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What is included in an SEO audit?


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  • Choose a Site Audit Tool. 
  • Run Your Website URL Through the Site Audit Tool. 
  • Find Technical Errors. 
  • Identify SEO Problems. 
  • Analyze Design and UX.
  • Assess Website Content. 
  • Generate a Checklist of All Site Issues.
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In your SEO audit this things you should be included:

  1. Domain age: The age of the website must be more than 3 month.
  2. Domain history; History of the website should be cheacked.
  3. Duplicate content; website should be diplicate content free.
  4. Page loading speed; loading speed must be below 4 second.
  5. Reading level; website content should be based on user as they can undestand easily by reading this.
  6. Mobile optimized; your website must be mobile optimized.
  7. Brocken link; website should be broken link free.
  8. Affiliate link; There must not be present any affiliate link in website.
  9. User friendly: user friendly we...
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It really depends, everyone has their own idea what should be included in an SEO audit. 

Technical analysis
On-Page analysis
Content issues
Page / site structuring
Off-Page analysis
Anchor text diversity
Link profile
Referring domains
Competitive analysis and keyword research
What the site is ranking for
What their main competitors are ranking for
Keywords they could be targeting

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1.       Identify crawl errors with a crawl report

2.       Check HTTPS status codes

3.       Check XML sitemap status

4.       Check site load time

5.       Ensure your site is mobile-friendly

6.       Keyword analysis

7.       Link profile

8.       Competitor Analysis

9.       Technical Analysis

10.     Page Level Analysis

11.    Content Analysis

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You can think of an SEO Audit as an evaluation of a website that grades the site for its ability to appear in search engine results pages (SERPs). Audits are completed by checking each step on your audit list and finding any issues that need to be repaired or improved to boost your page's search engine performance.

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SEO audit requires to be precised as it decides what to do for SEO of a website. So you have to include every single details according to priority bases.

Here is a checklist we use  for our clients

On-page SEO audit checklist
Title tags
Meta description
Linking structure
Website architecture

Off-page SEO audit checklist
Link profile
Keyword rankings
Social profiles
Traffic report

Technical SEO audit checklist
Flash test
JS Error test
iFrame test
Google analytics integration
Google search console setup
Mobile friendly test
Schema test
Website loading Speed test
Webpage size test
Images optimization
URL optimization
Custom 404
Secure website test and more…

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