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Hello friends! We are Gambling.pro - a team of experienced publishers and specialists, the best in CPA market in Russia and the CIS countries. We are the top 1 Gambling and Betting affiliate network according to CPALife Awards 2019.

Why is Gambling.pro the best?
1.Our platform is unique and made specifically for working with Gambling offers.
Thanks to this, you will see not only standard traffic indicators (CR, EPC, ratio, clicks) in our statistics, but you will receive extended data on your conversions which will allow you to conduct deep analytics on traffic and will reflect such important indicators when working with Gambling as:
- Deposit amount
- Number of repeated deposits
- The amount of re-deposits
- Activity of your players

2.We have more than 800 offers for CPA and RevShare in open access, 50+ offers in private and a huge list of absolute exclusives! These are the best offers for different GEO worldwide and for all possible traffic sources.

3.Absolutely free we give out IOS/Android apps for buying traffic to any of our partners!
- Applications with optimization for registration/first deposit
- All apps are themed with good reviews
- Inside the app you can find any offer you need for any GEO
- If you don't know how to work with apps, just text us, we will give all the necessary instructions in English.

4.Only we have KNOWLEDGE BASE from Gambling.pro
What is knowledge base - it is more than 80 cases and manuals that we write so you can easily go to arbitrage. We test all our cases - you no longer need to waste the budget for testing the approach, you will definitely find most of the Top approaches here. We give our partners ready-made approaches for working with different traffic sources and with different GEO.

5.We can offer you an absolutely exclusive offer on absolutely exclusive terms, the advertiser of which is ourselves!For access text us.

6.Another reason to say that we are the best is our support - the best managers in the entire Russian market and abroad. They are ready to accompany you at all stages of buying traffic, starting with the selection of the offer, ending with the regulation of any issues on payments.

7.Our payouts are as stable as a good Swiss watch. If you strictly comply with the terms of buying traffic for a specific offer, once a week you will be able to receive a payment using WebMoney/EPayments/Wire/Bitcoin, this is your choice.

8.Team Gambling.pro is a permanent participant of international thematic conferences: CPALife, Kinza, Sempro, MAC, AWE, ICE, LAC - all this is in our arsenal. More than 10+ reports of our speakers and 15 stands prove that we are always happy to meet in person with each of our partners and will also be glad to see you!

9.We are trusted by more than 20,000 webmasters in Russia and CIS countries - and that means more than words!

We welcome each of our partners - we are waiting for you in our network! And we guarantee that our cooperation will be unforgettably profitable!

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Dear partners, we are glad to introduce you offers that are an absolute must to start working with!


Red Dog - for USA and Australia
CPA: 150$
Goal paid: minimum deposit $10 Neosurf, $20 BTC, $25 Gift Cards, $30 Credit Card

Vive Mon - for France
CPA: 140$
Goal paid: baseline 20 euros
Minumum deposit: 10 euros

What are the benefits of the offers?
You can buy traffic for them in a traditional way:  from sites, dorways, reviews

Or you can ask us to give you a mobile app and you will be able to work with Facebook! The advantage is that you ROI will be much higher and you will be able to increase your profit by several times!

Do you want to learn more - please, write to our manager live:gamble1more

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Friends! Sports betting! New offers from 888STARZ.BET!

888STARZ is:

- 25 + cryptocurrencies in the payment system

- over 3500 online games

- Welcome bonus up to 7BTC

- VIP cashback

- Calendar of cyber bonuses

- Express of the day


We offer the buying of traffic for the CIS and the WORLD:


888starz Bet CIS

Geo: CIS

CPA: 25$

Paid goal: baseline $5 + wager $5

Minimum Deposit: 1 USDT 1 mLTC 1 mBT


888starz Bet WW

Geo: the world except - IT/FR/PL/ES/IL/SK/BE/SE/US/GB

CPA: 35$

Paid goal: baseline $5 + wager $5

Minimum Deposit: 1 USDT 1 mLTC 1 mBT

The betting shop has a TOP dividend model that allows players to receive 65% of the platform's revenue for bets made through the 888 token.

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Friends, new terms of juicy offer!

France, Poland + Italy

CPA: 140$

Paid goal: minimum deposit

Minimum Deposit: 20 euros

Conversion rate: reg2dep 1 to 10-11

- Adaptation for mobile devices
- Over 100 licensed slots
- Nice welcome bonuses for players

Get 3.9 points on your balance for each approved FD for this offer and exchange them for cool gifts in our prize store!

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Friends, we want to tell you about a new offer in Gambling.pro - Betandyou!

CPA: 50$
Paid goal: baseline 4$+ KPI
Minimum deposit: 25 UAH

- Quick registration
- 24/7 support
- Adaptation for mobile devices
- Nice bonuses that will please even the most demanding player

Good luck!

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Buying traffic for Gambling.pro apps with FB in 15 minutes is not a myth!

We want to share with you how to implement this step-by-step and  start buying traffic for gambling as soon as possible.

Follow the link to our article https://teletype.in/@gambling_pro_eng/rPmH7GFOz and find out how to do it quickly and easily.

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Good afternoon, Gambling.pro is in touch!
We are here with a new offer - Betandyou

Germany, Finland, Portugal, Iceland
CPA: 70$
Paid goal: baseline 20$ + KPI
Minimum Deposit: 1 euro

- 1 click registration
- Local payments
- Nice bonuses for players
- Support 24/7

Wish you high ROI!

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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+15 000$ for the volume of 1000 FD!

Top promotion for Gambling.pro webmasters!

Friends, we appreciate your success and efforts!

And we want to make you happy even more!

Get + $ 15000 for the volume of 1000 FD for the Woocasino offers!

Conditions for participation:
- Buy traffic for IOS apps with Woocasino offers (1000 FD)
- Get a $15000 BONUS
Woocasino offer entered the market of Australia and Canada, showing an excellent conversion rate. The offer is adapted for the geo and meets the requirements of a top product! We decided that such a bonus should be!
Gambling.pro has everything for a start:

- Free and themed iOS apps!
- Bot for sharing apps and accounts 24/7 without the participation of a manager!

Participate and get your bonuses!
The number of participants is unlimited!
The duration of the promotion is unlimited!

