProStas in Telegram.


We have lots of cases in Russian language, unfortunately, we haven’t translated all of them yet, but with the help of translator you can read them all on gambling.pro/case1





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Features of work with the target audience of France

This is a country of Degas dancers, freshly-baked croissants and Paris Saint-Germain.
We haven't traveled with you for a long time...and so we decided to resume our trip from the country that is the dream of many travelers - from France.


France is a country located in Western Europe with a population of 66 million people. The country is secular, and therefore more than 40% of citizens do not consider themselves to any religion.

The official state language is French.

The country is one of the first in the world in terms of industrial production, and in terms of GDP France is the 5th largest economic power. The minimum wage fixed at the state level is just over 1,500 euros per month, while the average wage is about 2,900 euros.

Now why do we recommend paying attention to France?

There is a legend that cards in their well-known form were invented in France, this is not quite true, but even the French believe it! In the country gambling appeared approximately in the 16th century. The fashion for cards was introduced by the French aristocracy, which considered games one of the best hobbies for real men.


When in 1624 the “Red Cardinal” Richelieu became the first minister of the French king, a real hunt began for the players. All gambling houses, that were actively developed during the reign of Henry III, were required to pay huge fines, and then their activities were simply unprofitable for the holders.


Some time after new people came to power, the situation changed again. Cardinal Mazarin lifted the ban on games, roulette came into fashion, and a special tax was imposed on the activities of gambling houses. The Treasury was actively replenished.

So the whole gambling business of France lasted until 1907, when the current French Interior Minister officially legalized games at the country's resorts, and at the same time, a law was introduced, according to which it was forbidden to open a casino within a radius of less than 100 km from the borders of Paris.


To date, the situation has not changed, every year the Cote d'Azur attracts thousands of tourists not only by its mild climate and lifestyle, but also by the most luxurious casinos.


Most of the French do not visit these casinos. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the resort is considered an expensive pleasure. Just like the casinos that are built there. In most cases, you should pay to enter there and also there is a strictly regulated dress code.

That's why with the development of online casinos, the French abruptly switched there. In 2010, the law legalizing that business was approved at the state level. Moreover, officially French citizens were allowed to play from the age of 18, and not from the age of 21, as in most countries of the world.

The development of the online industry is monitored by several organizations that not only issue licenses, but also fine unlicensed operators.

So what are they like, the French players, and what you need to remember:


  1. As we have already said, the excitement of the French was cultivated and developed within the history of the entire country. And so, French citizens are really playful. The French love not only casinos, but also lotteries, which indicates their passion for excitement, and not for the goal to get money.
  2. According to a survey conducted by Insee, more than half of the French people play slot machines or roulette and also bet on horse racing or sports.
  3. The French don't like English. The reason for this is again in the history, but we will not get into details. Just remember that if you want to work with a French audience, speak only French.
  4. More than 80% of French people are active Internet users, and more than half of them use mobile phones.


What social networks the French use:


  1. Facebook is the most popular social network in the country. The French use it the same way as in most countries of the world: they post photos, share their news and thoughts, and communicate with each other in messenger.
  2. SkyRock is a French social network that has been operating since 2002 and is one of the ten most popular social networks in the world. The network has more than 2 million users. It initially resembled LiveJournal, now it is a mixture of LiveJournal and instagram.
  3. The next one is Instagram.
  4. So, Telegram completes the list. It is the most popular messenger. Even Macron uses Telegram to communicate with officials and with the people closest to him.


Here we finish our story about France and we suggest you work with this GEO.

If you want to work with French offers, please, text our managers @GamblingproKirill @GamblingproDmitry @Gamblingpro_Max on Telegram.


We have lots of cases in Russian language, unfortunately, we haven’t translated all of them yet, but with the help of translator you can read them all on gambling.pro/case1.

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Case study: how to buy traffic for your Telegram channels with forecasts for betting - offers in GAMBLING.PRO/ ROI 300%+


Hello! Today, we will give you a working case that has already been discussed on the international conference MAC 2019 in Kiev. How to buy traffic for betting offers from your Telegram channels.


Well, let's start with the scheme of working with the approach.


1.The choice of payment models for offers -  CPA or RevShare

2. Creation of content and channels in Telegram


3. Creation of content and a profile in Instagram


4. Monitoring of the market, creation of ads


5. Creation of a link, setting of analytics


6. Targeting and buying traffic in Instagram-stories


7. Efficiency analysis, optimization


8. Increasing the conversion rate of the approach




1. What payment models exist, and which one to choose?




Rates for RevShare starts from 10 to 70% (Usually 30-50%).


You should definitely specify the calculation model. There are two of them:


  1. GGR


Your income with GGR can be described by the formula = A - B, where


A - is the total amount of players' bets


B - is the total amount of losses/wins


that is, % of the bookmaker's profit/loss


You should always pay attention to this, because 30% GGR can be greater than 70% NGR.


  1. NGR-gives us the percent of the net profit of casino, i.e. all taxes, fees for providers, etc. can be taken into account here.


In case of RevShare, if the amount of winnings during the billing period is higher than the amount of losses, then your income may go into negatives.

In this case, there are three scenarios:

1) when a negative is transferred to the next billing period

2) when it is transferred in the amount of 50%

3) when a negative is reset to zero


2) CPA: these are rates for an action, for example, for:


  • 2-3 $ per lead (registration/installation)

  • 6-50 $ per deposit (depends on GEO. In Russia, the average rate is $ 25. If the offer accepts CIS countries, the average rate is 15-20 $)


Conditions and qualifications for Russia and CIS:


  1. Minimum deposit varies from 10 to 1500 rubles., it is most profitable to buy traffic for offers with a minimum deposit of 250-500 rubles for the best conversion rate. It is important to follow the further processing of leads for repeated bets and deposits. This will allow you to get more loyal terms on the hold and increase the rate in the future.

  2. Hold for 7-30 days

  3. Wagering a certain amount / number of bets.  In this model of payment in the statistics in most cases gets any activity (persada), further qualifications can be clarified with your manager.

  4. Repeat rate from 100% in 14 days


Let’s move on...


2.Algorithm for the creation of a free channel:

1)Start with registering a channel, invent a title, make the avatar, fill in the description (the description must specify the personal account/contact of an admin), create a private link (straight to the subscription):



2) Fill the channel with the first content:


  • Greeting post - who you are and what you are doing

There should be a story how betting has come into your life and changed it dramatically. That just to make a bet is not the way of a winner and we have a unique strategy that was developed by a team of professionals and all our algorithms are painstaking work and analytics carried out for several years;

  • Instruction post - what the channel is about and how to use it, navigation. It is better to describe everything and ask friends to test the channel if everything is clear and convenient.;

  • Bonus post - a discount, a contest, a bonus for the subscribers of the channel;


The interval between publications is + / -1 day


Here we will give a small part of the forecasts from a private chat, and attract everyone there.


3) We pad subscribers and views for the first posts.


There are many sites for that. We chose the fastest and cheapest ones based on our experience.


Service for cheating:


  • CheatBot.ru - the website of a service

  • @cheatbot_support - write here and get a 10% deposit bonus using the MAC2019 promocode


We added:

  • 3000-5000 subscribers per channel;

  • 4000-5000 views for the first posts;

  • 2500-3000 views for the first forecasts;

All these points are necessary to create the appearance of a live and interesting channel, and start buying traffic in Instagram.



4) Forecasts


We make 2-3 forecasts a day on the free channel and 5-7 forecasts on the paid channel.



5)  Final analytics and reviews


At the end of each day we post a summary of analytics on past forecasts, revenue, and reviews.

Then periodically (1-2 times a week) you can post that only a small part of the winning forecasts are published on the free channel and that the main jackpot passes by those who did not buy a subscription. This can be clearly indicated by graphs, screenshots, reviews, and charts.


3. Algorithm for creating a paid channel with forecast newsletters:


First, repeat steps 1-2 as for the free channel.


A paid channel does not have to be padded by subscribers and views. 

The fewer people there, the greater the sense of privacy)


As for content on a paid channel:


  • Bets must be with more " fat " coefficients;

  • More forecasts than on the free channel;

  • Forecasts for different types of sport;

  • The passability of bets is higher than 80%;

Interaction with the lead (we need managers):


  • Who will communicate and sell subscriptions;

  • Who will control access on the paid channel;


(!) Subscription price from 500 to 12000 rubles (from 3 days to 1 year).


Creating an Instagram profile from scratch:


  • Do not want to show your face within the sphere of bets;

  • Don't want to bother searching for a blogger;




  • In the feed there should be luxury life, expensive cars, the latest iPhone, lots of money

  • In stories feed - luxury life for permanent image maintenance

  • In stories predictions

  • In stories reports for the day

  • In stories reviews of the channel for the trust


Algorithm of work:


  • Make 20-30 posts in the feed

  • Pad 3-15K subscribers

  • Pad 1.5-2K likes on photos + comments




4. Adapting your profile, searching for a blogger:


  • Content is the same as on the channel.

  • You do not need delete old posts from the feed, just on top of them, for a few days, make additional 10-20 new thematic posts.

  • If you have previously had normal activity in your account, then you do not have to pad likes and comments to “revive” your profile.


(!) Profile = Social Proof


Where to look for inspiration?


We generate ideas for our ads ourselves. First, we made a video as it took, than we switched to professional equipment. We made videos in several takes, added effects and infographics.


The things which you must do:


Watch ads in your stories - most often tipsters are advertised there and if you have a male profile, from the target GEO - you will be able to see this ad.


Also you can catch other people's creative stories from spy-services.


5. Buying of traffic for your own prelanding + FB Pixel:


  1. First of all, you need to buy a domain and hosting;

  2. Copy or make up your prelanding for telegram, it can look +/- like in the example below;

  3. Integrate FB pixel on the prelanding;

  4. Buy traffic with optimization for going to the channel;


You can buy traffic for the link to the channel (as we do):


In this case, you will need to use the redirect service. The best service for us is - https://teleg.one/


Their redirect looks like this:



Their redirect looks like this:


  1. The goal of advertising campaign is "traffic". Link to the channel via teleg.one

  2. Target - 20+ years old for Russia and CIS (depending on GEO of the offer)

  3. Division of the campaign by GEO, if you work with several GEOs at once: you can divide it, if you don’t want to - you can leave it..

