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What are the various Google AdWords extensions?


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There are different types of extensions which can be used to increase traffic. Some of the common ad extensions are: sitelink extension, callout extension, structured snippet extension, call extension, message extension, location extension, affiliate location extension, price extension, app extension, review extension and promotion extension.

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Ad extensions are the extra information of your business added to text ads. If you provide those extra salient information of your business to the users in the ad itself rather than providing it on the website it would be so easy for your users to choose from.

Every person demands extra and more, whether it is acquiring some object, product or information. Increase in quantity always leads to satisfaction. This is what ad extensions do with your ad, they provide extra and additional information about your business and websites.


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Google AdWords extensions

·  Site link extensions

·  Call extensions

·  App extensions

·  Review extensions

·  Callout extensions

·  Structured snippets extensions

·  Location extensions

·  Offer extensions

·  Social extensions

·  Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension

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Here is the list of Google Ad words Extensions :

·         Seller ratings

·         Site links

·         Social Annotations

·         Location Extensions

·         Call Extensions

·         Image and drop down navigation Ad extension

·         Mobile app extensions

·         Offer ads

·         Communication Ad and Review extension


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