Good luck!

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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One more interesting offer from Gambling.pro to popular countries!

Orient Xpress

Rate: 100$
Paid goal: minimum deposit 20 euros
Test cap : 10 FD
Geo: France/Italy

- Support 24/7
- Adaptation for mobile devices
- Nice welcome bonuses for players

Bright unusual casino design will please those who like to spin slots!

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Luxury casino among our new offers!
Paid goal: baseline 300 rubles
Minimum Deposit : 150 rubles
Test cap : 20 FD
Geo: Russia

- No deposit free spins
- Registration in 15 seconds

The offer is already waiting for you!

For your convenience, we always have free Android apps that you can get in a couple of clicks in the bot @GamblingProTGB_bot

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Friends, our new offer 888STARZ showed itself very cool, so we hurry to you with this offer to a new GEO - to everyone's favorite Australia!

888STARZ is:

- 25 + cryptocurrencies in the payment system

- over 3500 online games

- Welcome bonus up to 7BTC

- VIP cashback

888starz Casino
CPA: 120$
Paid goal: baseline 10$ + wager 10$
Minimum deposit: 1 usdt 1 mLTC 1 mBT

The casino has a TOP dividend model that allows players to receive 65% of the platform's revenue for bets made through the 888 token.

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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New offers for Parimatch!

Parimatch Casino
CPA: 25$
Paid goal: baseline 5$
Minimum Deposit: 20 rubles

Parimatch Casino
CPA: 30$
Paid goal: baseline 5$
Minimum Deposit: 20 rubles

Parimatch Betting
CPA: 25$
Paid goal: baseline 5$
Minimum Deposit: 20 rubles

Parimatch Betting
CPA: 22$
Paid goal: baseline 5$
Minimum Deposit: 20 rubles

Good luck!

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Friends, lately Ukraine has been showing itself very well so we share with you another fresh offer for this GEO.


Minimum Deposit: 50 UAH

Test limit : 10 fd

Features: fast registration, full localization and payment systems

We recommend you to buy mobile app traffic. Free Android/iOS apps are available, you can get the app and share your accounts via the @GamblingProTGB_bot

Wish you high ROI!

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Friends, as you like, we add more new and fresh offers at your request, and here is one of them. The main advantage of this product - PayNPlay!

Rate and paid goal:
$115 for a minimum deposit
GEO: Finland
Minimum Deposit: 10 euro
Test limit: 20 fd
Features: PayNPlay - casino without registration, full localization and payment systems

We recommend you to buy mobile app traffic. Free Android/iOS apps are available, you can get the app and share your accounts via the @GamblingProTGB_bot

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Friends, we have a Top offer, a blog of a young millionaire with free and paid predictions by subscription:

- High-quality app for IOS / ANDROID
- Selling predictions by subscription via capper
- Any approaches in advertising

DG Bet
RS: 40%

This non-competitive application showed a great install price of $0.17 from our tests! We reduce your costs -> you increase ROI!

If you want to work with us, please text our manager - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Case with story on Gambling with ROI 75%

Hey, what's up? Enjoy our new case.


I am far from all this, but the experience (over 4 years) in traffic arbitrage bears fruit. + I had experience buying advertising on VK publics for options, so I was almost self-assured.

What is the secret of such success of casino offers? It's probably because they give people a chance. Yes, you lost, but there was a chance to win, right? Was it?))) And on the Internet, you can find a sufficient number of reviews from people whose experience was really positive. There are a lot of streamers. I'm not talking about a bunch of fake reviews right now (although they also help publishers buy traffic with a profit on Vulcan). I'm talking about real reviews from real people who regularly play and win. Not millions, of course, but 3-5-10K rubles, they may win. And this belief plays into our hands.

I will buy traffic in the affiliate program Gambling.pro

The work plan was simple:

  • super win schemes

  • advertising on stories of popular people in inner circles

I took for work Platinum Vulcan offer with a wide GEO (there are 150 more different offers in Gambling.pro). This is my first experience with Vulcan, so I did not want to bother and split many offers at once.

I just wanted to check the vertical and see if it was worth working in this direction further.

The payment on my offer for the first deposit was only $ 35, for traffic from YouTube, Telegram and Instagram. It seemed to me that for such a low rate, my traffic would hardly pay off, since post on bloggers' stories is quite expensive, but how wrong I was. By the way, after 20 test conversions, I was promised to raise the rate to 55 dollars. 

For myself, I determined that the priority will be to buy traffic from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

I determined this thanks to the cases of other  publishers, plus the affiliate program manager said that in these countries the best conversion from registrations to deposits, and traffic from these GEO shows a good payback for the advertiser.

I tried to select the bloggers who had necessary GEO among the target audience.

I will not repeat and re-describe the approach I used. But I can tell you about some of the nuances and difficulties that I had in the process of work.

1. Bloggers - it wasn't difficult to find bloggers with the right target audience, I used the service  LiveDune to search for them . It was quite difficult to negotiate with bloggers, because:

First of all, only 20 out of 100 bloggers answered me.

Secondly, they could respond within a week from the moment they received my message, and some even longer.

2. Casino advertising - at first, I was very shy about offering bloggers to advertise Vulcan. It came as a surprise to me that many bloggers calmly agreed to casino advertising and reported that they previously engaged in such advertising :)

I thought it would be especially difficult to negotiate with bloggers from Russia, but in practice it turned out to be a simple task. So guys, do not be shy, feel free to write and offer to post your Vulcan on stories.

3. Creating Instagram accounts - I created 7 instagram accounts throughout my work. 6 of them were with schemes and one for reviews. 

I must say, after creating 1 account with schemes, I started to get a little angry. Without helpers, creating several accounts at once is quite a chore. I involved two friends and it went faster :)

On the first day, we created 3 accounts.

4. Instagram account bans - throughout the work, we created 7 accounts in Russian.

The first 3, which I wrote about above, were almost immediately banned. Now I will tell you why.

We just created accounts, filled out the description, filled them with schemes and reviews and left for a couple of days. And what did we see 2 days later when we logged in to account? Instagram banned them without the ability to restore ))))

There were no links in the account yet, we thought about what the ban might be related to and figured it out: it's probably hashtags. We specified the maximum number of hashtags for each post, f.e. #winatthecasino #jackpot #withdrewmoney and others on the theme of winning at the casino. We haven't bought traffic to accounts yet, but real users of instagram could find our posts using hashtags and … report them)

Conclusion: it is better not to specify hashtags.