  4. Devices - mobile phones and only mobile phones)

  5. Placement - instagram + stories 

  6. Budget from $ 10 for adset

  7. For the test 5-7 adsets with one video



6. How to analyze your advertising campaign:

  1. Count the number of subscribers in Telegram and Instagram;

  2. Buy traffic with 5-10 adsets on the test (during the day);

  3. The most expensive ones and the ones which do not give you subscriptions - disable;

  4. Calculate the cost and conversion from clicks to subscribers on Telegram and Instagram based on the results of the day;

  5. Look at the statistics in the affiliate program to compare the profit with the cost))



Our observations:


  1. If the adset came with a high CPM and click price, the price will continue to grow

  2. The conversion rate to subscribers on the channel is about 30-40% (on private link);

  3. We convert about 10% of our subscribers back to our Instagram from channels;

  4. In 24 hours, the campaign goes +/- to 0, 50-70% of the profit comes a little later (2-7 days);


7.Secrets that increase the conversion of advertising:

  1. Shock videos - reduce the cost of a click and increases the conversion rate into subscription;

  2. Video quality - the better it is, the higher the CTR and the cheaper the click are;

  3. Luxury - it is necessary to show expensive clothes and staff for the conversion rate and trust;

  4. Calls to action - be sure to mention the swipe to switch to the channel/change your life/free bet;

  5. Confidence and charisma of the actor who makes the speech;


8. Secrets that increase channel conversion:


  1. Raffles for paid chat subscriptions;

  2. Price increases and deadlines until the next subscription price increase (can be timed to popular events);

  3. Promotions for 2-3 hours at a discount on the subscription


9. The result of our work


CPA - network - GAMBLING.PRO


Offer - Mostbet


GEO - Russia, Ukraine


Starting rate - 25 / 20 $


Increased rate - 27 / 27 $


Period of work - 01.05.19 - 06.10.19


Expenses in Facebook - 1 233 817 RUB.


Bought - 1 834 first deposits


Revenue from links - 3 123 302 rubles.


Purchases in the channel - 1 836 000 rubles.


Profit amount - 4 959 302 rubles.


Total ROI - 301%




If you want to work with us, please, write to our managers @GamblingproKirill @GamblingproDmitry @Gamblingpro_Max in Telegram.

We have lots of cases in Russian language, unfortunately, we haven’t translated all of them yet, but with the help of translator you can read them all on  gambling.pro/case1

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Features of work with the target audience of Australia

Australia is so far away and unfamiliar, a country of kangaroos and platypuses, crocodiles and koalas, aborigines and surfers. Today we decided to go to another hemisphere of the earth to plunge into a new world, and understand how people live on another continent.

So, let's go…

Australia is one of the developed countries, in terms of GDP per capita it ranks sixth in the world. The majority of the Australian population are descendants of immigrants from the 19th and 20th centuries, who came from Great Britain and Ireland, and so  the official language in the country is English. At the end of 2018, the number of inhabitants was 25.2 million people. In quality of life, Australia is firmly in the sixth place, and the average monthly salary is about 5.5 thousand Australian dollars (about 240 thousand rubles), and in Canberra (the capital of Australia), you can get 7,000 a month.


In Australia the history of gambling begins with the arrival of the first settlers. As you know, the British exiled criminals to another continent, and those were always distinguished by a love of excitement. And in their spare moments, they came up with new games. Since that moment, gambling was traditionally considered the main fun of the country's residents.


Because England set trends (remind you that Australia was a colony of Great Britain until the 20th century), and since the beginning of the 17th century all the English became ardent fans of horse racing. Then 2 centuries later, by the beginning of the 19th century, horse racing appeared in Australia too. This is how bets appeared on the continent.

Today, Australians are considered one of the main fans of gambling. In Australia ground casinos are very, very actively visited by locals. They play roulette, blackjack, baccara - well, they play all kinds of gambling) Ground casinos and online platforms are fully legalized. The first online casino was opened in the 90s of the last century, and since then it became part of Australians' lives.

According to statistics, almost every Australian spends $ 1300 on online casinos every year. This is one of the highest rates among other countries.

It is worth noting that Australia is so open to gambling, unlike most countries, and so it is allowed to advertise gambling houses on television, radio, on the Internet and on any other platforms there. Of course, only registered providers can be officially advertised on the Internet, but such an approach greatly fuels interest in games.

What are they like, Australians?


1. Well, the first and main thing, actually we have already talked about it, but we remind you, Australians are very fond of gambling. Excitement is in their blood and it is passed on through generations. For that reason it’s really easy to work with them. Moreover, they take gambling as entertainment, and not as a way of earning money. And you should take this fact into account when developing your creative.

2. Australians are individualists. They value each other's personal space and interests. They never criticize other people's habits, appearance, outlook on life, they do not teach others their own rules. They are liberal and friendly towards the people around them. They also do not feel any restrictions from society, no one looks at them with judgmental eyes.


3. Residents of the country freely criticize the authorities, the government and their actions. If they don’t like something, don’t like some processes that take place in the country, they always openly talk about it. Moreover, they have a categorically negative attitude to class inequality. 


4. In Australia, it is not common practice to live in large families. Young people start independent life while they study or after graduation. This is possible due to government support, aimed at job creation. Young specialists can always find a job with a very good salary. So young citizens become financially independent quite early.


5. Citizens of the country, as we have already said, speak English. But there is a lot of slang and abbreviations in their speech. For example, the word barbecue can be abbreviated in barbie. Of course, they will understand you without abbreviations. But when developing a creative, consider this difference between British English and Australian English.

6. Australians love to relax. They don't live to work and they don't work to live. Recreation and entertainment prevail over work. Australians celebrate all national holidays and weekends. 


All these factors make Australia a wonderful market, and the country's citizens an ideal target audience. As Caucasians never become alcoholics, so Australians almost never have addiction to gambling. For them, casino is a game. This is not a forbidden fruit, as in some other countries. If you play, no one will judge you, people do not think that game is an addiction. Well, Australians are just perfect for us.


Let's look at what social networks Australians use:


1. Let's start with the fact that, as in most developed countries, Australians prefer mobile phones to computers, and so mobile traffic prevails.


2. The first most popular and frequently requested site is Google.

3. The second one is the social network Facebook.


4. YouTube comes next.


5. Well, Instagram completes the list.


Here we finish our story about Australia and we suggest you work with this GEO.

If you want to work with Australian offers, please, text our managers @GamblingproKirill
 @GamblingproDmitry @Gamblingpro_Max on Telegram.


We have lots of cases in Russian language, unfortunately, we haven’t translated all of them yet, but with the help of translator you can read them all on gambling.pro/case1.

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spacer.pngFeatures of work with the target audience of Germany

Germany is a country in Central Europe with a population of just over 82 million people. A state with a very interesting history of development not only of society, but also of the gambling business.
To begin with, is there a casino in the country at the moment? Of course, yes. There are about 70 of them. Moreover, Forbes casino in Baden-Baden is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful casinos in the world. In addition to casinos in Germany you can find about 12,000 halls with slot machines and 24,000 lottery agencies.

How did the gambling business develop in Germany? Even in the middle ages, card games already began to appear on the territory of the country. In 1377, a monk from the city of Freiburg mentioned playing cards in his story. After playing cards appeared in Europe, the German city of Ulm became the capital of card production and the main exporter for all other European countries.

Why did Germany become one of the capitals of excitement? Because this country was quite well developed from an economic point of view, and gambling always loved money.

The first casino was opened in 1765 in Baden-Baden, it was a resort city that attracted high society from all over the world. The casino owners decided that people who came to the resort to relax their bodies would also be happy to relax their spirits, and so the most luxurious casinos, resembling palaces of kings, began to open there. It is known that F. Dostoevsky was inspired to write the novel “The Player” when he was at Kurhaus Casino Baden-Baden. I. Turgenev, M. Glinka, L. Tolstoy and even A. Stolypin visited that casino, all because gambling was considered the best entertainment for the strong people of this world.
At the legislative level it was decided to close all casinos from 1872 to 1933, and in 1934 Baden-Baden began to welcome players and foreign visitors from all over the world again,to get a taste of the excitement and play another game.

What is happening with the casino now? Since Germany is still an economically developed country, in the ranking of countries by total GDP it takes the 4th place, and the average wage reaches 3771 euros, and it is popular among Germans to go to casinos in other countries, especially in America. In addition, with the development of the Internet, more and more people go online. There are currently more than 72 million users in Germany, and 57% of them are mobile traffic users.

Online casinos in Germany

Surprisingly, online business is still poorly regulated in the country. The first online casino in the country was launched in 1995. In 2008, Germany enacted a law that forbade opening an online casino. In the world the law was negatively received and that's why in 2012, Germany issued 50 licenses to domestic companies. The situation has not actually changed since then, and  Germans only have access to foreign online casinos that are translated into German or English.

Why is it interesting and profitable to work with Germans?|


  • Well, first of all, Germany is traditionally considered a country of very precise, strict and reasonable people. They are always rational, efficient and accurate. However, Germans are known not only for Mercedes and BMW, but also for the Oktoberfest, Bergkirchweih festival, the largest parade of sexual minorities and, of course, porn. This means that Germans know how to have fun)))) And all those who believe that Germans will not spend their money on gambling are completely wrong. They will play to relax, to go beyond the daily routine, to just get high.


  • As always, our target audience is 21+. But still, we would more accurately indicate the age from 27 to 35 years. Germany is a country of specialists, so the average salary increases with each year of experience. Thus, the average salary in this age segment approaches 4 thousand euros per month. And this is a solvent audience.


  • Germans love to work, but they love to relax even more. They really value their free time. If you have ever been to Germany, you will certainly remember what happens on Sunday after morning prayers in church. That's right, all Germans go to the pub for a beer and a portion of weisswurst with mustard and pretzel. This is because weekends are cut out for relaxation, and gambling is relaxation.


About social networks it is worth noting that:

1. Search traffic is in the first place. (Google is the most frequently used option in German)


2. Then there are social networks for communication. Facebook and Twitter are leading. The analog of Russian Odnoklassniki comes next - stayfriends.de. It is mainly used by Germans aged 30 and over.
3. The next one  is Instagram.
4. Dating sites complete the rating.