We tested this hypothesis. Created 3 more exactly the same accounts with schemes and 1 new account with reviews. On accounts with schemes, everything was done as last time, only now without hashtags. These accounts are still alive. Even after we put links in their descriptions.


About links in accounts. I questioned the affiliate program manager, should they be cloaked, but I received from him a confident answer " no”, “Our guys do not cloak”, “you can only be banned because of reports". The only thing the manager asked me to take care of - the domain that I will put in the account descriptions was not already banned on instagram earlier.

5. Casino win schemes - instead of searching for ready-made videos on YouTube, I made them, because Gambling.pro gave me an account on Vulcan Platinum platform with a balance and a configured cashback.

On my phone I shot video with a thoughtful scheme and commented on my actions with my voice. Added a small text comment to the finished video “I won again according to my own scheme: 3 lines + 20 bet, 7 lines + 50 bet, 3 lines + 150 bet, grab it while it's still working, or it will be turned off soon! ” and I posted a new video - scheme with a text comment every day.

6. Work with direct messages - after the start of the work, there were users who immediately wrote negative messages on Instagram direct. It wasn't always those who have already tested my schemes. Sometimes they just wrote messages “why do you cheat people”, “these schemes don't work, I've already tried” , etc. To avoid reports from them, I had to quickly work out this negative.

Fortunately, with the Vulcan account that my manager gave me, I could easily convince even these disloyal people that my schemes worked.

So far, I have only managed to reach an agreement with 3 bloggers from Belarus, 2 bloggers from Kazakhstan, and 5 bloggers from Russia. 

The total number of their audience is 2.2 KK users. Where 28% of all users are from Belarus, 25% from Kazakhstan, 37% from Russia and the remaining 10% from Ukraine and other countries of the world.

In total, I bought 12 stories. 3 for Belarus, 3 for Kazakhstan, and 6 for Russia. The average cost of a story was about $ 150, for a total purchase of 12 stories it took $ 1850.

For 1.5 weeks there were the following statistics:


Conversion into registration is quite high, especially among Kazakhs. There were almost no reports on the accounts. Probably the loyalty of the bloggers' audience bear fruit.

The advertiser liked this traffic too. According to the manager, LTV of my users was better than LTV of users from other webmasters, who bought Instagram traffic not through bloggers, but in other ways.

Because the quality of my traffic was higher than it usually is when working with instagram, a week later, after I started buying traffic, my rate was raised almost to the level of contextual traffic — $ 55 per deposit.

And as the manager promised, they also recalculated me for 20 test deposits, based on the new rate and deposited $ 400 along with the next payment.

In total, I made 59 deposits on the Vulcan Platinum offer, at a rate of $ 55. The total revenue was $ 3245. In statistics, the amount is less, since it does not take into account these 400$ that accrued to me later.

ROI 75% - it's a good start)

Moreover, now I have an understanding of where to go next and how to optimize this approach, in order to increase ROI by 2-3 times.

At least, I thought about testing Ukraine and their bloggers. Gambling.pro has a suitable offer Sloto King.

And then, maybe, I'll work with foreign offers. Let my experience will be useful for you, and maybe it will make someone start testing various hypotheses and earn money in traffic arbitrage!

Register in the affiliate network Gambling.pro and buy traffic with me!

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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So, who is this person here that wants to learn how to buy traffic for gambling offers, but does not know where to start?)

Hi! We meet at last! More precisely, you met my manual, in which I tried to summarize and tell everything I know about Gambling.

Actually, there were a lot of lines here, I had to reduce a little, so let's get right to the point! ?


Gambling is a game of chance, primarily casino and poker.

Related fields:

  • Options and Forex (Binary Options) - exchange rates

  • Bet - sports betting

The simplest of the above is Gambling, the most difficult is Options and Forex.

Gambling is ideal for a beginner, something like games, only a little more complicated, but much more profitable.

The gambling audience is mainly entertainment. For games, a person can additionally get some kind of cash prize. The game is not related to work: neither physical nor mental. A person does not have to bother, think, etc.

The target audience for gambling is more "simple" than for options. The amount of deposits here is usually less than in options (from 50 to 300 rubles), which greatly facilitates the achievement of CPA goal, if you work, let's say, for deposits.

In Forex and Binary Options, the audience is more complex, here it is worth focusing on earnings on the Internet and people who want to use their head, and not click on the "start" button” ))) There are usually large amounts of deposits, more problems, and payments are almost equal to gambling offers.

What interaction models can you use?

RevShare - % of casino profits, this is the scheme you will use if you interact with the casino affiliate program directly. At the start, they give 40-55% of the profit - this is not enough. When you have experience with other affiliate programs, and you will have statistics on the number of deposits and their amounts - then you can safely present them at the entrance to other gambling affiliate programs and demand a rate increase of up to 70% (this works, of course, if the statistics are "OK", if "NOT OK" - it is better not to show...)))

Many people are afraid of RevShare. And they are right)) It's not even about advertisers shaving your leads and " drawing " statistics, and that RS works both ways!

So you bought traffic to the casino and at the same time owe them money - thank God when a webmaster registers in these affiliate programs, card details are not required and a person’s winnings in the casino are not charged from this card.

So I tell you …If you buy traffic on revshare, then in addition to the fact that you get % of the casino's PROFIT, when a person loses money, the casino will charge you a % of the WINNINGS of that person, so it shares with you not only the profit, but also its losses))

Now the real case, I buy traffic for one casino affiliate program, which, as it turned out, is engaged in a strange resale. They resale CPA offers, but as RS… This is strange, because usually everyone does the opposite)

I buy traffic for them on RS and I already have $ 910 in my account, everything is OK, I go to bed, wake up in the morning, look and there “ - 1850$” or so… I think what the hell is this ?!))

I text manager, and he answers me that the person won)) ha - ha… Well, of course, after a while, this player lost part of his winnings… But still! You will not return the nerves spent!