Here we finish our story about Germany and we suggest you work with this GEO.

If you want to work with German offers, please, text our managers @GamblingproKirill @GamblingproDmitry @Gamblingpro_Max on Telegram.


We have lots of cases in Russian language, unfortunately, we haven’t translated all of them yet, but with the help of translator you can read them all on gambling.pro/case1.

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spacer.pngHow CPA market of Gambling and Betting offers has changed in Russia and the CIS. What pitfalls await webmasters on the way to mastering this vertical in 2019.

Hi! Today I got a little nostalgic. I sat and remembered how my career as a publisher and head of a CPA network began. Which affiliates were the main ones on the market at that time and what trends they set , how advertisers reacted to CPA traffic, what offers brought us money, how relatively easy it was to pass moderation in ad networks and that the simplest approaches had a good conversion rate. What a good time it was! Let's remember and compare what has changed.)))

Sometimes it seems to me that an incredibly long time has passed, and I even managed to get a little older, but in fact, I am in traffic arbitrage for more than 3 years, if I count the day when I decided to Google " earnings on the Internet”… It was in February 2016 xD

And it so happened that the beginning of my career was just at the moment when the vertical of gambling in Russia and the CIS began to gain momentum in CPA networks, and in general it was a boom in the appearance of different Gambling CPAs.


My team at that time picked up the idea of working with gambling vertical from a large CPA network of a wide profile. I won't mention its name in this article, but I can assure you that you've all heard of it at least once. As I realized then, the guys were among the first who were able to reach out to casino affiliate programs in Russia and Ukraine, and persuade advertisers to start working with them on the CPA and CPL payment model, rather than RevShare. Rates for deposits and registrations were then higher than now.

I remember that they paid about 6,000 rubles for the minimum deposit on Vulkan Club offer, and 1,000 rubles for simple registration! This was one of the first offers that got into our CPA network. And the conversion rate was very good, even with teaser ads. However, at the beginning of 2017, the offer's conversion rate decreased, probably all bought traffic.

When  publishers converted a lot of the target audience to it - the advertiser turned on antifraud, which also lowered the conversion rate on the offer, and many gradually began to buy traffic to Vulkan 24. The rate on it was always lower than on the Vulkan Club, for example, not 6,000 rubles per deposit, but 3,500 per deposit and 350 per registration, and at the start, it was not very profitable to choose it. But when the Club's conversion rate decreased by 3-4 times, the high conversion rate on fresh Vulkan 24 compensated for all costs and now gave higher ROI, than the rate of 6000 for the minimum deposit in Club.

Once upon a time, my first CPA network rose well on these offers)) although in the future we got into shit because of them, which we got rid of for a long time, but this is a completely different story...xD

Somehow, in parallel with these offers, the well-known Vulkan Platinum appeared, which also brought us a lot of money. I remember once the rate on it was around 3500-4000 rubles for the minimum deposit and 300-350 for registration, but this did not last long…  Publishers quickly made it clear to the advertiser that with such payments in such a wild conversion (his conversion rate was even higher than Vulkan 24.) traffic should be analyzed much more carefully. In my opinion, there was a time when Platinum disappeared from the market for some time and stopped accepting traffic via  CPA, and before that, there was a moment when they first delayed and rejected part of the payment. After the return of the offer to the market the rate on it was not so high, in total, around 2000 rubles, KPI was introduced.

I remember the moment when there were more and more Vulkans with high stakes, which outbid giant competitors Club and 24, and  also strong offer Platinum. Vulkan Champion, Vulkan Vulkano,Vulkan Stake, Vulkan Vegas, Vulkan Original, Vulkan Grand, Vulkan Stars, Vulkan Deluxe and Vulkan DeLux...xD


And I think I just didn't remember a few offers. Not all of these products have taken root among publishers, this happened for various reasons. Somewhere, despite the 12,000 rate for minimum deposit, the traffic conversion was so bad that it still didn’t pay off. Somewhere there was simply no conversion. Somewhere, traffic sources or approaches were so limited, that they did not allow to reach the volume. Somewhere the advertiser was inadequate in his beliefs and we stopped working with him. Now some offers have disappeared from the market. Others are still successfully buying traffic via CPA and it is quite possible to work with them, for example, the same Vulkan Stars and DeLux.

I also remember the wave of rate cuts by almost all advertisers, how they completely moved away from the payment model for registration, because there were a lot of people who knew how to cheat. In order to avoid a global reduction in rates, we began to separate offers by traffic sources and and set different rates for each source. Then all the other CPA networks picked up this idea and and began to separate their offers on the same principle.

Gradually, the Vulkan rates got lower and the conversion rate got worse. All this happened during the beginning of the imposition of restrictions on casinos in the top traffic sources such as Facebook, Google, Yandex, Vk - traffic costs have already begun to grow, and the Vulkan brand began to get a little boring to the market, and publishers looked for new products. At that moment the Rox casino advertiser conquered the CPA market. The rate on it at the start of the product was not as high as it used to be on the first Vulkans, but at the time when Rox appeared, they gave 3000 for a deposit, plus a great conversion rate, plus the ability to convert the old target audience again - this satisfied the market. In less than a year Rox offer was able to compete very well with all Vulkans and win over the lion's share of partners.

At that moment, in our sphere a set of offers appeared that every self-respecting Gambling CPA had:

  1. Vulkan Club is the oldest offer with the highest rate and the lowest conversion. It is difficult to buy traffic from popular sources, since there is a chance that you will have a low conversion due to the large number of multi-accounts,even if you buy context to the brand. But if you find a source with an untapped target audience or buy new keywords, you can achieve good results. The only problem is to find this source and these keywords)))

  2. Vulkan 24 is a more recent offer from the same advertiser as Vulkan Club. The rate is slightly higher, but the advertiser is very, very loyal. If your traffic is good, then your rate can be significantly raised. This offer still shows good results on conversion - 2 times better than Vulkan Club offer, but every month it’s becoming more difficult to work with it.

  3. Vulkan Platinum - offer, which once appeared very cool with its good conversion rate (1.5-2 times higher than on Vulkan 24), now it’s not so much excitement among publishers. The conversion is better than two offers higher, but the rate is usually lower and the advertiser is very scrupulous about traffic and its quality, because of this, there are often controversial situations and rejections on the offer, which cause negativity among partners. Although again, in my practice, I have never seen this advertiser rejected or cut the rate for perfectly good traffic, performing KPI. Problems with it begin if the traffic does not fit into these KPI, and for this advertiser, it is slightly inflated, relative to, for example, the advertiser that was higher and because of this, not all publishers are able to cope with it, but it is definitely worth a try.

  4. ROX Casino is the latest offer from this company ? with a relatively low starting rate and  high conversion (approximately at the level of Vulkan Platinum). A distinctive feature of this offer is license scripts and almost flawless reputation among players, this increases the trust of traffic to the offer and the conversion rate becomes even higher. The advertiser is also quite strict about incoming traffic, up to the point that he checks the creatives that publishers work with before launching the advertising campaign but all this is worth it, because so far this offer is one of the strongest on the market!


Vulkan Platinum was least affected by the appearance of ROX, but Vulkan Club and Vulkan 24 did not really like it. In addition to the low conversion rate, relative to Rox, these offers were also inferior to Platinum in GEO - Club and 24 accepted traffic only from Russia, when for Platinum it was  possible to buy traffic from Russia and the CIS. Then, in order to survive in the face of such competition, the advertiser was forced to raise rates for Vulkan 24 offer, and around the same time, Vulkan  Club offer without anti-fraud appeared on the market, where even multi-accounts of old players were accepted and paid for, who were returned to the site by publishers. Thanks to this, part of the publishers returned to work with these offers and, as for me, some kind of balance came.  The terms of all four advertisers became +\- equal, and publishers were distributed among the products as they wished.


Still, somewhere between these all there were flashes and fading of Azino777, then NetGame, and much earlier, somewhere near Platinum offer, there was Pin-up casino, which at that time only accepted revshare and now normally accepts CPA, offer accepts different GEO, such as Ukraine, Turkey, CIS countries. The rate for these GEO is quite high, and the conversion is also at a good level!

Around 2018, more delicious new products from advertisers already familiar to us began to appear on the market:

After its success, ROX decided to multiply and launched first Fresh Casino offer, and then Vulkan Mega and SoL Casino offers. All offers work on licensed scripts, are quite fresh and with a good conversion, have a competitive rate, but so far only accept traffic from Russia. The latter fact limits quite a lot, because now we see trend of decreasing conversion on the casino and increasing the player's price in Russia and CIS countries.


The advertiser of offers Vulkan Club and Vulkan 24 also did not stand aside and released several new products based on the current market realities. This time the offer Vulkan Royal to the audience of Kazakhstan was released (traffic was also accepted only from Kazakhstan; I assume this was how the advertiser lured CIS publishers from closest competitor Platinum) and Vulkan Bet is a new offer that is fundamentally different from all other products of this advertiser. Predicting conversion decline trends in Russia and the CIS, the guys released a decent foreign offer. Vulkan Bet  works on licensed scripts and receives traffic from a large number of top European countries, such as Germany, Finland, Norway, Austria, Greece, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovakia. In these countries, gambling has a good conversion rate. Offer also accepts traffic from other countries, and its list of GEO available for buying traffic is gradually growing.


Now we no longer have 2 or 3 offers that we can use to buy traffic, as it was before, now there are more than a dozen of them and each of them is good in its own way.


Of course, starting to join Gambling in 2019, an ordinary publisher should not expect from these offers 500%  ROI from Facebook or 1000% from Google, also, do not expect that it will be easy to work and there will be a conversion of old simple approaches from the series “She earned $ 3967 per week on ...” and a photo of Kvitko on the jet.


Another important point is GEO. The conversion of gambling traffic in Russia and the CIS is falling and it's not even about whether our offers are good or bad, the problem is that the main part of the target audience has already came in contact with our products or similar ones. Also, people have realized many approaches that now do not work and similar ones do not work either, and in order to get conversions at an adequate price, you have to come up with new approaches.