And about the "drawing" of revshare statistics… Of course, I did not catch anybody red-handed, but I also had a real case, just before I started buying traffic to the affiliate program, where there was a minus, let's call it affiliate program - # 2, I worked with another affiliate program - affiliate program - # 1, also on revshare.

There were 1400 + registrations and … ahem...)) 16 deposits (including re-deposits) and earnings were $ 32 for the SECOND WEEK… There was a question "How?" between me and support, despite the fact that previously this traffic was already bought for deposits and showed CR 1 to 12-15 from registration to deposits.They didn't give me a clear answer and I transferred the traffic to №.2. For one day there were 120 + registrations and from them there were 9 FD + 19 RD. Is the difference good, for the same traffic?)))

In # 1 against the background of a traffic stop, after 4 hours, there was $ 56 deposit, after another couple of hours there also were 41 $ and the next day - $ 64.

In less than a day, there were about 5 times more deposits than for 2 weeks…

I don't work with them anymore))) Alright, let's keep moving.

CPL - payment for lead, in our case, for registration. It’s good if your traffic is more or less normal, but not too much. On the verge of passing KPI.

For many casino offers, for example, the average CR from registration to deposit is 1 to 10, and advertisers usually set the deposit payout amount based on exactly the same indicator. At a price of CPL 500 rubles. CPA price will be approximately 5 000. If your traffic clearly fulfills this KPI, then you don't care what to buy for: for registrations or for deposits, since in both cases you will receive the same amount (for example, registration is 500 rubles, 1 deposit is 5,000 rubles, if the conversion is 1 to 10, the payout will be 5,000).

If your traffic on KPI is slightly worse-1 to 15-20, it is definitely more profitable for you to buy traffic for registration. But the question is, will the advertiser be satisfied with it? Within 1 to 20 - most likely yes, more than it -most likely no, however, there may be variations: it depends on the amount of deposits and the number of repeated deposits: here it is necessary to look at each specific case.

CPA - payment for deposits. Usually the advertiser sets the minimum deposit amount from 50 to 300 rubles, best of all are offers with deposits of 50-150 rubles, because most of the FD (75%) is in this segment.

CPA model will suit you if CR is shifted to the better side, for example, with CR 1 to 7-3, it is definitely more profitable to buy traffic for deposits.

The last 2 models  CPA and CPL are most often found in CPA networks. In advertisers' affiliate programs in most cases, you will be able to get working conditions ONLY for revshare. 

Plus of work on CPA - the working capital is not delayed, minus - I don't know… probably many people think that advertisers can shave their leads, but I can reassure you that this cannot be avoided, either by CPA or RS. On CPA at least there will be no minus…)) And your interests are defended by CPA network, this is important, since gambling offers are often associated with certain risks for a webmaster.

Why do casino advertisers rarely give CPA terms to solo webmasters?

Because it's not profitable for them to monitor everyone. By providing  CPA conditions for CPA network, the advertiser assigns responsibility and risks to it. It is easier for him to limit and prescribe the conditions for one CPA network than for 1000+ individual webmasters.

CPA network is obliged to inform its webmasters of all applicable restrictions, warn them of all risks and pitfalls, that may get in their way, establish interaction with them, regulate their conditions, etc.

OFFTOP: It’s always important to remember whether you work for registration, or for deposits, the final goal of the advertiser buying traffic is not registration or deposit. The final goal of all this madness is to get a gambling person addicted, who will periodically deposit money into his account and make a profit.

What to pay attention when choosing " Where to buy traffic? How? What ?..."

Well...I think there are 3 things that are worth considering:

1. If you have small volumes and not a lot of working capital (up to 200,000), it is better to choose CPA network.


Because directly the advertiser's hold is always longer and conditions are not always flexible. In the CPA network, you can negotiate with your manager, lower your hold, make advance payments for the purchase of traffic (In Gambling.pro it’s exactly possible ...: D)

2. If you are not sure about the quality of traffic, it is better to start buying traffic for deposits.


There is less chance that your traffic will be rejected by the advertiser. Plus, you will understand the quality of the traffic, so that you can decide which model is more profitable to work with. 

OFFTOP: It is best to test traffic using revshare and not in one affiliate program, but in several or, even better, all in turn, so there is a complete picture of what's happening. 

For example,with TDS we just separated from the total traffic a certain amount of daily clicks that we wanted to spend on the test for 10-14 days in each new advertiser affiliate program. We did this in the background, simultaneously buying traffic for our target offers. Thus, in turn, for 8 months, we tested all the direct advertisers that we could find and now, based on the overall picture, we can make objective conclusions about the quality of our traffic and about the honesty of some guys ))

RevShare is good because there you see not only the number of deposits and their amounts, but also the number and amount of repeated deposits, and this (!) is one of the most important KPI that advertisers pay attention to. And if you understand how this or that type of traffic behaves (from a particular source, creative, etc.), then soon with your skill and experience you will be able to quickly enter the desired target audience and optimize your campaigns. You will also immediately understand what you get paid immediately and a lot, and for what they do not want to pay you at all.

It is best to buy test traffic within 1 week, in the amount of 50 deposits and 1 more week to see the profitability.

Of course, advertisers give slacks and analyze smaller volumes (from 10 deposits), but large volumes are in your interests - the volume has a much higher chance of performing KPI.

What rates can be used to evaluate traffic based on its payback?

- Traffic with a payback period of 12-8 months is considered not the best and is usually paid at a low rate, up to ~ 2000 rubles for CPA, and up to ~100 rubles for CPL;

- Traffic that shows a payback period of 7-4 months is considered more or less good in quality and is paid at higher rates: from ~2000 to ~7000 rubles for CPA and ~200-600 rubles for CPL;

- And for the best and most active traffic with a payback of 12-1 weeks, you can demand very high rates from advertisers ~8000-15000 + rubles for CPA and 700-1500  + rubles for CPL;

--------- The end of the offtop --------- ?

3. Some advertisers cannot process mobile traffic - if you buy mobile traffic, you should definitely conduct a split test of several offers.