Mobile apps helped a lot in this regard, since the conversion rate when working with them increased by an average of 30% that on volume gives quite good indicators. But applications are now slowly beginning to fade. I’m not talking about the whole world, I’m talking specifically about Russia and the CIS - the installation price is gradually growing and It’s not so easy to payback


Do not rely on fraud. Analytics and anti-fraud systems of advertisers have stepped up, and now such things from publishers are extremely rare.

The policy of advertising networks in relation to the buying gambling traffic in Russia has also become extremely tough, especially at the end of 2018. Now moderation is not easy to pass even if it is cloaked.


Of course, I don't think that gambling in Russia and the CIS will ever die. The target audience can not run out, every day several thousand new men are born, and at this moment other men turn 21 years old and they are our target audience...xD


But I think that gradually everything becomes more complicated, and only the strongest players will be able to compete for traffic with GEO from Russia and the CIS! And, of course, many of them will now begin to explore foreign offers ?


If you want to work with us, please, text our managers @GamblingproKirill @GamblingproDmitry @Gamblingpro_Max on Telegram.

We have lots of cases in Russian language, unfortunately, we haven’t translated all of them yet, but with the help of translator you can read them all on  gambling.pro/case1

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Friends, we are happy to present you a top case that brought 33 million roubles!


Schemes, schemes - there were many of them, and the more their number became, the more the quality suffered. In the case we tell you how we have come up with the coolest idea of a symbiosis of mobile apps with schemes and have got an installation price 35 cents! The source was UAC and it was a completely new format for working with gambling!


From this case you will learn:


What is a hack app and how did we come up with this idea?

How does a hack app work and what's inside?

How was 7 000 000 rubles lost due to an error?

Where and how did we generate traffic?

Cost screenshots

What was our ROI?


We fully revealed the topic and showed what and how was done to create a new format. This is a symbiosis of mobile apps and schemes! We always have something to surprise you!


Be quick about reading it and wish you high ROI!


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В Вулкан Гранд точно лицензионные автоматы, можете посмотреть обзор https://top.gotslot.com/vulkan-grand/ . Регистрация в Вулкане быстрая, нет заморочек. Вы просто заполняете небольшую анкету с почтой и номером телефона и все. Не нужно больше никаких подтверждений. Главное прочитать условия онлайн площадки. У этого казино есть мобильная версия для более комфортной игры. Ну и как везде очень много бонусов, турниров и интересных предложений. Играйте, удача попрет!

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Basics of working with Gambling vertical


So, who is this person here that wants to learn how to buy traffic for gambling offers, but does not know where to start?)

Hi! We meet at last! More precisely, you met my manual, in which I tried to summarize and tell everything I know about Gambling.


Actually, there were a lot of lines here, I had to reduce a little, so let's get right to the point! ?



Gambling is a game of chance, primarily casino and poker.


Related fields:


  • Options and Forex (Binary Options) - exchange rates

  • Bet - sports betting


The simplest of the above is Gambling, the most difficult is Options and Forex.


Gambling is ideal for a beginner, something like games, only a little more complicated, but much more profitable.


The gambling audience is mainly entertainment. For games, a person can additionally get some kind of cash prize. The game is not related to work: neither physical nor mental. A person does not have to bother, think, etc.


The target audience for gambling is more "simple" than for options. The amount of deposits here is usually less than in options (from 50 to 300 rubles), which greatly facilitates the achievement of CPA goal, if you work, let's say, for deposits.


In Forex and Binary Options, the audience is more complex, here it is worth focusing on earnings on the Internet and people who want to use their head, and not click on the "start" button” ))) There are usually large amounts of deposits, more problems, and payments are almost equal to gambling offers.


What interaction models can you use?


RevShare - % of casino profits, this is the scheme you will use if you interact with the casino affiliate program directly. At the start, they give 40-55% of the profit - this is not enough. When you have experience with other affiliate programs, and you will have statistics on the number of deposits and their amounts - then you can safely present them at the entrance to other gambling affiliate programs and demand a rate increase of up to 70% (this works, of course, if the statistics are "OK", if "NOT OK" - it is better not to show...)))


Many people are afraid of RevShare. And they are right)) It's not even about advertisers shaving your leads and " drawing " statistics, and that RS works both ways! 


So you bought traffic to the casino and at the same time owe them money - thank God when a webmaster registers in these affiliate programs, card details are not required and a person’s winnings in the casino are not charged from this card.


So I tell you …If you buy traffic on revshare, then in addition to the fact that you get % of the casino's PROFIT, when a person loses money, the casino will charge you a % of the WINNINGS of that person, so it shares with you not only the profit, but also its losses))


Now the real case, I buy traffic for one casino affiliate program, which, as it turned out, is engaged in a strange resale. They resale CPA offers, but as RS… This is strange, because usually everyone does the opposite)


I buy traffic for them on RS and I already have $ 910 in my account, everything is OK, I go to bed, wake up in the morning, look and there “ - 1850$” or so… I think what the hell is this ?!))

I text manager, and he answers me that the person won)) ha - ha… Well, of course, after a while, this player lost part of his winnings… But still! You will not return the nerves spent!


And about the "drawing" of revshare statistics… Of course, I did not catch anybody red-handed, but I also had a real case, just before I started buying traffic to the affiliate program, where there was a minus, let's call it affiliate program - # 2, I worked with another affiliate program - affiliate program - # 1, also on revshare.

There were 1400 + registrations and … ahem...)) 16 deposits (including re-deposits) and earnings were $ 32 for the SECOND WEEK… There was a question "How?" between me and support, despite the fact that previously this traffic was already bought for deposits and showed CR 1 to 12-15 from registration to deposits.They didn't give me a clear answer and I transferred the traffic to №.2. For one day there were 120 + registrations and from them there were 9 FD + 19 RD. Is the difference good, for the same traffic?)))


In # 1 against the background of a traffic stop, after 4 hours, there was $ 56 deposit, after another couple of hours there also were 41 $ and the next day - $ 64.

In less than a day, there were about 5 times more deposits than for 2 weeks…


I don't work with them anymore))) Alright, let's keep moving.


CPL - payment for lead, in our case, for registration. It’s good if your traffic is more or less normal, but not too much. On the verge of passing KPI.


For many casino offers, for example, the average CR from registration to deposit is 1 to 10, and advertisers usually set the deposit payout amount based on exactly the same indicator. At a price of CPL 500 rubles. CPA price will be approximately 5 000. If your traffic clearly fulfills this KPI, then you don't care what to buy for: for registrations or for deposits, since in both cases you will receive the same amount (for example, registration is 500 rubles, 1 deposit is 5,000 rubles, if the conversion is 1 to 10, the payout will be 5,000).

If your traffic on KPI is slightly worse-1 to 15-20, it is definitely more profitable for you to buy traffic for registration. But the question is, will the advertiser be satisfied with it? Within 1 to 20 - most likely yes, more than it -most likely no, however, there may be variations: it depends on the amount of deposits and the number of repeated deposits: here it is necessary to look at each specific case.


CPA - payment for deposits. Usually the advertiser sets the minimum deposit amount from 50 to 300 rubles, best of all are offers with deposits of 50-150 rubles, because most of the FD (75%) is in this segment.

CPA model will suit you if CR is shifted to the better side, for example, with CR 1 to 7-3, it is definitely more profitable to buy traffic for deposits.


The last 2 models  CPA and CPL are most often found in CPA networks. In advertisers' affiliate programs in most cases, you will be able to get working conditions ONLY for revshare. 


Plus of work on CPA - the working capital is not delayed, minus - I don't know… probably many people think that advertisers can shave their leads, but I can reassure you that this cannot be avoided, either by CPA or RS. On CPA at least there will be no minus…)) And your interests are defended by CPA network, this is important, since gambling offers are often associated with certain risks for a webmaster.


Why do casino advertisers rarely give CPA terms to solo webmasters?


Because it's not profitable for them to monitor everyone. By providing  CPA conditions for CPA network, the advertiser assigns responsibility and risks to it. It is easier for him to limit and prescribe the conditions for one CPA network than for 1000+ individual webmasters.


CPA network is obliged to inform its webmasters of all applicable restrictions, warn them of all risks and pitfalls, that may get in their way, establish interaction with them, regulate their conditions, etc.


OFFTOP: It’s always important to remember whether you work for registration, or for deposits, the final goal of the advertiser buying traffic is not registration or deposit. The final goal of all this madness is to get a gambling person addicted, who will periodically deposit money into his account and make a profit.


What to pay attention when choosing " Where to buy traffic? How? What ?..."


Well...I think there are 3 things that are worth considering:


  1. If you have small volumes and not a lot of working capital (up to 200,000), it is better to choose CPA network.



Because directly the advertiser's hold is always longer and conditions are not always flexible. In the CPA network, you can negotiate with your manager, lower your hold, make advance payments for the purchase of traffic (In Gambling.pro it’s exactly possible ...: D)


  1. If you are not sure about the quality of traffic, it is better to start buying traffic for deposits.



There is less chance that your traffic will be rejected by the advertiser. Plus, you will understand the quality of the traffic, so that you can decide which model is more profitable to work with. 


OFFTOP: It is best to test traffic using revshare and not in one affiliate program, but in several or, even better, all in turn, so there is a complete picture of what's happening. 

For example,with TDS we just separated from the total traffic a certain amount of daily clicks that we wanted to spend on the test for 10-14 days in each new advertiser affiliate program. We did this in the background, simultaneously buying traffic for our target offers. Thus, in turn, for 8 months, we tested all the direct advertisers that we could find and now, based on the overall picture, we can make objective conclusions about the quality of our traffic and about the honesty of some guys ))


RevShare is good because there you see not only the number of deposits and their amounts, but also the number and amount of repeated deposits, and this (!) is one of the most important KPI that advertisers pay attention to. And if you understand how this or that type of traffic behaves (from a particular source, creative, etc.), then soon with your skill and experience you will be able to quickly enter the desired target audience and optimize your campaigns. You will also immediately understand what you get paid immediately and a lot, and for what they do not want to pay you at all.


It is best to buy test traffic within 1 week, in the amount of 50 deposits and 1 more week to see the profitability.


Of course, advertisers give slacks and analyze smaller volumes (from 10 deposits), but large volumes are in your interests - the volume has a much higher chance of performing KPI.


What rates can be used to evaluate traffic based on its payback?


  • Traffic with a payback period of 12-8 months is considered not the best and is usually paid at a low rate, up to ~ 2000 rubles for CPA, and up to ~100 rubles for CPL;


  • Traffic that shows a payback period of 7-4 months is considered more or less good in quality and is paid at higher rates: from ~2000 to ~7000 rubles for CPA and ~200-600 rubles for CPL;


  • And for the best and most active traffic with a payback of 12-1 weeks, you can demand very high rates from advertisers ~8000-15000 + rubles for CPA and 700-1500  + rubles for CPL;


--------- The end of the offtop --------- ?


  1. Some advertisers cannot process mobile traffic - if you buy mobile traffic, you should definitely conduct a split test of several offers.

Let's say Vulcan has more than 10 advertisers and each has its own sales funnel that uses to process and monetize its traffic, and this, by the way, directly affects the quality of YOUR traffic. Where is the justice?... Answer yourself ))


If somewhere there are fewer deposits than in another affiliate program, on the same traffic - this does not always mean that you are being cheated, it may be quite different! It's just that the advertiser has a bad sales funnel.


Why should you conduct a split test?

Because the result may shock you )))



KPI of most Gambling offers. Prohibited traffic types


What advertisers do and how they analyze our traffic:


  • All traffic and registrations and deposits are analyzed (even where payment is only for deposits);


By registrations they look at (on the first day and on the 3rd-5th day):


  • CR from click to registration, from registration to first deposit, from first deposit to repeat deposit;

  • Activity, frequency of returns;

  • Behavior on the site;

  • Prevailing type of action;

  • Repeatability of some conversion elements;

  • % of e-mail confirmations;

  • % of opening spam e-mails;

  • Number of first deposits;

  • Number of retention deposits;

  • The amount of the first deposit and re-deposits;


(after 3-5 days and then again, after 14 and 30 days)


  • Player Return Rate;

  • % of return of players from spam e-mails;

  • Number of first deposits and retention deposits from old registrations;

  • The amount of the first deposit and re-deposits;


(after 14 and 30 days)


  • Forecast for traffic payback time (when the advertiser's campaign will have +ROI%);


Selection of the target audience for Gambling offers (who to look for, avatar of the target audience)


If you think that the gambling audience is homeless people who look for earnings, then this is not true!

The gambling audience is entertainment.

This may be people who put money into games in which they do not get REAL values in return. They put money for fun. These are people who have nothing to do and look for a way to SPEND A  PLEASANT TIME, LEISURE. They don't need to earn money, they have it ) Just think - will a person put money into a casino if he really does not have it and has nothing to put on the table?


  • These people are men, aged 25 to 35 - 80% and 40 to 75 years-20%.

  • These are impulsive people who follow trends, try and test new things.

  • Suggestible, in terms of marketing -  follow all sorts of bonuses and promotions.

  • Sly, like to fool - give them the opportunity to fool the casino or even you.


About "fool you" - I have a case, but I will tell only part of it ) Once I used prelanding  where for 3000 RUBLES I offered a person to download a training book , and it 100% allows you to learn how to win amounts from 500 to 10000 per day in casinos. Under the description of the book there was a button "Pay" and just below it, a gray, inactive "Download" and right below the "Download" button it was written:


..<?php if (isset($_POST['Cкачать']) {// https://gambl.com/download_book}?>...


It was clear that under the button there was a link with valuable hidden information, for which you need to pay, and here it is absolutely free, due to some error on the site... ))

Then I think everything is clear )


P.S. it's time for you to move on to the practical part - read the next article ?


If you want to work with us, please, text our managers @GamblingproKirill @GamblingproDmitry @Gamblingpro_Max on Telegram.

We have lots of cases in Russian language, unfortunately, we haven’t translated all of them yet, but with the help of translator you can read them all on  gambling.pro/case1

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Case buy traffic for the Casino mobile app. Profit of 3 million rubles for 2 weeks.


Well, friends, we have already told you about such a promising approach as buying traffic for Webview mobile apps from stores, today we will analyze this traffic source in detail from A to Z, get ready for a big manual from the Gambling.pro team. You will learn how to cloak moderators, farm Gambling.pro accounts, how to make an app and how much this or that approach brings.



Fly to Google Play!


The scheme of buying traffic is based on uploading to Google Play or AppStore an application, that after installation on the phone,when launched will open the mobile version of the casino site in the integrated browser Webview, people register = make deposits = you earn. According to this scheme, you can work for absolutely any geo and get good results. Also, do not forget that the scheme can be adapted for betting and other nice things). So now let's go in order and analyze each moment in detail.



How the process looks like from the technical side:

  1. Launch an application

  2. A request is sent to the server, on the server we define whether to show a launch page to the moderator or to open some url in webview for a real player (we'll look at cloaking later).

  3. if you need to open the launch page, just run the stub application ( without additional requests, it is initially ported to the code ), if you need to show the site - url opens in inappbrowser. 

  4. make an app with the ability to send push notifications, and make a newsletter 1-2 times a week, this will increase revenue from the app by 10-15%.


Now the question is where to get traffic:

  1. We buy traffic in ad networks to a mobile application (for example, FB or other sources), in order to do it as efficiently as possible you need to integrate into the app Facebook SDK, before you submit the app to the store (to buy traffic for the application with optimization for install) and SDK Appsflyer (you can integrate with networks such as Google and also buy traffic with optimization for install). Ad campaigns for apps on Facebook are automatically moderated, and if you do not overdo with creatives, then accounts will live long enough from 2 weeks to 2 months according to our practice.


A small manual on how to work with FB SDK and how to share apps on your ad accounts:


  1. Here you can read and take FB SDK - https://developers.facebook.com/docs/app-ads/app-setup

  2. In the developer panel (developers.facebook.com) the app administrator can open access to the app for both: companies and separate advertising accounts. Companies can share the app inside their ad offices. A more flexible and convenient solution for companies with a large number of accounts.




An authorized partner-company can share the app only within its business manager.


How to find out ID of an advertising account:




How to find out the business manager's ID:


Go to the business manager (section: company settings), in the "Company Information" tab there is a business manager ID.


  1. Promote the application by keywords in Google play / AppStore, we take 1-3 positions and get organic traffic (consider this a context) of those people who are looking for casino queries in the search. In general it is necessary to create ASO, keywords on which you will be promoted, include them harmoniously in the description, or add them through reviews (the user often texts this keyword to a review of your app, after that, it begins to appear in the search for this keyword.)


P. S If we talk about the current situation in the market, I do not see at all those who are promoted by keywords…or it happens very quickly, this information is most likely written for those who plan to buy traffic in other verticals too.


After your app is searched for a specific keyword, to put it in a higher position, you need to buy motivated installations for it + a good plus would be the simultaneous buying of live traffic from Facebook, buy motivated installations here:


LIST of services of motivated installs:


1) https://vk.cc/8yOV5e

2) https://vk.cc/8yH1gZ

3) https://vk.cc/8yH1vC

4) https://vk.cc/8yFuSA


Let's say you want to advance by the keyword "Vulcan" , you go to these services and order user installations using this key. It will look like this: the user is asked to enter the keyword Vulcan in the Google play search, then find your app, install it, play for 1 minute, leave a comment, and then go to the second or third day. Our recommendations on how many installs motivated by the keyword you need: there are no clear numbers here, you will come to them when you start testing.Keep track of the competition for this keyword, if there are almost no applications, then the competition is small and for the first day it is enough 50 installs, for the second - 100, for the third - 150, and for the fourth - 200. If there is a lot of competition, then it can be 1000 installs a day with a multiple further increase. After 4 days, see how the positions change from this and decide how to push further. There are different strategies for buying motivated app installs, you can read them on the Internet, we will not recommend them, because everything changes every day in Google play, we gave you a tool and a basis, then your brains will help you reach the maximum profit.


What offers go best through mobile apps:



Vulkan Privat is our exclusive offer in gambling.pro


How much do publishers earn when they buy traffic for mobile apps?


Since the Gambling.pro team uses this source, we just show you the numbers from these two advertising sources:


  1. Buying to the app from Facebook Target and other sources:




In statistics, more than $ 87540, it took us about $ 40 thousand to buy traffic, net profit is about 47K$ = 3 million rubles

  1. We don’t buy organic traffic for a long time, because of fast bans, but at one time we managed to get up to 300K daily , it was about half a year ago.


What you can't do when working with apps! IMPORTANT! And also how to work correctly with mobile apps:




Now we will tell you in more detail, and also go deeper into the process of how to make working with the app comfortable and profitable, let's look at the example:


You submitted the app with vulkan platinum (there is your personal link to it), there were 30 deposits, you waited for your personal rate to be considered, and at that time you decided to test our private offer Vulkan club with a clean base, you logged in to gambling.pro, got a link, inserted it on the server instead of Vulkan platinum, now the traffic was bought on vulkan club. So in that case, it turned out that those who registered and made a deposit on the vulkan platinum would log in to the app and would not see their account and money, because they would open a completely different casino, as a result they would not be able to win back the money they put, would not be able to make new deposits there, and as a result the quality of your traffic would be terrible and the advertiser might refuse to pay at all, or made a very low rate. Therefore, in order to avoid such a problem and you can test as many casinos as you want in one application without losing quality, do the following:


A person logs in to the app, at this moment a request is sent to the server from the device id (insert the device ID parameter of the user who launched the app into the link). On the server (we'll look at cloaking later), there is a check for who it is: a moderator or a regular user. If everything is OK, the url from the casino is sent back, for example, and it is shown in WebView, if it is a moderator, a launch page is shown. If the link is shown, we save in the database which url is shown to which device next ( by the id that was passed in the link ). Thus, if the user once saw a certain casino, then always when he returns to the app, he will see only this casino, therefore, he can play and deposit money, that will make your traffic high-quality, with which you can expect to increase the rate. This method allows you to make a split test of several offers at once, without losing the quality of traffic.