Let's say Vulcan has more than 10 advertisers and each has its own sales funnel that uses to process and monetize its traffic, and this, by the way, directly affects the quality of YOUR traffic. Where is the justice?... Answer yourself ))

If somewhere there are fewer deposits than in another affiliate program, on the same traffic - this does not always mean that you are being cheated, it may be quite different! It's just that the advertiser has a bad sales funnel.

Why should you conduct a split test?

Because the result may shock you )))


KPI of most Gambling offers. Prohibited traffic types

What advertisers do and how they analyze our traffic:

  • All traffic and registrations and deposits are analyzed (even where payment is only for deposits);

By registrations they look at (on the first day and on the 3rd-5th day):

  • CR from click to registration, from registration to first deposit, from first deposit to repeat deposit;

  • Activity, frequency of returns;

  • Behavior on the site;

  • Prevailing type of action;

  • Repeatability of some conversion elements;

  • % of e-mail confirmations;

  • % of opening spam e-mails;

  • Number of first deposits;

  • Number of retention deposits;

  • The amount of the first deposit and re-deposits;

(after 3-5 days and then again, after 14 and 30 days)

  • Player Return Rate;

  • % of return of players from spam e-mails;

  • Number of first deposits and retention deposits from old registrations;

  • The amount of the first deposit and re-deposits;

(after 14 and 30 days)

  • Forecast for traffic payback time (when the advertiser's campaign will have +ROI%);

Selection of the target audience for Gambling offers (who to look for, avatar of the target audience)

If you think that the gambling audience is homeless people who look for earnings, then this is not true!

The gambling audience is entertainment.

This may be people who put money into games in which they do not get REAL values in return. They put money for fun. These are people who have nothing to do and look for a way to SPEND A  PLEASANT TIME, LEISURE. They don't need to earn money, they have it ) Just think - will a person put money into a casino if he really does not have it and has nothing to put on the table?

  • These people are men, aged 25 to 35 - 80% and 40 to 75 years-20%.

  • These are impulsive people who follow trends, try and test new things.

  • Suggestible, in terms of marketing -  follow all sorts of bonuses and promotions.

  • Sly, like to fool - give them the opportunity to fool the casino or even you.

About "fool you" - I have a case, but I will tell only part of it ) Once I used prelanding  where for 3000 RUBLES I offered a person to download a training book , and it 100% allows you to learn how to win amounts from 500 to 10000 per day in casinos. Under the description of the book there was a button "Pay" and just below it, a gray, inactive "Download" and right below the "Download" button it was written:

..<?php if (isset($_POST['Cкачать']) {// https://gambl.com/download_book}?>...

It was clear that under the button there was a link with valuable hidden information, for which you need to pay, and here it is absolutely free, due to some error on the site... ))

Then I think everything is clear )

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Friends, we hurry to you with a new case!

Case from the webmaster of Gambling.pro. Generating traffic with Unity ROI 221%  - https://teletype.in/@gambling_pro_eng/Biq-BUxw9

In this case, our webmaster shares his result of teamwork, explains how advertising works in Unity and shows his creatives.

Click the link and enjoy our new case!

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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How to buy traffic on installs with profit

As you know, we have been successfully distributing casino applications for installation for a long time. And it would be logical to tell our publishers how to buy traffic for it so they don’t suffer.

Let's start from the beginning.

First of all, write to your manager and ask to give the application and naming. Next you need an ad.

Where to find it? Actually there are 3 options:

Spy on Publer
Take an ad from casino’s Instagram accounts.
Come up with your own (from a scratch or formed from borrowed)

A great theme is the use of video ads. Often the reason for the poor conversion rate is a bad ads. It is better to use ads related to earnings and winnings, but it is very important to avoid the wording “invest 100 rubles, take off a million”. The main accent should be made on the excitement, on money and the opportunity to change their lives.

As you know, the advertiser is, in fact, is not interested in the installations, they need the deposits. If you are doing a good advertising campaign that brings a lot of installs, you should understand that the advertiser can still find fault with something.

If you still took someone's ready-made video ad, you need to make it unique. For this you need to change the video/audio range.

I.e. apply filters, insert texts, make cuts of different videos.

There is another option, if you are too lazy to work on unique, simply re-register the video through a program like Adobe Premiere.

Well, our ad is ready. We have an account, we but traffic with optimization for the installation. Our target audience: male, 22-45 years without any indication of interest.


If your account doesn’t have particular trust (you worked with it during a short period of time/didn’t work at all), it is better to run 1 advertising campaign, 1adset, 1 ad. The daily budget should be kept at the level-3-4K rubles, on iOS the price for install 1.8-2$, on Android 0.6-1$. Why 3-4K rubles? Because for 1K your campaign will be slow, if it doesn’t work, than we will immediately stop it, but we will tell about this later. For the placement we choose Instagram and feed.


For an adequate understanding of RR (KPI), we need to buy traffic for about 50-100 RR (KPI) installations per week. Why about 50-100 and why in a week? Because we pay in weekly periods monday-sunday. Why 50-100? You can do more, if you do less than 50-100 it is almost impossible to understand the reality. Example: 30 installations, the next day 5 people opened the application, RR – 16.7%, and if 6 people open it, then we will get 20%, and if 4 people, then 13%. The percentage is very flexible, and the fewer installations, the more incomprehensible the picture. And our payment depends on RR. The more installs we have, the clearer the situation is, the main thing- work without fanaticism.


Imagine that you have launched the advertising campaign, and the first installations are at a very expensive price. In this case, stop the campaign and start again.

This is called “adset doesn’t work well”, in FB you can create 5 identical adsets with one target and ad, and all 5 will have completely different indicators. Therefore, if you launch and it doesn’t work(expensive install), it makes sense to stop your campaign, re-create and run again. How much money do you have to spend to understand that “adset doesn’t work well”? – It happens that the installation costs 150 rubles, and after 3 first, installation costs 50 rubles.

When do you need to stop? If you have spend 2-4  price of a lead, and adset is still not very good, it's time to stop (installs cost 300 rubles). If after 2-3 prices of a lead adset doesn’t bring you profit, that is, the installation is at the price of payment-you can give it a chance and wait for a few more installs.

If 1 ad does not work on 4-5 adsets, this means that it is really bad and there's no point in testing it. From 10 different ads usually about 3 work well, the rest you can just delete:) Ad is a video + text. By changing anything in this combination, you can get very different results.