Problems that you will encounter while working and how to solve them:

  1. Where can I find a developer who will make a mobile application and how to write a technical task for him correctly?

How to solve:

Creating a task on FL.ru or WorkZilla has a very low chance of finding a good developer for little money. All inflate prices and terms up to 10 times.


The most ideal variants:


  • Go to the same FL or Weblancer.net, go to the freelancers archive in the folder - mobile developers and text each person an offer on Skype/telegram. (you can use similar services with the ability to sort by profession where there is a directory of freelancers)

  • Search for people in the thematic communities of VK and text them in PM.

  • Enter in the search VK - Mobile Developer / Android App Developer / ios App Developer (and other similar keywords). There will be over 1 million posts from both: publics and specific people. Some posts are related to job search, and you can find the developer in some comments. (This way, we found 4 developers in 2 hours of searches who immediately started to complete the tasks)


Sample text:


Good afternoon, Ivan, there is a project, maybe you will be interested in.

Make an app for Android with this logic:


Certain people will open the built-in browser (WebView) with the site, and all other people will open the game slot / roulette built into the application.


There are two options with which you can decide what and to whom to show.


1 - When a man opens the application, it will send a request to the server, which will check the person according to the following data:

  • ip (from what country, whether it is proxy or not)


  • device time zone (if the time zone is not Russian - show the game slot in the app.)


  • Model of the device  (if it is a google pixel phone - show the game slot, since moderators usually use such phones)


After that, the server will respond to the app or show the slot or what link to open in the built-in browser (WebView)


2 - Do all the same in the app.


The design of the slot is necessary either to order or to find on the Internet and modify/individualize.


Problems and nuances:


  • Google bans apps due to multi-account and low uniqueness. Most likely they will unzip automatically apk and analyze js for uniqueness.


Solution: You can hide the program code only using a compiled language. For Android there is Qt, site qt.io


You need to hide the slot code in JavaScript from automatic verification.



Google follows us everywhere)


  1. Moderators of Google play / AppStore after you have downloaded the app, sooner or later they will delete your app and ban the developer account.


How to solve:

It is solved exclusively by the constant farm of new developer accounts and apps, BUT You can affect how long your app will remain untouched: to do this, determine the methods of attracting traffic: if you promote the app by keywords and you get organic traffic, then be prepared that the app will work for 1-2 weeks, and maybe a couple of days…if you promote the app through purchasing in ad networks and do not use the keywords casino / slots and so on in the app description, then the application can work for 1-2-3 months, and you will get profit. We recommend working with keywords only when you have clearly worked out a stable farm of new accounts without bans, but if you just start out then work with buying traffic for the app from other sources and do not specify in the app absolutely no keywords associated with casino. Just make a neutral description of the app, telling about the feelings that the player will get from playing the app.


Also the lifetime of your applications will depend on how well you cloak moderators, we do this as follows:


A person logs in to the app,  at this moment a request is sent to the server  from his device id. On the server there is a check of mobile devices - if it is pixel, there is a high probability that it is a moderator, the total percentage of application downloads per pixel is less than a percent, so this traffic is blocked, check ip (from which country they come, proxy it or not, if the country is different, if you have determined that this is proxy, then we show launch page, and also check the time zone (if the time zone is not Russian, we show the game slot in the app)). All other users are shown vulkan, yes, by the way, we did not talk about what a human-moderator should see in order to submit the app to the store (if it's not self-moderation). He sees these slots that a freelance programmer made, the GIF below:




If we show a real casino, then we save in the database that such a device will only show this link in the future. We link the device ID to the link that we showed)


  1. When you submit more than one app, Google will begin to identify you as “attacker”, who regularly submits banned apps, as a result, your accounts and app will be rejected due to " multiaccount”.


  1. Competitors will complain about you, paying the attention of moderators to your app.


How to solve: there is nothing you can do about it, but now it is not so often done by competitors, during the championship, it was often in the direction of betting.

Remember that even if you don't want to or can't create an app and submit to the store, but you buy traffic from different sources on the app, then you can text the manager in Gambling.pro (tg - @gamblingpromax or by contacts in personal account) and we will give you a ready-made IOS or ANDROID app (we have both).


Also, if you are a developer with experience and want to develop in the field of arbitrage, our team will be happy to accept you as a staff member and together we'll make cool products related to traffic that will take your income to a new level -  we are waiting for a short story about yourself and your experience on Telegram of Artem Prokofiev tg -@ordinec


If you have any questions that you want us to sort out in the future, subscribe to our warm chat about gambling on Telegram and ask questions!


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Anthology of gambling arbitrage: what worked 4 years ago and what works today


Colleagues, hello everyone! This is Tanya, author of the public Severe Petersburg publisher. Today I want to look at the past and share with you the base of our team.


Gambling.pro company has been around for 2 years, and our team has been working in the gambling niche for more than six years. During this time, we managed to test hundreds of hypotheses,  find dozens of working approaches, and make some cool cases that we can really be proud of.




Do you want me to tell you exactly what we did and how we made money all this time? Why do I ask... Of course, you want to - I feel it :)) So fast forward to:


4 years ago. Then it worked:




There were times when I bought teaser traffic on the casino. First there were teasers with luxury girls, then with wallets full of money, then there were men and cars, cars are cooler, very cool cars, and then I found ATMs, bank cards, banknotes and coins - those teasers worked best and brought the traffic of optimal quality. 


Examples of teasers that brought good results:




I sent traffic from such ads to prelanding. On prelanding, there was an advertising case-story, the same comments and the link to the landing page. Everything is according to the canons. Unfortunately, I can’t get my own examples anymore, but I think many of you have seen them once on the Internet))


ROI with this approach was about 70%. Not much, but on the volume of 150 + deposits/day- it was ok. Especially if you don't have to do much later. I mean, it was easier to reach the volume with teasers than with other sources, there was a lot of traffic in them, little competition, if you know how to make a teaser in the top - consider that the loot is already in your pocket. The competition in them is lower, because not everyone is a nerd, like me, not everyone likes a hard analyst and huge budgets for tests. Well, if the teaser is ok - then it can work for a couple of weeks or a couple of months, the traffic on it remains almost the same and you get your income almost effortlessly) Well, it seemed like the perfect solution.


Until adult traffic appeared in my life…


3 years ago




There were adult exchanges in my life due to the fact that working with teasers, I often asked myself the question - where and why do those 40-80% of traffic, that does not reach from prelanding to landing, go and what would happen if they did… Well, at least I know what would have happened - nothing would have happened. I have already tested the approach of buying from teasers directly to landing - the result is not ok. But this thought still did not give me peace, and I looked for different options for how to earn more money, and found the adult traffic exchange and such a great format of the advertisement as clickunder))))


Oh, yeah, for such a lazy ass like me, it's just a find. I couldn't believe my eyes: "Just a link and that's it? THAT'S IT? Is that all? Just like that!??”


Realizing this idea, I immediately got that prelanding was the only tool, that I could use to convert people working with this format. The working approach was greatly simplified to three components: exchange-prelanding-landing.


Without hesitation, I made and tested a new approach using video creative with pickup masters. Although the essence of the approach was not even in the video, but in the chain of triggers, that attracted adult traffic. The message was this: with money you can get any girl, and money can be earned here.


By the way, I certainly don't think that you can get any girl with the help of money, but specifically for unsure guys this trigger has worked exactly as it should do. 


I can't find the old prelanding either, but after searching in my group, I found an example of how someone used that trigger on VK. I do not know what the result was, but they definitely chose the right public for advertising ))




With adult clickunder ROI of my advertising campaigns was 50-70% at the start, then it decreased to 30%, that was even less than in teasers, but the volume was more, about one and a half times and if you set up auto-blocking, it’s possible to say that I didn’t have to do anything. So trading bad for worse, I stopped at adult for a while. 


But ... I also wanted something of my own, so I started looking at casino sites, review sites and information portals optimized for SEO.


SEO and contextual traffic


So I got a fake casino-themed forum, and a lot of cool ideas and hypotheses, related to this topic, which I actively shared with my friends-publishers)) however as with all…)


The forum did not immediately start generating revenue from organic traffic, then in search of ways to force events I decided to buy traffic from Google, and it was a great solution, because messages from fake users created a cool background of trust and greatly increased the interest of traffic coming to the site. In addition to the fact that it increased the behavior data on the site without cheating, I also got a good conversion and ROI was 150%. I can’t say that in this way I earned some fabulous money, because it’s not so. The forum still exists and even now brings some kind of income, maybe 30-50k per month, although I did not write on it for a year and stopped using it.  And I did it because: 1) it requires too much time and effort to maintain: new content, fake messages, etc., 2) it is not clear at all how to scale this without making other sites, and without increasing the amount of work, 3) there is always a risk of being banned - this applies to both: the advertising campaign and the site, 4) this money is not worth it… Although the approach is not bad and working so far. This can be used.


Facebook, instagram, telegram and bloggers


After the forum, facebook, instagram, telegram, bloggers, and everything related to them came into my life.


Most of this has already happened within the team Gambling.pro. We and instagram bloggers earned several million dollars on just one offer in just a couple of months.


1 year ago


About a year ago, we found and shared with everyone a unique approach that allowed to earn a lot of money.


We bought a large volume of foreign traffic from Singapore and South Africa, from local bloggers.




Users were led to instagram accounts with schemes. Example of one of the accounts:




ROI from this approach was very high, at the peak it could reach up to 500%. A loyal audience of bloggers was very well converted from live stories. And schemes - a new approach for foreign countries.


However, buying traffic from bloggers is a different story. Success, first of all, depends on your ability to reach out to a blogger. The second difficulty is that not everyone wants to advertise a casino. The third difficulty is analytics, it is difficult to separate the traffic of one blogger from another if you buy ads on the same day. The fourth difficulty is that the process cannot actually be automated. In short, we decided that it was too complicated and it’s easier for us to buy traffic using target.

Now you can also buy traffic from bloggers, this approach works, if you overcome the difficulties listed above, you can get a good result.

Six months ago

Well, six months ago, we showed everyone the approach of how to make money on mobile apps + FB, which has become the most popular case and step-by-step instructions for starting.

The scheme is based on uploading an app to Google play or AppStore, then, after being installed on the phone, it will open the mobile version of the casino site, when launching the app, in the built-in webveiw browser. You buy traffic from Facebook target, with optimization for installation or deposit, people download the app, register and make deposits in the mobile app, and you earn. Using this scheme, you can work with absolutely any geo and get good results. And also do not forget that the scheme can be adapted for betting and for any offers.

Examples of applications on Google play:

The average ROI from this approach is 100%:


We spent a lot of money on Facebook, successfully converting traffic to mobile casino apps. We have been working with mobile apps for so long that we really know everything about them. Or almost everything. At least during our work, we had to refine and optimize this approach and almost always our actions had a positive effect on the result.

If you want to work with us, please, text our managers @GamblingproKirill @GamblingproDmitry @Gamblingpro_Max on Telegram.

We have lots of cases in Russian language, unfortunately, we haven’t translated all of them yet, but with the help of translator you can read them all on  gambling.pro/case1

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Case: net profit of 33,000,000 roubles with UAC and what private offers we have in Gambling.pro

Welcome back my friends! My name is Danil Fokin, I am CEO of Gambling.pro and today I will show you a very interesting case with really big sums. Please sit back, we begin our story of the case, which brought us 33,000,000 roubles. However, one day it brought minus 7,000,000 roubles for just a couple of hours ?


We will answer your questions:


- What is a hack application and how did we come up with this idea?

- How does the hack application work and what is inside?

- How was 7,000,000 roubles lost?

- How much did we actually earn on the hack-app?

- Where and how to generate traffic?

- Cost screenshots

- What is the result? What now?


Our idea is to integrate different schemes into the application!


I think it's not a big secret that Artem Prokofiev during one of the MAC conferences told about "schemes with Telegram", at that time it was only emerging market, and that with this approach you could have good ROI. You drive traffic from Facebook to Telegram and get 100-300% of ROI. Over time, thousands of webmasters, from beginners to pros, started to use this approach. Honestly, we can say that newbies just ruined this approach because they did not know how to work on the quality of traffic, or they just simply switched the channel from one casino to another in order to increase their profit by selling traffic in several places. The quality of traffic wasn’t good enough for casinos, and casinos started reducing rates and began to introduce strict KPIs, that led to the fact that the approach became obsolete.


However, we continued to work using this approach because our traffic quality was much better due to our extensive experience with such traffic, but soon it all ended.

At that time, it became popular to generate traffic to applications, where the quality of traffic was fine for advertisers only because there were push notifications and the application was on the working screen of users, so users returned much more often. And here the idea came, the idea to combine the schemes and apps into one thing, which turned out to be just an insanely cool idea.

Hack application: how does it work?


Hack application is an app that works with a built-in casino hacking algorithm. This is how it was presented to players - this is an application that allowed him to increase his chance of winning by 4-5 times in one click! The philosophy of mobile app was based on the algorithm to beat casino.


Ten managers worked 24/7 with sales funnels and with more than 50 scripts of how to communicate with such players were written. These managers handled requests of players in case of a loss and explained to these players the unique algorithm of the app, then gave new schemes to players.


Players downloaded the hack-app and saw a unique interface inside the casino product and on top of it, which is a magic switch and that increases the player's chance of winning. Users played, then lost – then they returned to managers in Telegram or in the chat and here managers applied new scripts.


1. After downloading the app from the store, preset window (pre-landing) was presented to users which “configures the casino” to increase the probability of winning.


Application had the following structure:


1. This is a WEBVIEW app with a special interface inside it and with a preset window. Thus, a so-called “switch” was always in front of the player's eyes, that cheated all casino algorithms and increased the chances of winning by 4-5 times.


After the registration, users received a welcome message that should send players to a 1 on 1 chat with the manager. From these type of chats, players were directed to Telegram chat and then managers again tried to influence players with scripts.


2. Several chats were integrated into the application:


• internal chat for all players, where they could communicate (there was a positive communication about winnings, that keep good climate among players).


• internal individual chat, where players could communicate one-on-one with the “app creator”. In such chat, there was only an autofunnel that directed players to Telegram.


• chat in Telegram where players could communicate with support - managers. In the TG, there were positive reviews, screenshots were posted to make users play more and more. In this chat there was a special manager who, with a changed voice, communicated with players.

An example of a 1v1 chat with an autofunnel + an example of a general chat:


Below I attach examples of posts and reviews.



How much we earned using this approach? Where and how traffic was generated.


Period: from October 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020.


Offer - Vulcan Club - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/479


Conversion - from reg to dep 1k8-1k12, from instal to reg 1k10


Geo: Russia


Source: Google Ads - UAC


Rate: 50.5 $


Spent: 41 711 860 roubles


Earned: 74 573 540 roubles


ROI: 78.78%


The first traffic was in March 2019, but how much was spent / earned we will calculate from October 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020.


Examples of creatives:








Latest creatives:







Further, I think it will be interesting to answer the questions that you have.


Why we chose UAC and what is it?


At that moment we discovered UAC - these are universal mobile applications campaigns, https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/9302396 - we were among the first in our niche who generated traffic to the Russia from this source. We used agent accounts, ZaleyCash and others. The first tests in this source showed a phenomenal price of install, on average, 35 cents. Campaigns with expensive installs stopped, the rest scaled, increasing the campaigns’ daily budget. Now we can’t launch campaigns, unfortunately, because of errors in the mob. applications.


P.S. We do not have successful tests of UAC for west countries: either there is small amount of traffic or the price is really high and there is no conversion.


Have we optimized reg/dep?


We also tried to optimize  reg / dep, but the result was worse than when we just drive traffic with the optimization for install.


Have we splitted with other offers?


We wanted more and started testing other products, tried Vulcan Platinum, a Rox casino, but conversion was worse than Club Vulcan. As a result, we worked with him further.


What creatives were the best?


"Reviewer of mobile applications"and real feedback from players were the best ones because the ads were for youtube users (mostly ads were there) and players trusted that ads more.


Biggest Loss With Hack App?


The hardest day was when we lost $ 129,000 in 3 hours ($ 5 per install) due to an incorrectly set rate in the settings of advertising campaign, as we worked using the Google ads. We worked both with in dollars and rouble accounts so we made a mistake when we copied campaign from the Russian account to another one. So it was 200k roubles daily budget and 5 roubles per install and 200k dollars and 5 USD per install. We lost 7 million roubles that day. Remarkable experience, these stunts are performed by trained professionals, don't try this at home!


Below is one of the most terrible screenshots that I made in my life :)))


But then everything went OK and we were with the gain again in 2 weeks.


Screenshots of costs, campaigns


We do not have such a screen that would show all the income / expenses, because we lost most of accounts. Below there are screenshots that remain, screenshots from three MCC, MCC is like a BM in fb, each with 20 accounts:


What is the current situation?


1. Google raises the install price for any creatives.


2. Google UAC - many placements without the ability to disable certain ones. Good ROI was only thanks to video-ad. Nowadays, Google mostly displays text ads without showing video ads. Such ads lose us money.


3. Previously, Google showed video ads on youtube channels with an adult audience, at the moment 95% of ads - to channels with children's content. In this regard, a conversion from  reg to dep can reach up to 1 to 50.


So, this is our story of a very interesting experience of working with Hack APP.


There are many interesting things ahead, a lot of new things! I would like to note that this approach is already more than a year old and our top webmasters we trust, they privately received from us the opportunity to drive traffic to this offer and they earned much more than one million roubles.


We also have many cool private offers that we are ready to give out to webmasters, in which we will be sure that they will not leave.


Stay with us and remember that we are always ready to support you! Top cases, best offers, free mobile applications - and much more for you from Gambling.PRO!


P.S. we are also ready to assemble for you such applications like hack, for other GEOs!


Danil Fokin was with you, tg https://t.me/dddqdq

Our experience is your profit.

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Case from the webmaster of Gambling.pro. Generating traffic with Unity ROI 221%

Hello! The guys asked to share a case and we decided that it would be useful for beginners to at least understand how much money you can earn working in small teams, not solo. I will not explain how to work with Unity from A to Z, and all + - is already available on the Internet, I will give only " what and where”, and you think for yourself.


Source: Unity
Offer: First casino Private - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1032
Rate: 20$
Gambling.pro manager gave the app, shared via a bot and we started.
Geo: Ukraine
Spent: $529
Earned: 1620$
ROI: 221%
Installation price: 0.21$

For those who do not understand how advertising works in Unity:

- ads are promoted in partner apps, in other words, the user of the app needs to watch a promotional video for further use of this app. That is In App. He watches the ad and at the end there is a button to install the app from the store. That’s it.

An auction in Unity is based on two parameters:
1) Rate - how much are you willing to pay for the installation
2) CR - from impressions to install, - if your CR is bad, then you need to raise your rate, if your CR is excellent, you pay less than competitors.

It is important to understand what rate you have set in Unity, for example, $ 1 is the amount that will be charged, but if CR is bad, then you are out of the auction and the ads will be stopped.

Back to the case.

First casino is one of the offers we work with, so far it gives excellent results. It is fresh, has released recently, the rate for Ukraine is not bad. Below there are screenshots of one ad campaign from Unity and from Gambling.pro:


Overall, why Unity - with Facebook, things are not bad now, but we do not have stability yet, and the price of the installation is high, so we look for new sources, we haven't mastered Google Ads yet, but work with Unity was ok. We worked with several offers, and hooked this beauty with an excellent installation price!

Here's the creative - https://dropmefiles.com/IPd48

We generated traffic to the theme app, reviews and comments are ok:


On the Internet there are basic recommendations how to work with Unity, mine are about the same, so if you decide to generate traffic with Unity Ads, you should know:

- gambling / betting are of course prohibited, so don't use these themes to avoid being banned. If your account has been blocked, use antidetect browsers + proxies to register other accounts.

- minimum deposit is 1K$ via PayPal (if the account is blocked, the money will be returned to the card, that is already good).

Well, I'll tell you the basic truth, the most important thing in traffic arbitrage is analytics. Create one set of creatives per campaign, so you can analyze all the creatives and keep the ones that bring you profit.

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Case-manual FB + Mobile casino apps. Quick launch. ROI 100%

Money in traffic arbitrage? Easy-easy, reel talk! Think about it.