All we need, for example, when we buy traffic on iOS for installations, is that the installation costs about 1.8-2$, and we got$ 3, and acceptable RR (more than 20%). Accordingly, when the limit is  more than 1000 installations daily, $ 1 profit from the installation will be an excellent result:)

In general, this is all that you need to understand when buying traffic on install. We are working in such a way  and we would like you to know this method)

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Features of work with the target audience of the USA

The United States of America is a country in North America with a huge territory, which is home to about 329 million people. The entire territory is divided into 50 States and one federal District of Columbia.The capital is Washington, the official state language is English.

Every year, on July 4, American citizens celebrate Independence Day from Great Britain, the country that colonized America until 1783. After years of war, the colonists won and the U.S. Constitution was adopted in 1787.

This story has affected the country, people, development and gambling. 

As we know, the true birthplace of gambling is considered to be England. English settlers, who came to develop a new land, carried all their life and traditions, that changed because of the culture of the locals.

The new settlers made gambling a cult. Everything was at stake: money, jewelry, free labor, and even freedom.

Representatives of different classes often solved their conflicts during the game. In 1610 it was the first horse racing that had been recorded. In the next 100 years, the settlers began to introduce a tax system on gambling entertainment. With the help of taxes from this activity they were able to start the development of several large cities

After 1787, the development of gambling only accelerated. Such entertainment began to be considered a real form of recreation and enterprising Americans began to organize gambling cruises along the shores of the Mississippi. It was these cruises that saved the gamblers with whom the puritans were actively fighting for the liberation of the States from gambling entertainment. 

In the late 19th century almost everyone played on the mainland! New settlers from Africa, China and other countries brought their games, rules, and that is why the American entertainment industry developed at a furious pace.

Americans began to bring girls to dealers to attract more players to the casino and they were the first in this innovation. 

In 1856, there were more than 100 gambling houses in San Francisco. The city was full of crooks, prostitutes, and gamblers who went to the city in search of money and a good life.

The world's first slot machine was assembled in San Francisco.Perhaps that's why Americans love to spin slots and consider them their national game.

In Las Vegas gambling was legalized only in 1931.

Today gambling is legal in the USA but with a lot of kinds of restrictions.

The rules and nuances of the game are governed by Federal laws, state laws, the Federal Gaming Commission and the rules of the casino itself. Therefore, in different casinos, even in the same city, the rules can be very different.

The largest gaming centers are considered to be Las Vegas, Atlantic city, and also casinos on the water, which are legalized in Louisiana and Illinois.

However, in 48 States gamblings are allowed in different forms, and only in Hawaii and Utah they are banned completely. 

Online gambling has been allowed recently and only in a few States. Today online casinos are very popular because of the love of passion and active development of information and computer technologies. 

Tourists who come from all over the world choose land-based casinos. 

The market is filled with a large number of casinos that are registered on the basis of other countries because of unclear decisions in the development of online gambling.

Why is it interesting and profitable for us to work with Americans?

1. As we have already said, Americans are very gambling people. This is their national trait.

2. They are cheerful and energetic. According to US residents, an optimistic approach to life is more productive than a pessimistic one. That is why they try not to get upset because of minor losses and problems.

3. The average wage in the United States is $ 905 per week.Therefore, if we talk about the residents of the United States as players, they are like no one else perfectly suited to our target audience.

4. Today percentage of Internet users in the United States is 88%, and 68% of them prefer to use mobile Internet that is important to consider when working with them.

About Social Media:
1. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking services among the entire population of the United States. Here they learn the news, communicate and share their interesting events.
2. Instagram is the second popular social networking service, where the most important thing is content. Americans like to share life events and they spend a lot of time on Instagram.
3. Twitter is still popular but most Americans only read it.
4. Snapchat is popular among young people who want to show their real life.
5. And the last one is Medium. It is an online publishing platform for bloggers. Here different companies and brands write about their advantages and work in their field.

Here we finish our story about America and we suggest you work with this GEO.

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Blockchain and casino: better together

A blockchain is a certain chain of sequentially connected blocks, each of it contains information. Copies of chains are usually stored on many different computers and are virtually independent of each other. In fact, it is a digital register that is used to record transactions. They, in turn, are carried out using cryptocurrencies and tokens. 
This technology is a very profitable complement to online casinos, and now we will explain why. First of all, casinos use blockchain to handle the results of the game, making online gambling fair and transparent for gamblers.
The main problem in online casinos has always been that all transactions are hidden (all data on winnings, payouts and game results are practically inaccessible to public control). Blockchain allows to monitor the flow of funds: a new block is added to the data chain and updated on thousands of computers that are stored in a decentralized manner. 
This technology literally forces the owners of online casinos to be honest and maintain a high level of service, because in this case anyone can easily check all the statistics of the casino.

The main advantages of blockchain-casino:
- the transparency of the system
- the anonymity of the players
- reliability
- the lack of banking fees
- possibility to reduce the level of minimum transfer
The blockchain trend is becoming more popular every day. It still raises doubts, because not everyone fully understands the scheme of the technology. However, once again I would like to emphasize that it is in the field of gambling that the blockchain gives advantages to both the player and the owner of the game.
Below you can find the coolest offers, where cryptocurrency is accepted  and where the games on the blockchain are already implemented.
If you want to work with blockchain casino offers, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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Online-gamblers: who are they?

All those people who want to run an online casino at least once have wondered - who will be gambling? In order to understand this, it is necessary to identify the target audience. After all, the more we know about it, the higher the probability is that we will be able to attract it correctly.
Strictly speaking, the entire audience can be divided into several simple groups:

1) Regular players (addicted, willing to earn or just fans of interesting strategies)
2) Accidentally comers (those who are interested in playing, who have nothing to do or who want to feel the excitement)

Each player, regardless of the group, chooses a certain theme of the games, based on their personal preferences. It is important to understand that it can be both women and men. In this regard, you should try to consider the preferences of both these groups. Women tend to love bright designs with familiar characters from movies or shops with a bunch of stuff. As for men, many are attracted to the game in its classic form, this game gives you the opportunity to plunge into the heyday of conventional casinos in Russia.Some people like when on the background there is a nice music, when the game is like an unforgettable adventure, and there are those who pay attention to the cool graphics and the algorithm of the game.According to statistics, all players are between the ages of 21 and 75. Quite a large spread, but this is the advantage. Such data can safely say that online games are interesting to all people, regardless of generation.