CAUTION! Repeating all the actions from the article, you can buy traffic at a profit and die of joy…


Hello friends! I want to please you with a new case for buying traffic from FaceBook to mobile gambling apps)) The approach is not new, and we already have the most detailed and comprehensive case that Artem wrote, but analyzing my personal messages yesterday, I realized that there is a need to write another case, a little shorter, and to look into a little other working moments there… You'll soon get  what I mean ?


Artem wrote mainly about the technical component of creating applications, how to submit the app to the store and etc., and I want to talk about how to launch ad campaign on Facebook and finally start to  get money ? More precisely, even so: I have already launched more than one such advertising campaign on FB and now I'm just going to write out the algorithm, how I did it and started making money. This may be the first case in arbitrage that can be repeated "exactly"...:D


Probably even if you do not use your brain +/-  to 0 it will work.


So, let's get started!!!


Before I bought the traffic, I went to our affiliate managers and asked them:


  • “What is it about apps?”


And this is the first point of my algorithm:


  1. Text affiliate manager on one of the convenient contacts :

Our Lord Affiliate Maxim:




Knight Affiliate Stas:



and specify the following questions: 1) Are there any mobile apps available now? 2)What offers? 3)What are the conditions for payment, KPI, limits and hold? What should I do to start working with this miracle?


After the contact made with affiliate manager and the process of exchanging information has started, you quickly find out that a new mobile app has appeared in GAMBLING.PRO - Fresh Casino (Russia), with a starting rate of 3100 rubles for a minimum deposit. It is not bad.


Well, you’ll also learn that if you really want to, we can put any offer, that fits your request, in the mobile app.


P.S. I didn't have any specific requests, I was quite satisfied with Fresh, because I have known this offer for a long time and it is one of my favorite.

Well, relatively long) it is 4-5 months from the moment of its appearance. This offer is very fresh, and the conversion rate is so good. But in the application we always put in only the top offers, so do not hesitate and take what we give, we have no errors ?

In short, I personally was too lazy to choose something else, and I took what was / was given. My goal is to do little and get a lot,  so I generally have this lifestyle, that I try not to make unnecessary body movements without special need))


So let's continue…


After you have sorted out the offer (not without the help of our Pro affiliate managers), it is necessary to start setting up advertising campaign. We will buy traffic from Facebook. If you have never done this and this phrase scared you - do not panic. I don't care but by the end of reading this article, you will buy traffic from Facebook, even if you have never done it before...: D


  1. Go to https://www.facebook.com, log in to your account.

  2. In the process of communication, our affiliate managers should send you instructions for the selected application. They sent me this one - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z8M07Na9yOqMK1bWtpSZsmnJz0u_iUVzFu-IP6xz2tI/edit


I studied it carefully and did the following: 1) accepted the Facebook agreement (clicked the link there and clicked “accept”), 2) requested my deeplink from the manager.


  1. Go back to Facebook, go to the “create ads " section and get to ADSmanager.




And we see this in front of us … О________________________о




  1. The purpose of the ad campaign is to Install the app



  1. Set the name of the ad campaign, click the “create” or “continue " button, or something like that… There's only one button, you can't go wrong. And you get to the screen with ad group creation. It looks like this:




As you may notice, Facebook immediately asks us where are we going to send traffic??? Google play or App store?


  1. We are going to send traffic to the app in Google play, so you select the appropriate item in the list, choose the application that the manager shared with you (it will already be in the list) and go ahead.



  1. Dynamic creatives-skip it. Go straight to the “Audience” block. By default, you immediately create a new one. Set the settings as in the screenshot:



Click "Save audience".




P.S. Detailed targeting, links, etc. skip it - in addition to increasing the cost of a click this will not give you anything. 


So continue.


  1. Placement.


Here we have two options for how we work:

  1. We choose automatic placement and Facebook chooses where to place it. Option called " I can afford it”.



  1. Set placements manually. If you do not want to test it, then select the following settings:



Stories is no longer used because traffic from them has become more expensive, and the conversion rate is lower.


  1. Advertising campaign budget


The daily budget for the testing period is 50-100% of the cost of the deposit for each placement - that is 2000-4000 rubles.




  1. Other settings


Set as on the screen.




Click the "Continue" button and go on.

  1. Creating ads


“Here we will create!” ... (no)


Services that I personally use to search for creatives:


 NONE! I come up with creatives, because I have enough experience for this. 


You can also see examples of creatives on:



You can search for queries such as:


  1. Win

  2. Withdrawal 

  3. Download

  4. Bonus

  5. Raise

  6. Balance

  7. Deposit

  8. Freespin


I did all this with Publer as an example. Go to this site.




As a result, in 10 minutes, I found these more or less adequate posts and the absence of mislead:








I liked these posts because they list all the benefits and advantages for the club's players, there is a “gift " trigger and call-to-action is present - it is banal, but there are chances that such posts will have a conversion ?




Here, in the post on the left, I liked 1) a video with a man who is a bright representative of the casino's target audience - a hard worker, 30+, married,this is a high probability that the same men will react to the post - and that's good)) + emotional presentation in the text “Crazy wins!”, “Cool games!” - It may seem dumb, but it always works. It is necessary to use in your texts words that evoke an emotional response in people and then they will read your posts to the end and respond to their content with conversions ?


In the second post, I liked the fact that there are triggers " New " and "generous slots". In general, I liked the word “generous” the most, because I think this is one of the most important requirements of players for slots - that they give!!!)) And even more...:D


Well, in both posts there is call-to-action, which is also very good.




These are two posts that also interested me in a few points 1) the first one has a deadline, 2) in the second there is the amount of earnings and social proof in the form of a reference to other people who installed the app… )))


  1. When we have found examples of posts that suit us, we need to make them unique. If you just download from Publer (or from anywhere else) images/videos that have already been posted on FB and post them on Facebook from your account again, this will be banned, 100%.

In order to make a picture or video unique, just do the following (one or all at once) 1) apply a visual filter to the video 2) apply another sound 3) swap fragments 4) crop/lengthen the video. In general, it is necessary to make some manipulations with it that will change its characteristics and this will be a different video for Facebook))


All this can be done using Adobe Premiere, or using any other convenient video editor that you will discover on Google…:D


  1. When you make the selected videos unique, you can return to Facebook and continue setting up the ad campaign. Select " one image or video” and upload our creative.





  1. When the video is uploaded, we proceed to the final stage of setting up our advertising campaign




  1. Ad text

  2. Title (for Audience Network)

  3. Call to action - "Install" / "Download" (we use “Download " more often”)


P.S. in different placements, the “Download " button is located on different sides, so ideally you need to adapt the creative to these conditions. You can view all the options for placing the call-to-action button in different placements in the ad preview window.


  1. You need to get the deeplink from manager of our network in advance and insert it in the appropriate field.


Life hack - if this message appears after uploading the creative:




You can do this here by clicking on the "custom design" button”:






  1. Do not touch advanced settings

  2. We check that the ad looks normal in all placements




Click the button




Congratulations, bro, your ad campaign is ready and it will launch soon. And now the final touch.


We are not fools to load one ad and wait for a miracle, so to make our tests representative, let's do the following:


  1. Copy the ad 2 times and make a few more options for posts (2 unique videos + text)




  1. Change the video and text in the ad settings and confirm them




Now that's it, sit still and wait until moderation passes and the first clicks will go.


  1. How we test ads and adsets, analyze what’s happening, turn off ineffective ads and scale - we have already described in detail in the article “How to buy traffic on installs with profit”. 


As a result in 4 days:




Facebook ad campaigns are constantly deleted, but I managed to find one more or less decent for this example.


  • 10 603,9 RUB are spent

  • 258 installs are received

  • 41,1 rubles per install


The conversion from install to registration varied from 1 to 5 to 1 to 9, on average 1 to 6. In total, 43 registrations and 6 deposits were received.




  • Deposit rate 50$

  • In total, I earned $ 300, spending about $160 (10603 / 65 at the average exchange rate of $)


You can easily see that ROI is about 100% ))))))) 10K rubles for 4 days, for a beginner this would be a great result! For a month you can earn 100-150k rubles.


If you repeat all the points of my instructions and read the manual - you can also launch advertising campaign on Facebook and earn your money ?

I wish you success and many profitable advertising campaigns on FB =^.^=


If you want to work with us, please, text our managers @GamblingproKirill @GamblingproDmitry @Gamblingpro_Max on Telegram.

We have lots of cases in Russian language, unfortunately, we haven’t translated all of them yet, but with the help of translator you can read them all on  gambling.pro/case1

Other English cases read on gambling.pro/case  

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Friends! We are glad to present you a free video course on work with Facebook and mobile app traffic!


On this course we will give you five lessons in which we will discuss the following topics in detail:

- Where to generate traffic

- Where to start and how to choose an offer

- How to get a lot of conversions

- Creating creatives for any GEO

- Algorithm for launching traffic to the mobile app


Do you want to learn how to work with casino offers, launch Facebook campaigns in 15 minutes and generate traffic from Facebook with a profit? Join us!


Sign up for FREE TRAINING now! - https://gambling.pro/enschool/

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We continue to add new offers with popular Canada!



Rate and paid goal: $100 per baseline and €20 wager

Geo: Canada

Minimum deposit: 15 CAD

Test limit: 20 fd

Features: user-friendly and attractive interface, mobile adaptation, nice welcome bonuses for players


We recommend you to generate traffic using mobile apps. Free Android/iOS apps are available, you can get the app and share your accounts via the @GamblingProTGB_bot.


If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755

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Friends, recently one canadian offer shows good results - 7bit https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1204?

So we offer to split Loki - a canadian offer with an excellent rate.


Loki - https://my.gambling.pro/offers/1235?

Rate and paid goal: $110 per minimum deposit

Geo: Canada

Minimum deposit: 25 CAD

Test limit: 20 fd

Features: full localization and payment systems, offer for a minimum deposit


We recommend you to generate traffic using mobile apps. Free Android/iOS apps are available, you can get the app and share your accounts via the @GamblingProTGB_bot.


If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max


Do you want more news? Subscribe to our telegram channel - https://t.me/gambling_pro_eng


Or follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gambling-Pro-CPA-network-for-professionals-100241465103755

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