The principal issue that distinguishes several groups of gamblers is the level of their income.

1) medium-income (They can afford to play for fun, the game really entertains them and gives the opportunity to test their luck, and therefore a sure way to attract such an audience-the use of promotions, which offers to evaluate luck)
2) low-income (They want to make money. They always pay attention to bonuses and gifts - this is the key to their interest)

If we talk very conventionally, the portrait of the target gambler can be represented as follows: they are mtn or a womtn aged 25 to 35 years (if we talk about RU GEO, abroad in casino play mainly people over 35 years), who devotes their life to work. They live in cities, travel by public transport or a cheap car. On weekends they sincerely try to relax and to somehow escape from reality. These players like watching movies, surfing the Internet, chatting online. They are really fun to play, at least because it allows to change dramatically the normal way of life.
So what drives all these people? Of course excitement. It is human nature to experience this feeling. Anyway, we all love the excitement. Online gambling can be compared to a race at high speed: drive, emotions and desire to win! Not always people just want to win-most players even after winning continue their "race" and at the finish line they are in the red. In the future, the desire to take revenge makes them come again and again. For those who create this business and want to make money on it, it is important to simply understand that every person at least once in his life will start the game. You have to be in the right place at the right time.
And we are the team of Gambling.pro, we can always give you advice. Buy traffic for online casino, do not miss the opportunity to earn! 

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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The agony of indecision: СРА, CPL, CPI, CPS, RevShare. How to choose the best payment model for your traffic?

Hey! Many beginners or those who first start working with the Gambling and Betting verticals get lost at the start when choosing a payment model and rate for their offer. In this article I want to tell you about the algorithm for selecting an offer with optimal conditions for your traffic :)

What do we have today?

CPI is a model for paying traffic for app installations. It is used by advertisers who have their own native application. Payment for installation in Russia and the CIS can vary from 1.5 to 2.5$ for Android traffic and from 2 to 4$ for iOS. Abroad this model of work is not very common but payouts are still up $ 1.

CPL - in Russia and the CIS, almost no one uses this payment model because of its several disadvantages: registration is much easier to cheat so such offers attract dishonest webmasters who earn by fraud. Because of this, there is a second disadvantage - such traffic has to be closely monitored and analyzed. It turns out too much work for the advertiser and this work does not always pay off. Payment for registration on the Vulcan Club offer in Russia once reached the mark of 12$ , then it decreased to $ 5, then even lower, then the advertiser rejected this payment model. Now in Russia and the CIS, you can find rare advertisers who continue to pay for traffic using CPL model, but the rates are not higher than $ 5. Among foreign offers, CPL payment is more common and such offers are much more regular. Payments abroad are much higher and can reach up to $ 20 for registration on TOP GEO, but most foreign casinos are licensed and have very long registration forms with 6-10-15 or more fields, this reduces traffic conversion in registration by 3 times. But even with this conversion with large payouts, you can keep a good ROI above 100%.

CPA is the most popular and widespread payment model for gambling offers for deposits. It is more difficult to get deposits than registrations, and the payment for this goal in Russia and the CIS can reach $ 80. Traffic for these offers is evaluated by advertisers using different parameters, and CPA rate (and CPL, by the way, this can also be) varies depending on which traffic source you use for purchasing. Traffic from low-quality sources (such as teaser networks, push notifications, clickunder, telegrams and so on), is paid at a low rate, usually about $ 40. Higher-quality traffic from social networks is bought at an average rate of $ 50-65. The highest CPA rates go to those who use SEO, context, ASO as traffic sources.

CPS - in the context of our niche, I mean CPS is payment as a percentage of the deposits made by your players. In my practice, there was only one such offer for Russia. There was also some kind of volcano with payment to the webmaster of 50% of ALL new deposits, made by its players. All deposits mean both: from the first and from repeated ones. The offer existed with such favorable conditions for a very short time, only a few months, after which it disappeared without a trace and I did not see anything like it anymore.

I have one logical guess why this could happen. Knowing the background of the casino, I understand that no product will be able to give partners such a percentage of the "dirty" profit without losses for themselves. Because it's weird, like it don't take into account that people can win and withdraw money and the casino will be in  the red.

If you see such an offer, be vigilant! Probably this is a very unstable site that will close soon.

RevShare is one of the first payment models that casino affiliate programs offered their webmasters. Payouts for revshare vary greatly and often depend on whether or not the casino has a license.

When there is no license, and the casino can set up a lower return for players - webmasters are usually paid more, since the percentage of the casino's profit in this case is greater. Such products can give up to 75% of the profit to webmasters. Whether it's licensed casinos - the return of their slots is regulated by game software providers, and here the casino's profit may be much less than in the first case. Because of this, the maximum allowable percentage of payments on revshare for such casinos is usually about 50%.

About RevShare payment model, it is important to know something else - there are 2 concepts GGR and NJR:

GGR is a financial indicator that determines the gross revenue of a gambling establishment. 

NJR is a financial indicator that determines the net gaming revenue of a casino.

In terms of offers, such details, of course, are not advertised but Gambling.pro will teach our people the right things, and here is one of them - check with your Manager what is the formula to calculate the percentage revshare on your offer. Do this right away to avoid further questions.

It is worth noting that sometimes 30% of GGR can give more returns than 70% of NJR. This applies to both bookmakers and casinos.

Hybrid offers- now such offers are almost not found on the market, but there was a time when it became fashionable to mix different payment models within the same offer, for example: CPL + CPA , CPA + RevShare, CPL + CPA + RevShare ,usually on such offers, the rate for each of the payment links is much lower than in solo offers. For example, not $5 -  $45- 60%, as it may seem at first, but $2 - $ 20 -10%. On the one hand, this new payment model once attracted a lot of interested webmasters, on the other hand, everyone quickly realized that the usual solo CPA, CPL or RevShare, is still more profitable in the short term, and at a distance.

Advertisers usually place bids on offers based on the average conversion rate, and they do it in such a way that, regardless of the payment model used, they spend approximately the same amount of money on their advertising campaigns. That is, if your conversion rate is close to the same average that the advertiser calculated from, then for you, in fact, then for you, in fact, all the conditions for bids on its offers will be more or less the same. 

Another thing is that when the conversion of your traffic is very different from the average values, then you need to think carefully about which offers will be more profitable to work with.

In this case it is necessary to start from the following indicators:

CR in registration-strongly depends on the type of your traffic source, and it is difficult to say any one specific figure. One thing I can say for sure, if it is not available, then we will not continue working with this offer xD

CR in first deposits is a key indicator for us. Most advertisers in Russia and the CIS come from an average of 10%.

CR in repeated deposits - this indicator is highly dependent on the actions of the advertiser,but also on your working approach, on how much your traffic is targeted and whether you use additional methods of conversion. The normal level of repeated deposits in the casino in relation to the first deposits is 70-100% at the end of the first week and 150% in the following days,in betting, this figure is much higher, and can reach a ratio of 200% at the end of the first week and up to 500% in the next.

Number of bets - this indicator allows you to draw conclusions about how active your players are. It’s clear that the more the better!

The sum of all deposits allows you to evaluate the contributions from your players.

The amount of money withdrawals is an important indicator for those who are primarily going to work on revshare. The more money is withdrawn, the less earnings the webmaster makes. In a casino, this is quite difficult to influence, but in betting it is quite possible to create such a situation that there are fewer withdrawals of money from your traffic… You know what I mean :)

So, what should we do with all this now? Let's say we have an offer that can accept traffic for all types of payment model,which one to choose?

Test and watch... xD

If we have a conversion from registrations to first deposits more than 10%, for example 20%, it will definitely be more profitable for us to choose deposits than registrations, since our ROI will be approximately 2 times higher on this offer.

Why? Because, based on the average conversion rate of 10%, the advertiser will put a bid for registration, for example, 500 rubles, and for a deposit, for example, 5000 rubles.

If we receive 100 registrations for CPL model, we will receive 50,000 rubles payment.

If we receive 10 deposits from 100 registrations (the average conversion for which the advertiser counted), then our payment will also be 50,000 rubles. But if we get at least 11 deposits from 100 registrations... or 12,13,14...20, then our CPA payment will grow, relative to CPL.

If you see that your players make a lot of bets, make large deposits, and make a lot of repeat deposits, it probably makes sense for you to think about switching your traffic to the RevShare payment model, because in this case, the advertiser will pay you much more than CPA or even more so CPL.

A few more important points to consider when choosing an offer

Regardless of the payment model, you still need to assess your strength on the following points:

Conversion limits-some offers have a limit on the minimum conversion limit. This is introduced due to the fact that the advertiser is unable to analyze the traffic with a too small volume. So we build statistics on the law of small numbers… But we can't reduce them to 0 and analyze single conversions. On some offers, the limit is very small: 20 registrations or 5 deposits per test. Somewhere this limit is higher, for example, 100 registrations or 25 deposits per test.

The catch is that both the "small” and "large" limits given in the examples are actually both very small...xD And the best option is to buy all the test traffic within 1-3 days or a week. Only in this case, you have an almost 100% chance to fulfill KPI and prove yourself in working with this advertiser. If such a small amount of traffic is " smeared” for a long period of 10-15-30 days, its quality will be much worse. If your volume is very small , it is better to choose an offer with a smaller limit.

Baseline-sometimes payment is charged not for the minimum deposit possible on the site, but for a certain amount of deposits that the player makes. On offers of the Russian Federation and the CIS it can be 150, 300, 500 or even 1000 rubles. Conversions on such offers may cost 30-50% more, but the presence of a baseline over 150-300 rubles reduces the initial conversion to deposits by about 20%, a baseline of more than 500 rubles can remove more than 50% of the conversion. Choosing such offers is beneficial for those who have a big part of traffic making large deposits, for example, those who use SEO, or the context to the brand-this will work. But traffic from FB at best consists of 60% of the minimum deposits, or even 80%, so in this situation, it may not pay off.

Qualification is something else beyond the baseline. The most common qualification is the number of wagered bets (wager in the casino). The condition may look like this: payment is paid to the webmaster when a person makes a deposit and plays 10 bets. Having a qualification does not make the offer bad. All this is necessary for advertisers in order to protect themselves from fraud. Moreover, the qualification parameters are always achievable for the webmaster and do not represent anything impossible (there are no advertisers with impossible qualifications in Gambling.pro). If you buy a target audience, then qualification is not difficult to complete.

Updating statistics - due to the uniqueness of integrations with advertisers, it turns out that statistics for different offers can be displayed with different delays in our system. In most cases, the update takes place in real-time mode, but there are also offers that transmit postbacks for conversions 1 time per day or 1 time every few days. If you work with a large volume of traffic, when you need to immediately monitor and analyze its quality - these offers are not suitable for you. On the other hand, if there is no alternative offer, you can request statistics from the advertiser's system through a personal manager. 

KPI- I have written a lot of words about this issue . Here I just want to mention that there are offers with more complex KPI, and there are offers with simple ones. If we are talking about Russia and the CIS, and you work with a source where the traffic quality is not the best, I do not advise you to choose offers with high rates, because they will have high KPI for deposits and repeated deposits. Abroad, KPI is not as strict and advertisers often accept traffic from all sources at the same rate. Rejects are rare, except in cases where the traffic is not active at all and is more like a fraud. 

Hold and conditions for payments - check with your personal manager in advance how payments are made on your offer, so there are no surprises like: you bought traffic on Monday and waited for payment on this Friday, spent all the money on Thursday, and the next day it turned out that at the beginning of the next week, the advertiser will do traffic analytics for this week, and will pay for it only on the next Friday…

The hold period is also very important. If you don't have a lot of turnover, then choosing offers with a hold within 30 days is not a good idea, it is better to choose a hold up to 14 days. For some offers, it is possible to reduce the hold period and make early payments. You should check with your personal manager about this possibility for each specific offer.

That's all. I hope this article will help you choose the right offer that will bring you the largest ROI =))

If you want to work with us, please text our manager  - t.me/gamblingpro_max

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